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The Benefits Of Luxury Wool Carpets For Chester Rooms

Despite the abundance of flooring options available, Chester folks would still prefer the contemporary look and texture a wool carpet provides. And who can blame them? Top-quality wool carpet offers numerous benefits to its owner. From the comfort and warmth it provides to the functionality and durability it offers, wool carpets bring a lot to the table. Also, It is safe for a house full of younger children or older folks.

What is the origin of wool?

Different kinds of fibre are made into carpets, but a carpet made completely from wool is usually seen as the peak of luxury. Wool comes from sheep, but not all sheep wool is made into carpet. For instance, the beautiful sheep that often graze the Chester countryside are not responsible for your wool carpets.

The wool used for making carpets is gotten from a special breed of sheep commonly found in New Zealand and Asia. Sometimes, this unique breed is also found in the UK and Cumbrian fells. The wool gotten from this breed is what carpet manufacturers use in making 100% pure wool carpets.


With proper maintenance and care, wool carpets made of superior quality can last well over a century. This is why wool carpet is incomparable with many other carpet types. Wool is naturally strong and durable; it doesn’t require any additional fibre to enhance it. However, it is often mixed with other fibres to create stronger carpet types. When natural wool is combined with synthetic fibres, the resulting carpet has enhanced properties similar to wool, such as flexible fibres, resistant to stains, and the ability to effectively retain the chemical used to colour the carpet.

Businesses and organisations make use of commercial grade wool carpets as they are ideal for office settings due to the frequent walking and footstep noises.

How To Care For Wool Carpets

Cleaning and maintaining is not all that difficult. Wools are resistant to stains or dirt and water-based spills and can simply be cleaned with an absorbent cloth. The natural oils present in the wool is what makes it resistant. Routine vacuuming of your carpet also helps to maintain it.

The fibres of wool are resistant to crush or pressure, and as such, it can bounce back after any form of compression or heavy load placed on it, is removed. This is one of the properties that make wool extremely durable.

Also, wool is very soft and comfortable to sit or walk on. Fortunately, that’s not all a wool carpet has to offer. It is energy efficient as it can warm up your house and save energy bills. Wool carpets are also noise absorbent which means that they are able to reduce the sound of footsteps or noise around.

Another peculiar thing about wool carpets is that they can prevent any serious injuries from occurring when you fall. Due to the underlay beneath the carpet, they can cushion the fall and ensure everyone’s safety in the home. Wool carpets with quality underlay have an increased lifespan.

Environment Friendly

The wool used to create carpets are completely natural and very sustainable. They are obtained from the shearing of free-grazing sheep. Sheep shearing refers to the periodic trimming or cutting away of the sheep’s wool and is a necessary process for care and maintenance of the sheep. This is an environmentally friendly process, and the shearing is done with utmost care for the sheep. It is done at least once a year, so there’s constantly a wool supply for various purposes.

When kept in soil, wool is biodegradable. It breaks down naturally through the activities of bacteria, with producing necessary plant nutrients like Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide, water and sulphur. and contains amino acids that are essential to plant growth. Wool can get decayed without causing any harm to the environment.


Wool carpets are available in various eye-catching designs and colours that can easily suit your taste. Whatever the décor of your home is, there is a wool carpet that fits perfectly into it.

Wool carpets come in various grades for you to select from. Top grade and superior wool carpet are most suitable for those who would appreciate its beauty and not just anyone looking out for a floor covering. High-quality carpets are usually elegant, comfortable and very durable. They can last for a very long time, even when other floor coverings require a change, wool carpets will still look good as new.


There are many types of carpets, but wool stands out as the luxury carpet London. Obtained from specific sheep breeds, wool carpets are extremely durable and can be combined with synthetic fibre to improve it. Wool carpets are comfortable, stylish and soft. They are the best option for a Chester floor covering.

Element London has various wool carpet types that you can choose from, either for residential or commercial purposes. Reach out to us today to make your selection and change the aesthetics of your home.

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