How Can Behavioural Data Help Sales Team?

B2B companies are taking behavioral data very seriously because it is useful when it comes to creating marketing campaigns and communication channels for buyers. A behavioural data set collects all of the information about a customer’s purchasing patterns, expectations, product use, and other important information for B2B lead generation.

In a nutshell, behavioral data entails both online and offline actions taken by your buyer in the buying journey. Businesses can use this information to analyse and study the behavioral pattern that is useful in taking actions and measure results. Businesses can strategize to attract, convert and retain prospects into buyers.

Behavioural Data gather includes:

  • Previous purchases
  • Browsing history
  • Webinar attendance
  • Help desk interaction
  • Content asset downloads
  • Content from social media profiles and other apps

Importance of behavioural data:

B2B companies that use data to direct their marketing efforts are more likely to see profits rise year over year. Since behavioural data helps them to have a better understanding of their target audience, they gain a competitive advantage. Businesses must submit personalised marketing content specific to their target audience at the right time for them to be responsive, or else their marketing efforts will be wasted. You can target your contact database from the business directory.

Different ways businesses can use behavioral data to develop strong sales team:
  1. Better audience targeting:

One of the most important things behavioural data helps B2B marketers to do is segment their audiences in great detail. As a result, they are able to produce success because targeting marketing campaigns is much easier. It is difficult to achieve target audience without adequate segmentation. This can result in losing an opportunity to convert sales. You can segregate your database on the basis of company info, geographical location, gender, designation etc.

Market segmentation is not the only consideration for B2B. They are also considering their customer journey. They can easily connect with their customers and formulate relevant marketing strategies around it. About 62% of the audience is comfortable if a brand sends a personalised message regarding offers on products and services purchased previously. Businesses may target consumers with the right massages, which leads to profits, thanks to segmentation based on behavioural data.

2. Providing sales team with Buyer centric content:

According to a survey, B2B marketers are product-centric, meaning they concentrate on product features rather than buyer needs. Companies may make this change thanks to behavioural data. When this happens, sales teams benefit tremendously because buyer-centric content enables them to solve real-world business problems while also motivating them to seize opportunities that result in sales lead generation.

3. Empowering sales team to personalise engagements:

Sales teams are constantly working on ways to create a personalised experience for their prospects and strengthen relationships. B2B marketers who use behavioural data from their B2B contact database or any other source will give their sales teams the tools they need to personalise consumer interactions and create confidence. Businesses can produce individualised content focused on product characteristics, market trends, and consumer pain points.

Marketers can also use behavioural data to develop email templates with personalization options, which can help them establish strong sales teams. To ensure continuity in communication, the models provide main marketing messages in the body and an eye-catching subject line.

4. Stronger collaboration in content development:

A business can create more value when marketing and sales teams come together to form content. This can happen when the two teams conduct one on one meetings on a regular basis. Both teams have different sources of behavioural data with them. A marketing team develops behavioral data from an online customer buying journey while the sales team generated behavioral data by selling products offline to their buyers. An effective sales strategy can be formed when the two teams discuss their points and thus leads to success of the business. You also get verified email details of your prospects required for lead generation.

5. Identifying high value leads:

Marketers may use behavioural data to determine which prospects are more likely to buy using predictive analytics in lead scoring, enabling them to focus their efforts on high-value prospects. Predictive lead scoring uses past activity data to identify leads that are closer to making a purchase. This information is critical for salespeople to find the best leads to nurture, travel down the sales funnel, and close deals.


It is observed that customers are bombarded with 2000 messages on an average a day. Hence, it is vital for B2B businesses to create a personalised and effective marketing message.

Behavioral data can solve all the hurdles faced by marketing and sales teams in the buying journey of their customers only when they come together. They can design marketing strategies on how to acquire, nurture and retain their buyers.

Behavioural data is useful for both marketing and sales teams. It enables the marketing team to craft personalised marketing campaigns that resonate with consumers, as well as the sales team to sell their goods and services more effectively.


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