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Getting Married Online With a Virtual Online Wedding!

Virtual Wedding

I know you know something about virtual marriage. You definitely have some idea about virtual weddings. Let’s know more about getting married online with a virtual wedding!

I always wanted her wedding to be a dream affair – getting married under a floral awning with loved ones by her side and dancing the night away. But when she did finally tie the knot, things turned out a little different. Well, loved ones were by his side, except they were practically present on the other side of a laptop screen. Yes, we’re talking about what seems like the only way to get married lately – a virtual online wedding!  You can tie your knot in any city like you can do a virtual destination wedding in Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, and etc.

How to Do Virtual Wedding?

A virtual wedding, as the name suggests, is a wedding that some or all of the guests attend online or virtually. But getting married online isn’t as dark as it sounds. More than the pundit, technology is important to a destination wedding in India today, and because of it, virtual weddings can be just as exciting as real ones. Here’s why we think you should absolutely get married online with a virtual wedding!

Get Married Online with a Virtual Wedding

No more postponing!

We all know this feeling. Wedding preparations go on and on, a lot of back and forth and uncertain supplier commitments. It is really boring to wait an indefinite period of time before you get married to the love of your life. You don’t have to wait any longer; you can just get married online. It offers the best of both worlds – a safe and smart way to get married.

Smaller Gatherings, But Not Smaller Celebrations

We all know that security is the top priority, and this is exactly the reason why you should go for online weddings. However, reducing your guest list doesn’t mean your loved ones won’t be a part of your big day. Online virtual weddings ensure that your guests attending in person are kept to a minimum, but guests who do not attend can still join virtually. All you need to do is live-stream your wedding. So if the guests can’t come to the wedding, you bring the wedding to the guests!

Guests Can Socialize While You Are Busy Getting Married

The best part of a marriage is reuniting with friends and family. And this can now be done in virtual weddings online too! Live streaming can get boring if your guests have to watch it on their own. Make it exciting with a virtual guest party, where your guests can socialize while watching the live broadcast. The term might sound fancy, but you can easily set one up through a video chat platform like Zoom or Google Meet. And the best part is, you can even have separate ‘virtual rooms’ for different groups of guests, so guests can avoid the awkward interaction with other guests they might not know.

Impress Guests with Some Tasty Treats

An Indian wedding without food? You’re kidding. But removing the mask to eat alongside other guests at a wedding can be scary, and guests may be hesitant. Instead, what if you could send them some freshly made Indian food, dessert, or candy so they can savor them while watching you exchange your vows. You can even take it up a notch by sending a personalized message with each package.

Gifts at Your Doorstep

Just like you can bring your wedding to your guest, you can bring the wedding gifts to your doorstep. Now guests can send their gifts to you even if they are not attending your wedding in person. Simply create an online gift list and share it with guests, who can then purchase or contribute to any gift on your wish list. Every gift is cherished and no gift is wasted.

Virtual Guests Can Be On Your Wedding Album Too

Platforms like Zoom allow you to record the unfolding of a virtual event. These images can be edited to create a beautiful, short digital album capturing ceremony highlights, toasts, roasts, and messages from virtual guests. So now the attending guests and virtual guests are part of your precious memories.

To make it easier for your guests, the perfect way to do this is to integrate all of the above technologies into a single destination. This is basically your wedding website. With so many free templates available online, it isn’t too difficult to create one. You can add your ‘how your dating’ story, list of events, details to join zoom, and RSVP forms. With everything in one place, your guests will surely thank you. So, are you ready to celebrate online a beautiful wedding with virtual destination wedding planners in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Delhi, Mumbai, and Udaipur, etc?

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