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All you need to know about Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

About Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program offers one of the quickest ways to get Canada PR. Candidates can settle permanently in one of Canada’s four Atlantic provinces via this immigration program. This program was launched in 2017 for skilled immigrants because there was a labour shortage in the provinces of Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and New Brunswick.

The sole purpose of this program is to promote skilled immigrants to help these provinces with population growth, employment, and social and economic development. The program is offered to immigrants who are temporarily or permanently residing in Canada. These four provinces concentrate on specialised issues like innovation, clean growth, and climate change, as well as skilled immigration, infrastructure, trade, and investment.

Immigration streams under Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP)

  1. Atlantic High-Skilled Program

This program is designed especially for those candidates who are highly skilled immigrants. The Atlantic provinces emphasize those candidates who will get the full-time job offer in the occupation that fall under NOC skilled level 0, A, and B. In order to be eligible for the Canada PR, candidates need to fulfil the following requirements:

  • To be eligible for this program to get Canada PR, candidates must have at least one year of experience. Candidates should keep in mind that their experience should be in managerial positions.
  • Applicants must have completed their degree or diploma that should be equivalent to Canadian education standard to be eligible for Canada PR.
  • In order to be eligible for the program candidates need to fulfil the language proficiency requirement. Candidates need to score at least CLB 4 in language proficiency tests to satisfy the requirement.
  • Candidates have to demonstrate their financial funds to prove that they are financially stable to support their family along with their family. Applicants should take professional guidance from the Canada immigration consultants in India, who can guide them to immigrate with ease.
  1. Atlantic International Graduate Program

This program is designed for those candidates who have completed their graduation from outside Canada. This program prioritizes those candidates who have working experience. To be eligible for the program, candidates need to fulfil the following requirements:

  • For this program, candidates must have lived in one of the Atlantic territories for at least 16 months.
  • It is mandatory to earn a two-year degree or diploma from an accredited and government-funded institute of higher learning in the Atlantic province.
  • Language proficiency is the most important and basic requirement for the immigration. Candidates need to score at least CLB 4 in order to be eligible to get Canada PR through this program.
  • Applicants who have completed their studies or worked with a permit in one of the Atlantic provinces are eligible for this stream.
  • Candidates are required to demonstrate their financial needs to fulfil the financial requirements to prove that they are financially stable to support their family along with themselves. Candidates should consult one of the best Canada immigration consultants in India, who can give more professional information regarding this.
  • Candidates who are outside of Canada they need to have educational credential that shows that their education is equal to Canada’s education
  1. Atlantic Intermediate-skilled Program

This program is almost similar to the previous one. This program targets those candidates who have the job letter of at least one year from the employer of any Atlantic province in NOC skill level 0, A, B, or C. Candidates should have the following requirements to be eligible for this program:

  • Candidates should have one year experience in specific areas like high-school education or job-specific training.
  • A degree or diploma is required which would be equal to the Canadian education system, and to prove whether the degree or diploma is equivalent to Canadian education or not, Education Credential Assessment would be required.
  • For this program the requirement of language proficiency is similar to other programs. Candidates need to score CLB 4 in language proficiency test either in English or French only then they’ll be eligible for the Canada PR through this program.
  • In the Atlantic Intermediate-skilled Program, work experience is one of the important factors. Candidates must have worked for at least 12 months in the occupations that fall under NOC skills level 0, A, or B. Candidates should consider taking help from one of the Canada immigration consultants in India.
  • Only those candidate’s applications will move forward who will be able to demonstrate their financial funds. If candidates are financially stable then they’ll be eligible for the program.

Procedure to apply for AIPP

Candidates are required to follow the steps below to apply for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) to get the Canada PR:

  • Step 1 – Candidates need to connect to a settlement service that was provided by an employer. The settlement service will help the candidate to settle in the province with their family.
  • Step 2 – The employer needs to fill out the endorsement application of the employee and find a programme that matches the work experience of the employee. Employer will submit the job offer and settlement plan to the province.
  • Step 3 – After that, candidates need to submit their Canada PR application with all the required documents and endorsement letter as well to the IRCC.
  • Step 4 – Once the application gets selected the candidate can move to Atlantic Canada along with their family.

FAQs related to Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

  • How many provinces are in the Atlantic region of Canada?

There are a total of 10 provinces in Canada and 4 out of them are located in the Atlantic region of Canada. These four provinces are Nova Scotia, Prince Edward, Island, and New Brunswick. All of these provinces have their provincial nominee program through which candidates immigrate specifically to that province. But if the candidate wants to immigrate to one of these provinces, then AIPP is the most suitable program for them. For that, candidates should consult one of the best Canada immigration consultants in India, who can guide the candidates that which program is the best for them.

  • Is it possible to get PR through AIPP in a short amount of time?

The processing time for AIP applications is six months. Applicants must file their Canada PR applications within six months of getting their endorsement certificates. An employer who needs to fill an immediate job vacancy can obtain a temporary work permit, so the skilled immigrant can start working as soon as their application is approved.

  • Is it easy to get a job offer for AIPP?

There are certain criteria that candidates need to fulfil to be eligible for a job offer under the Atlantic Immigration Program for Canada PR. A job can be offered to the candidates by designated employers in one of the four Atlantic provinces of Canada.

The company will also send an Offer of Employment to a Foreign National Form when they offer a job to the candidates.

In order to be eligible to get job offer from the employer of the Atlantic provinces, candidates need to fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Applicants need to fulfil the requirements that are set by the employer according to the NOC (National Occupation Classification). If candidates can successfully satisfy the requirements, then they’ll be eligible to get jobs and Canada PR as well.
  2. In order to qualify for the employer’s particular program, applicants must meet certain requirements.

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