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Spirit Airlines Flight Reservations Phone Number

The company Spirit Airlines does not publish its Spirit reservation phone number in its phone directory. But you can find the phone number to Spirit Airlines reservations by searching Google. And putting “Spirit Airlines flight reservations phone number” into the search box. You can also reach Spirits customer service at 1-888-678-0392 between 5:00am and 12:00pm EST Monday through Friday. If you have trouble getting through, try calling again during off hours or emailing them instead; many customers report that they have better luck reaching representatives via email.

What Is Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines is a low-cost carrier that was founded in 1980. The Florida-based airline operates in some 100 cities and has hubs in Cleveland, Dallas/Fort Worth, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Minneapolis/St. Paul and New York’s JFK International Airport. Spirit is also headquartered in Miramar. It flies to leisure Spirit Airlines destinations like Las Vegas. Los Angeles and Puerto Vallarta as well as warm-weather vacation spots like Miami and Orlando, Florida; Nassau and Freeport in the Bahamas; Cancun in Mexico; Montego Bay Jamaica; Punta Cana in Dominican Republic. In 2015 Spirit was ranked worst for customer satisfaction among traditional U.S. airlines by J D Power and Associates for the third consecutive year. J D Power gave it a score of 673 out of 1,000 points.

This was down from 677 in 2014. On top of being voted worst for Spirit Airlines Customer Service satisfaction, Spirit topped another list: it had more consumer complaints than any other airline in America last year with 2,040 total complaints according to data from the Department of Transportation (DOT). This phone number for Spirit Airlines represented about half of all consumer complaints filed against all carriers combined. The most common complaint concerned Spirit telephone reservations or Spirit Airlines ticketing issues. These accounted for more than one-third (36%) of all complaints filed against Spirit in 2015 .

How Do I Book A Spirit Flight?

Spirit is one of those airlines that’s very easy to book a Spirit flight with reservation number Spirit Airlines—but not so easy to book Spirit Airlines on. One of their most notable features is no carry-on bags. This feature has garnered them much attention. Because it does eliminate a major pain point in air travel: namely, figuring out. And how you’re going to fit all your things into whatever bag space you have available. However, for some people, there are other considerations when Spirit Airline flight booking.

If you need to be able to bring more than just one personal item onboard (which is allowed), or if you want more legroom or more flexibility in choosing your seat assignment, then Spirit might not be right for you. If they are right for you though, we can help! Here’s what we recommend: First and foremost, check out our guide on How To Book A Flight On Spirit . It will give you all sorts of tips and tricks that can help make sure that even if they don’t end up being your go-to airline (which they probably won’t be), at least they won’t be a nightmare either!

How Much Are Flights on Spirit?

So, you’re considering a flight on Spirit—there’s no denying that they offer some of the cheapest prices around. Unfortunately, you won’t find Spirit Airlines cheap flights prices without getting hit with high fees. One of Spirit’s most well-known fees is their charge for carry-on bags. The standard fee for a carry-on is $30, which will be charged per person even if you have a larger bag or are traveling as a family. If you don’t want to pay for your carry-on, then plan ahead and pack light. And can get by with just a personal item (like a purse), then there’s no need to pay extra. If not, consider leaving your items at home and only packing what fits in your small personal item. You can always buy toiletries when you arrive at your Spirit Airlines destinations!

Where Does Spirit Airlines Fly?

Spirit flies to 48 destinations, with most Spirit Airlines route map running from Newark, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale. In addition to domestic flights in America, Spirit also offers international service from Fort Lauderdale to Aruba. You can find complete details about all of Spirit’s destinations here. To book a flight with Spirit or get more information about rates and fees, call Spirit Airlines phone number 1-888-678-0392. If you need help booking your flight, our experts are available 24/7 by Spirit Airlines customer service number 24 hours at 1-888-678-0392.

The contact Spirit Airlines reservations line is open every day of the year except Christmas Day. If you have any questions regarding Spirit Airlines booking phone number or paying for your trip with Spirit, please visit our Spirit Airlines website Frequently Asked Questions page. Or feel free to contact number for Spirit airlines directly at any time by emailing us. We’re always happy to answer your questions!

What Amenities Do They Offer?

Spirit Airlines is a very low-cost carrier that offers rock-bottom base fares on most of its flights, but if you want to avoid Spirit Airlines baggage fee 2022 and other charges, there are ways to get around paying extra. For example, at checkout, opt for a basic fare which includes one carry-on bag and nothing else. If you don’t have any Spirit Airlines baggage check in (or don’t care about checking bags). You could save money by choosing one of Spirit’s unbundled fares. These tickets have no Spirit checked bag luggage or reservation change options—but do come with a lower base fare than standard tickets.

What Are the Fees For Flying With Spirit?

Spirit is one of a handful of ultra-low-cost carriers that help you save money by charging fees for pretty much everything. Carry-on bags, reserved seating, bringing your dog or cat along with you, and even for checking in at an airport kiosk. These fees can really add up on a flight, so it’s important to know what you’re paying for. We have all the answers here. Plus, learn how to avoid some of these charges altogether. For example, if you want to bring your pet on board with you, we’ve got tips for that as well.

And if you don’t want to Spirit check in online before arriving at the airport, read our guide on how to avoid doing so (which will allow you to skip paying those pesky fees). Finally, learn about alternatives like connecting flights and mileage programs that could help reduce costs further. You’ll find lots of great information here!

When Can I Use My Airline Miles on Spirit?

One of Spirit’s most unique features is its Mileage Bank. Which allows you to redeem your miles for free air travel. The only catch? You have to book at least 21 days before your flight, and you can’t cash in on one of Spirit’s Cheap Fares. If you’re okay with those terms, you can call the Phone Number for Spirit Airlines Reservations frequent-flyer hotline to get a hold of a travel agent. Then all you have to do is find flights that match your schedule, hand over your miles and walk away satisfied. #WorthIt!

What Credit Cards Can I Use to Save Money With Spirit?

If you’re looking for a bargain, it’s important to know whether or not your preferred carrier is offering any special Spirit Airlines deals right now. Spirit has some pretty competitive rates, but its bare fare policy means there are no seat assignments and you’ll have to pay extra fees if you want things like carry-on bags or in-flight snacks. To find out if they’ve got any last-minute sales, go straight to their official Spirit Airlines site (or call their phone number Spirit Airlines). Most airlines send out email alerts when they have sales going on so make sure you sign up for those as well.

Do They Have Any Special Deals Right Now?

Spirit Airlines is one of America’s most affordable carriers, offering low base fares, affordable add-ons and no baggage fees with Spirit Baggage Policy. In fact, Spirit offers passengers so many deals that it can be a little overwhelming to navigate. But if you know what to look for, Spirit can be an extremely inexpensive and convenient way to fly.

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