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Healthier and Germ-Free Carpets: How Steam Cleaning Can Keep Safe Your Carpets and Home

Having a carpet in your home comes with quite some advantages, some of which you might be ignorant of. For instance, did you know your carpet serves as an insulator for controlling room temperature? It retains warm air during the cold season. This and many more reasons make the carpet an important household item to be maintained.

An excellent way of taking care of your carpet is by steam cleaning it. Germs and dirt easily find a dwelling place in an unclean carpet, which could be dangerous for your family’s health. Steam cleaning is a tested and approved method of eliminating germs hiding in your carpet and retaining its quality. Stains and spills are not left out as steam cleaning gets rid of all kinds of stains, leaving your carpet healthy and beautiful.

Treating Germs in Your Carpets

Carpets are typically vulnerable to dust, allergens, animal fur, shoe dirt, mites and dirt from human activities. A lot of these harmful organisms are from natural surroundings. They easily get stuck in the fibres of your carpet and begin to grow or breed there. Mites and other allergens that reside in your carpets are microscopic and could give room for respiratory illness or infections.

Food and water is another way through which germs could get into your carpet. Crumbs or tiny bits of your food that drop on your carpet while eating could get stuck there. The best way to avoid this is to restrict all forms of eating to the dining area or eat food over hard-surfaced floors. That way, any particle that falls from your food is easily seen and cleaned.

Although certain microscopic organisms naturally exist around you and your family, it is possible to limit your home’s number of microorganisms. Regular carpet vacuuming and avoiding shoes on your carpets are simple ways of achieving this.

Removing stains from your carpet

Frequently vacuuming your carpet does produce results; stains are reduced, and the amount of germs and bacteria in your carpet decreases. However, there is a limit to just how effective it can be for your carpet.

Many stains, allergens, dirt from shoe soles and microorganisms you want to get rid of are deeply situated in the fibres of your carpet. Vacuuming the carpet alone isn’t enough to dislodge them all.

Trying to scrub the stains or dirt out would be counterproductive because they would just move further into the carpet. In some cases, this could even increase the number of microorganisms present on the carpet.

The most suitable option for getting rid of unwanted substances in your carpet is steam cleaning. This is because steam cleaning can reach deep into the fibres of your carpet and remove the stains. It is perfect for eliminating tough stains and spills on your carpet. It is the best deep cleaning method for your carpet.

Steam cleaning is best done by a professional. Carpet cleaning experts are trained on how to get rid of different kinds of stains your carpet may have. They consider the type of fabric your carpet is made of, the root of the stain and the length of time it has been in your carpet.

What’s more, they have all the necessary equipment to carry out the job. Depending on the substance’s nature, they could make use of a mixture of different solutions along with a suitable steam cleaning technique. You can simply search for professional carpet cleaning services when you require one.

Another unique feature of steam cleaning is that it mainly requires boiling water to remove the stains. Chemicals used, if any, are usually in minute amounts. The heat from boiling water allows for easy removal of stains and dirt from the carpet fibre. Apart from getting rid of stains, steam cleaning also serves as a method of sterilising your carpet fibres and destroying all forms of bacteria or virus present.

Bottom line, steam cleaning provides a 2-in-1 treatment for your carpet; It protects your carpet from harmful microorganisms while still maintaining its aesthetics.

The complete solution

Stains, spills, dirt and bacteria getting lodged in your carpet is inevitable once you have people living in the home. Fortunately, there are preventive measures you can employ to get rid of these substances and protect your carpet and your family. They include:

  • Vacuum your carpet regularly.
  • Ensure your carpet is kept clean and dry. Clean spills immediately they occur with soap and water or carpet shampoo.
  • When carpeting your home, consider areas that don’t have much traffic, like the bedroom. If you want to carpet areas that people often use, go for rugs that are replaceable and wash safe.
  • Once or twice a year, get your carpet professionally cleaned.

Book your carpet cleaner online, and we will take care of the scheduling and reminders. Having a germ free home with healthier and aesthetically pleasing carpets is possible with steam cleaning. Contact us on 020 7183 4119 for further enquiries.

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