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AC Repair Dubai

AC Repair Dubai

If you have frequent problems with your air conditioning system, you must try to repair our air conditioner. Our company provides you a best AC Repair service in Dubai. We guarantee that you will not see us for long. If you do not keep your indoor and outdoor unit filters clean, frequent air conditioner repairs may occur. To avoid spending on large spare parts, it is important to schedule AC repairs from time to time.

Air conditioning services in Dubai:

Residents should maintain their cooling system in order to avoid overcharging for your air conditioning service in Dubai. Will be spending the same amount.

AC repair is very difficult. Technicians can easily fool a customer when it comes to repairing an AC. Therefore, we request that the restoration of AC be given priority. Wear and tears, but it should not be a recurring problem.

AC preventive maintenance:

An AC preventative maintenance covers the service of maximum exposed component. Our technicians do the following when they go for a service call.

Accept the fan motor with indoor unit filter, fan motor, and coil unit cleaning water.

Clean the outdoor unit condenser coil with high pressure water Accept the fan motor.

Lubricating the fan motor shaft.

Check the refrigerator level and go upstairs if needed.

Consequences of not having AC repairs done in Dubai.

It is common for indoor and outdoor units to become dirty over time. Air conditioning service in Dubai is essential to avoid significant mechanical damage and strong odors.

We cleaned the AC outdoor unit and indoor unit for this customer, the air conditioner started to cool down, and the strong smell disappeared.

How much does it cost to repair a typical AC in Dubai?

Nowadays, people often forget to save the contact details for the AC repair technician or to place the invoice in the wrong place after they are installed. We ignore it in many ways. As a result of this problem, you will have to pay a higher price for AC repairs or services next time. When we receive an AC on a service call, we consider them a new client because we have no record of the client’s previous AC repairs or services.

Here is an example of a scene for AC service in Dubai:

The client calls and complains that his AC is not cooling down. When we receive such calls, our first impression is that we need to check the problem. It only takes one visit to assess the problem. After that, we get the price of defective components and return it to the client with a price. We usually include one or two additional visits per client. Let’s assume that the client called us for this problem and we found out that the AC is not cooling down, due to an incorrect “run capacitor” and we do not have a specific certificate with a specific “frequency”.

Advantages of using previous AC maintenance company for repairs:

Get instant AC service without any delays.

You get better value than others.

Quick solution because the contractor will send their AC technician with a general component, suitable for your air conditioner system.

You’ve got better quality because the contractor knows you’ll call again if the problem persists.

Reliable team in Dubai.

Are you looking for a great AC repair in Dubai? Before calling experts, check for quick fixes so you can take care of yourself.

Having trouble with your air conditioning? Is it leaking or not working at all?

Your AC is probably trying to tell you that it’s time for some repairs!

The average age of an air conditioner is about 12 years. Some units can last up to 15 years. However, their performance decreases over time.

Even if your AC unit is only 10 years old, a new model can reduce your energy costs by up to 40%.

Older machines are more likely to have technical issues, so you’ll spend a fortune on repairs.

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Here are five simple steps you can take on your own:

Replace the air filter:

All AC units have air filters. Ideally, you should change these components at least once every three months.

Filled filters block air flow and affect the performance of your air conditioning system.

Switching to a new filter can improve AC performance and reduce energy bills by five to 15 percent. On top of that, you will get clean, fresh air and reduce allergies.

Set the thermostat:

If your air conditioning is not turned on, check the thermostat. Make sure it’s set to AC.

Also take a look at the thermostat battery. You will need something new.

Next, check the fuse to make sure it is working properly. If you are still having trouble, look for AC repair companies in Dubai.

An expert can identify less obvious problems and solve them too early.

Clear the coil:

Are your utility bills too high?

The AC vapor coil may close or burst. Common causes include debris corrosion.

Check the coil for cracks and leaks. When you’re done, apply a new cleaner.

If the coils are damaged, call a specialist to replace them.

Check the drains:

A leakage duct can prevent the AC unit from working to the maximum and increase pollution in your home. This can result in higher utility bills.

Sealing drains can improve the performance of your unit. Fortunately, this is something you can do yourself.

Use a smoking machine or smoke pencil to detect any leaks. Seal the drains with separate tape and special tape.

Inspect the main electrical panel:

If your AC is not working, turn off the power and check the main power panel. Find a blown fuse or tripod breaker.

If you are dealing with a blown fuse, replace it with a new one.

These minor issues take minutes to heal. If the problem persists, seek expert help.

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