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Tempting Wall Ideas For the Food Industry – Interior Design in UAE

Those times have gone when food industries and restaurant interior design in UAE were used to be typical, boring, and flat design. Now, everyone loves to see a little creativity in the wall designs of food industries and restaurants. A unique wall design will impress your customers and keep your staff in a good mood as well.

If you are wondering what to design and what not to design on the wall then you don’t have to worry anymore. Here, we are providing you with a range of different creative yet tempting wall ideas for the food industry.

Start simple

Simple never goes out of trend but we don’t want to make the wall boring, for that you have to be imaginative while being simple with a wall. Don’t paint all the walls with one same color but instead paint a wall with a contrasting color from other walls. Use a lighter or darker shade for that wall and simply paint it. Now, with a different color, this wall has all the customer’s attention so use that attention and write something on it. You can write the name of your food industry or your tagline or a positive note to motivate your customers as well as staff.

Go a bit chalkier

A chalkboard in the food industry is one of the latest and ongoing trends. Chalkboards have a great benefit of changing the matter and theme on them and give a new look whenever you want. So, why not go big with it? Instead of a small and medium-sized chalkboard, make your wall a full-sized chalkboard. Write and draw whatever you want and go a little rich with colors for designing and drawing the diagrams on the chalkboard wall.

Bring in nature

Nature can lift anyone’s mood because it is the biggest healer of all time. There are two ways you can use nature to decorate the wall. You can make a wooden wall in the food industry to give it a natural look. Or you can use plants to decorate a wall and let the plants create a fresher atmosphere in your food industry. Simply hang small pot plants or hang a wooden net on the wall and add plant vines on it. It will work as décor and will everyone will fall in love with it.

Use patterns & designs

Make a statement wall in your food industry and use patterns or designs to decorate it. Geometrical patterns or designs on the wall will give an elegant appearance to the interior of the food industry. Use a combination of colors for the patterns and make them visually appealing and pleasing.

Unique wall art

Draw some exceptional design on the wall and create an artistic atmosphere in the food industry. Hire a professional artist to paint and draw unique wall arts for your food industry. The unique wall art will help your food industry to stand out and grab customer’s attention without a hitch.

Light it up

Use unusual lights to decorate a wall in your food industry. Lights can effortlessly make a place aesthetically appealing and beautiful. Attach a lot of small lights on a string and hang them on the wall. This simple yet modern décor idea will light up the place and lift the customer’s mood.

Frame it all

Take some pictures of the interiors of your food industry or your customers (with their concerns) and staff from time to time. Select the best pictures among all and frame them. Hang numerous picture frames on one wall of the food industry and make it a memory wall. A picture frame wall will no doubt grab everyone’s interest.

Be creative!

Use your imaginations and show your creative side and decorate the wall with your unique ideas. Write some creative and catchy taglines on the wall like a sarcastic line or decorate it with several mirrors. Place as many mirrors as you can and use mirrors of different shapes and sizes to give a classy look to the wall of your food industry.


The walls of the food industry should be attractive and tempting enough to catch customer’s attention. For best results, decorate and design the wall of your food industry or restaurant interior design in UAE following any of the above wall ideas.


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