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5 Bathroom Sink Taps UK to Consider During Renovation

Sink Taps

Despite how minor they might seem; bathroom sink taps UK holds the top spot when it comes to renovations. Believe it or not, they are one of the key aspects that enhance the style statement of your bathroom.

Even if you are short on cash, bathroom taps alone can determine and signify the whole style statement of your bathroom. From luxury en-suite bathrooms to small, congested cloakrooms, there are countless options of taps to consider depending on the genre of style you are going with.

Here are five different types of taps you should choose to give your bathroom a stunning look.

What Is the Bathroom Sink Taps UK?

 It is clear from the name that the Bathroom Sink Taps UK is designed to work with the sink. You may not consider the style of the taps that much important, but these taps mainly have two main functions that include.

  • Provide you with better control over the flow of water on the sink. So, with a single click, you can stop or run water that is an obvious function of every faucet.
  • The second is its aesthetic element. Although one of the smallest things in the bathroom. These can incredibly improve the overall aesthetics of your bathroom. These can easily become the centre of attention, and therefore needs to select carefully. 

Different Types of Bathroom Sink Taps UK

There are the following different types of Bathroom Taps UK available in the market. 


Kartell Victory Twin Basin Pillar bath Taps

This elegant-looking sink tap can go along with any basin or vanity with two holes. The Frontline Kartell victory taps feature various styles in traditional and contemporary genres or an amalgamation of the two. The round tower taps give off a traditional look, while the lever taps up top provide a modish outlook. You can also get a finishing that suits your bathroom’s style.

Premier Series 2 Twin Basin Taps with Free Waste

Inclined more towards the contemporary look, the Premier series 2 fits on vanities or washbasin with two holes. By depicting the advanced style statements, this bathroom sink tap has square edges with a circular spout. The types appear disconnected to the spout instilling an elegant appearance to the room and also come in handy while adjusting the temperature of the water.

Cassellie Dunk Wall Mounted Bath Mixer Taps

These are Among one of the most commonly used bathrooms taps for both sinks and bathtubs. These wall-mounted taps come in three separate pieces, including the hot and control taps. The classic crosshead style is a fusion between the modern and classic design, making it perfect for traditional bathrooms.


Hudson Reed Strike Open Spout mono basin mixer taps


If you are looking for something unique and graceful at the same time, try the Hudson Reed Strike basin tap design. The entirely curved shape follows the geometric lines. Unlike the previously mentioned trap designs, it has a single curved lever boldly connected to a similarly shaped spout, Thanks to the curved geometry, the sink tap can work well for all bathroom types.

Kartell Adore Mono Basin Mixer Tap (Waterfall)

A popular edition in the high-end and premium bathroom sink taps, Kartell Adore Waterfall, as the name suggests, features an unconventional open spout. The open spout acts as a waterfall allowing water to slide through and fall into the sink. The tap features two square-shaped towered levers for hot and cold water, while the open spout is connected between the two taps.

Are You Looking For a Perfect Bathroom Sink Taps UK?

In this article, we discuss Bathroom Sink Taps set UK. These can offer great benefits related to functionality and aesthetics in the bathroom. You can install them in both contemporary or traditional style spaces depending on your theme. At Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK, we have an extensive range of fittings and fixtures available at lower prices. You can visit our website, check the latest offers to get the most out of your sink taps. 

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