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Learn how explainer videos can facilitate your business

Animated videos allow you to do so many things. With it, you can show any concept, product or idea in the most attractive possible way. These explainer videos trigger vibes that make us feel attracted towards a specific product. Such videos work well for several services and tech companies, serving as a fantastic way to explain concepts like IoTs, machinery and their role in our lives. In addition to all that, animated explainer videos are also useful for branding strategies. Through similar colour, styles and themes, a video can become a part of a marketing media or a website, without any hassle.

Live-Action Explainer Videos

These type of videos have proven to be very beneficial for explaining services and products that are otherwise very complicated to understand. Live-action explainer videos are powerful tools that help you connect with your audience, especially when you run a business. In actuality, people love seeing different people and what they’re up to as this allows them to build an emotional connection that’s both effective and powerful for storytelling

Branded video content

This kind of video is said to be the most effective. Exclusive media video can be around 60 seconds in length, without mentioning a specific company or product, targeting the prime audience. For instance, you can create a short story without mentioning a word about your service/product. The audience will simply know that it belongs to your business entity.

Live video streaming

The latest trend to have arrived in the live video streaming trend. With the number of people creating Live videos regularly, you can easily make an explainer video for your product/service. In essence, live video streaming works best in building trust and gets in more engagement from the audience.

Testimonial videos

These videos are great at building trust. They involve expressing personal experiences about a specific service/product by the customers. Moreover, when testimonials are perfectly blended into explainer videos, a powerful video can be created that will get you a large number of customers.

What you should be looking for in animated explainer video companies 

Animation production companies around the world have a few things in common. They are all quality oriented and have skilled teams that bring their client’s vision to reality with both passion and dedication. Whether you go for an agency or a freelancer, just measure and compare the level of services and quality you should be looking for.

  • Process your vision. Think whether you need inspirational, fun or breathtaking videos to make your brand stand out. All the elements together call for the need for an animation production company that knows exactly what they’re doing.
  • Look for quality and expertise. Check out the explainer video company’s past works and portfolio and make sure their quality matches your expectations.
  • Talk to the explainer video production company and pay special attention to their attitude, availability and quality of response. Good communication is vital. If they’re communicating properly and care about your product then that company is good to go.
  • Take a look at the company’s work. Make sure that each video they’ve made brings something new to the table. Every video should feel tailor mare and unique to match the client’s colour palette and taste.

Also these criteria is required for an Animated Explainer Video

  • Look for online reviews and customer feedback. Their opinions can give you a great sense of how it is to work with the company and its team. Whether they’re efficient with their delivery, make quick revisions, etc.
  • Your budget is very important. You can’t expect to have a mind-blowing business animation to go with someone who’s providing videos to you for cheap. However, don’t go with the perception that if you throw in a lot of money, you’ll get great results. Find yourself animation production companies that have price ratios to fit with your needs and not needs to fit with your price.
  • Make sure you know how many adjustments your explainer video agency will be doing for you. Several agencies keep a limit for only a certain number of revisions and post that they charge. Know which company is offering what before you dive into getting into a contract with them which you might regret later.

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To conclude

As we’ve learnt, the best way to utilise videos in business strategies is to give them the touch of an explainer video. This way you can facilitate a business video in different ways. You can utilise it to promote a service/product, create awareness among your target audience or simply educate customers through tutorials and guides. Choosing the right animation company can be tough but things become easier once you know what you need to be looking for. With the right explainer video you can create a strong bond with your customers that you can utilise in the future.

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