The importance of after-sales service for new businesses

Discover the importance of a good after-sales service in a company, and all that it can bring to you without further delay! Customer loyalty, increase in your turnover … as many positive impacts as you necessarily want to accelerate the development of your company.

Are you starting your own business? Have you thought about after-sales service? Do not neglect this famous after-sales service, at the risk of depriving yourself of a major lever to attract your future customers. After-sales service alone crystallizes all the expectations of your customers: reliability, responsiveness and of course impeccable service.

When starting a business, the focus is rarely on after-sales service. We think more about the products we are going to sell, the communication strategy and of course the business model. Basics, which must of course be prioritized, but which should not mean the abandonment of the after-sales service. This is essential for your future customers, who must absolutely be able to count on it in order to keep a good image of your company.

The main issue of after-sales service for a company

In one word: trust. Knowing that they can call on quality after-sales service, the customer will be more inclined to buy your products. Whether it is defective, or whether it suffers any damage: the customer is more serene when he knows that he can count on an efficient after-sales service. However, it is recognized that a satisfied customer becomes an ambassador of your brand, by recommending it after those close to him. On the other hand, it is also common knowledge that an unhappy customer will not hesitate to share his bad experience with as many people as possible. This is why a quality after-sales service for final expense leads is absolutely essential for any business.

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The strengths of good after-sales service

Now that you are aware of the need for a qualitative after-sales service, here are some elements that make all the difference in terms of after-sales service: answer all the questions from your customers, offer quick and adequate solutions in case breakdown, or breakage, have a welcoming dedicated staff, offer personalized services, keep in touch with the customer in order to know his level of satisfaction

These items are really the key to a remarkable after-sales service, and noticed by your customers. But don’t forget the most basic …

Make sure you are reachable by your customers

Yes, you may have the most efficient after-sales service, if it is not easily identifiable and reachable, this poses a real problem. Whether the customer has obtained the after-sales service contact details from a telephone information service , or on the web, he expects an answer. Ideally, your customer should hardly have to do extensive research to get your contact information. These must be easily accessible. And of course, calls or e-mails must be answered quickly and explicitly, so that the customer feels that his request has been taken into account.

Traditions have a long life and sometimes spread even in our companies. According to a recent survey, carried out by Deskeo (flexible offices in France), out of 2,200 companies the first subject of the start of the school year resides in the galette des rois! 

A popular festival for the Employees

The beginning of the year begins with intensity and if the information speaks every day of strikes and retirement, one feast is however not forgotten: that of the epiphany and its famous galette des rois. This festival remains particularly popular with French companies and generates sometimes surprising reactions. According to a recent survey, the French love the galette des rois since 78% of French people are in favor of sharing it in business and 71% of French companies believe that a galette will be tasted in January. A tradition thus very present in the companies of the hexagon.

An event created by employees

It should be noted that in most cases, this celebration is not an official event. If companies are sometimes at the origin, it is the employees who will bring it and will organize the party in 69% of cases against only 38% for companies. Only 22% of people say they are against this tradition, a celebration that would therefore be popular with the majority. It must be said that this festival, whose origin is religious, no longer symbolizes its meaning in the majority of cases since it is above all considered as a convivial event.

A contrasted moment

If we can consider that it represents a convivial moment, which is thought by 58% of the French people questioned, it is an embarrassing moment for 31% of them because of some embarrassing practices, 54 % force the youngest to go under the table and 42% force the king to kiss the queen. Remember that in the tradition, the youngest sits under the table with the family to choose the shares during the distribution. Tradition which still seems to be respected in companies. For 8% of them, it should be noted that this is above all a tradition. An alternative solution could be for the entrepreneur to go under the table, which would be a game-changer.

If there are delicate practices, there are also very shy ones since 59% of people who find the bean in the office prefer to hide it so as not to have to wear the crown, for fear of ridicule or not to pay a another galette des rois to all colleagues!

Watch out for skidding

As a business owner, no need to remind yourself that you have to be careful that certain limits are not crossed and that no one feels humiliated during this party. The objective is above all to create a convivial moment that you could set up. Some companies give gifts to employees who find the bean, for example, rather than forcing them to kiss the queen.  Be careful of any allergies.

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