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Top 3 online calculators?

Top 3 Calculators Discussion

Top 3 online calculators? A calculator can be defined as an electrical instrument used to perform mathematical calculations. An online calculator is a software designed to perform all the mathematical calculations and derivations. These calculators provide a great convenience to solve mathematical and numerical problems The utilization of online calculators is increasing day by day.

Calculators have become the most important need of today’s technology-based era,  it is impossible to perform your mathematical task and calculations without any calculator.  Furthermore, there are calculators available for different medical purposes like calculating protein intake, ideal weight calculator, heart rate calculator etc. There are many sites providing these calculator services. ;

This site provides a wide collection of calculators. It includes weight converters, temperature convertors, area converters, volume convertors,  speed convertors, angel converters,  time converters,  pressure converters,  energy power converters, health, and well-being convertor.

  • temperature converter, it shows different temperature scales Fahrenheit, Celsius,  Kelvin
  • weight convertor, it shows different features like Pounds to kilogram, gram to kilogram,  milligram to the gram, etc
    area convertor, it includes hectares and acres, square feet to acres.
  • volume convertors it includes milli meters to ounce, liters to  gallons ounce in liters, etc
  • speed convertors includes velocity,  meter per second, kilometer per hour, etc
  • angle convertors it includes radians , degrees,  minutes(angular) radians, milli-radian
  • pressure convertor it includes pascals,  bar,  atmospheric unit, kilogram-force per square meter, pounds per square foot, etc.

The most effective and useful converter and calculator is the energy and power calculator.  This helps the users to convert and measure different units like joules,  kilowatt-hour, kilo-joules,  calories, foot-pounds, newton-meter, Btu, etc.

My Calcu ;

This online calculator one of the most amazing and admirable calculator sites on the internet. It provides a huge collection of calculators related to Math, Health, Time & Date, Financial, Conversions, Business, Holidays, and many others.
This site provides users with many converters and calculators. This site has a lot of features

  • Finance
  • Math
  • Health and fitness
  • Time and date

In conversions, there are a lot of features like

  • oGram to pound
  • oCentimeters to feet and inches
  • oMeters to feet and inches
  • oCubic yards to tones
  • oMillimeters to inches

There are many more conversions if one wants to explore more features than this site provide a great platform for students, businessmen, and economists.

  • Length conversion
  • Pressure
  • Cooking
  • Volume
  • Electric
  • Area
  • Speed
  • Number
  • Temperature
  • Weight

The finance calculator is very useful for economists, bankers, businessman includes the following features

  • Stock profit ratio
  • Market cap calculator
  • Stock return calculator

The most helpful thing is that many calculators on these sites show derivations, numerical and scientific data or work related to the problems. This site is continuously gaining popularity because of its accuracy and extraordinary features.
If the user wants to give any suggestion, he can contact the owner of the website and management service
Last words :
The online calculator is a very effective tool to carry out various types of problems, whether they are related to health and fitness, financial and mathematical, electronic, or conversions.
The above three sites are the best for any kind of student, teacher, businessman, economists, physician, traveler, banker.
The purpose of the above-mentioned article is to study the use of online calculators and to acknowledge.

Unit Convertors :

This site provides viewers a unique and amazing look. This site is the easiest site to be used by the users.   The site has several categories and several calculators of extraordinary features. This site is very useful for physicians, students, teachers, bankers, and business-mans, as well
At first, this site includes unit convertors i-e from meter to kilometer and vise versa. Common conversions include in these sites are

  • cm to inches
  • Celsius to Fahrenheit
  • Km to meters
  • Cm to feets
  • Gram to ounces
  • Litters to gallons
  • Acres to Square feet
  • Radians to degrees
  • Kph to mph
  • Yards to meters
  • Ml to cups
  • Hp to kW

Secondly,  this site has my sections. In the first section, it includes common converters like case convertors. These converters comfort the users with the facility of correcting their writing mistakes.  For example, one can put or paste his content in the mentioned box this will help him to accurate his upper,  lower,  title mistakes in the content. Furthermore, It has an option to choose either the user wants normal content with single-spaced or double spaced
Furthermore,  This section includes length and weight,  mass converters.

These converters can convert almost all popular and commonly based units to be converted like Meters to inches or kilometers, feet to cm or inches,  miles to meters or kilometers,  yards to inches or miles, oz to g, grams to milligrams,  g to kg,  ibs to stones,  ibs to tons etc. It acknowledges the user with informative units and their conversions on the basis of physics and mathematical calculations.

This section has also area,  pressure,  energy, power, force convertors as all other converters include.
The specificity of this calculator is that it can provide the users with

Currency convertors

Currency convertors like EUR to USD,  USD to BRL, BTC to JPY, etc. thus,  provide us additional ease.
The plus point of this site is that it can provide us with data converters and thus helps us to understand various terms of mobile storage like MB to GB, KB to MB, DB to KB, and vise versa.
Besides, this calculator also includes other sections like

  • Engineering converters: velocity converter, angular convertor, density converter, a moment of inertia converter, torque convertor,  specific volume convertor.
  • Heat convertors: fuel efficiency, convertors thermal expansion convertors,  specific heat capacity converters, heat density converters, heat transfer coefficient convertors etc. These calculators or convertors are extremely useful for students in interested in various areas.
  • Fluid convertors: flow converters, concentration- solution, concentration to molar convertors,  viscosity converter, etc
  • Light convertors; frequency-wavelength convertors, illumination convertors, luminous light convertors, etc
    Furthermore,  electricity converters,  magnetism convertors,  radiology converters, and various others convertors prove to be very helpful for the users.

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