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Why Dubai luxury cars are so much popular?

We all like to purchase a luxury car for traveling. Normally People who visit Dubai wonder about that, “Why Dubai Luxury cars are so much popular?” people think that they can use this car only for traveling from one destination to another. 

But this is not the thing that happened with the Dubai luxury Cars. For Dubai people, the car is a part of their way of life.

Driving these luxury cars is like dream for some people as luxury cars are too costly to buy. But in Dubai, these dreams can be fulfilled at any time. One can easily drive these cars. According to the money you have in your pocket either you can buy one of these luxury cars directly or can rent a car from the car rental company.

In Dubai, diving luxury cars are so popular and the visitors always think about that how the people in Dubai carry the cost of these cars.

Here, we will try to find the answer about how people can afford these luxury cars.

Buying a used car

Most people choose a second-hand car to buy in Dubai. Because buying a new car is very costly than a used car. It will cost you less and by doing this, one can increase the collection of luxury cars. So most people prefer a secondhand car rather than buying a brand new one.

Can apply for a loan to own a car

In Dubai, it is very easy to get loan approval for getting a car in UAE. In UAE they provide car loans at a low interest rate so it is easy for the common people in Dubai.

Salary is good

In Dubai, Job salary is quite well as compare to other countries. So, if you are thinking to work in Dubai companies, it is a very good choice. And because of the high pay rate, you can afford a luxury car easily.

Low tax rate

In most counties, people need to pay income tax. But in UAE there is no income tax people need to pay which means whatever you earn that all are yours. There is a VAT rate system where people have to pay only 5 percent which is extremely low. 

Can get reasonable insurance

This is one of the primary reasons people purchase lavish cars in Dubai. If you are riding a car for a long period, protection will not be an issue for you. The Insurance rate for individuals who are driving for a long time is low. However, the insurance rate for luxury vehicles is very high when contrasted with the standard vehicle. Even though it is very less in connection with different nations like Europe and America. 

The petrol rate is very low

In UAE the petrol rate is very low if we compare with other countries rate. So if you are thinking to buy a luxury car no need to think about petrol prices. 

Theft of a car is very rare

Dubai is a safe city to live in. There is no such robbery and crime happened in this city. The crime rate in UAE is very less. So you do not need to worry about car theft.

Car rental is available

In Dubai, car renting is available and it is a very easy procedure to rent a car in Dubai. Buying a luxury car is not possible for every people. So they can rent a car and enjoy the ride in UAE. It is much affordable than buying a car.


If you are a person who loves to drive luxury cars and don’t have enough money to buy a car, Dubai is the best place you can visit and rent a luxury car and fulfill your dream. This is one of the places where everyone wants to visit once in their life.


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