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The Benefits of Fiber Boards

Fiber boards come in several variations and are seen as reliable substitutes for wood. They are highly functional and play a significant role in carpentry. Human lives are certainly more dependent on fiberboard than one can think of.

Fiberboards have endless benefits and have proven efficacies. Some of them are listed below:-

  • Soundproofing: 

Fiberboard of medium density is instrumental in obstructing the path of sound as it absorbs vibrations. Due to this, fiberboards are used inside big speakers to eradicate unwanted vibration sounds. It plays a vital role in reducing noise pollution. Using fiberboard in walls, doors, and floors is lucrative to reduce noisy disruptions.

  • Furniture: 

The furniture industry will forever be grateful to fiberboards. Tables, chairs, bookshelves, and cabinets are among the variety of furniture products that use fiberboard. Fiberboards make furniture more accessible.

  • Low thermal expansion and contraction: 

Solids tend to expand when exposed to heat and tend to contract when exposed to a cold environment. Such expansion and contraction allow moisture to get trapped in them. Cement fiber boards have low expansion and contraction. This property makes it less prone to damage due to moisture trapping.

  • Water resistance:

Cement boards have a high water resistance making them ideal for usage in damp areas. They are preferred to be used in water-prone places of the house such as the kitchen, washroom, bathroom, etc. The same property makes them ideal for exterior works such as roofing since it is immune to growth molds.

  • Scope for creative building:

The product comes in multiple colors, textures as well as forms. This leaves greater scope for creating masterpieces and allows the creativity of the designer to shine. Astonishing structures can be constructed with numerous features through cement fiberboards.

  • Termite proof: 

The product gives a wooden finish without the disadvantages of wood. Unlike wooden fiberboards, it does not contain wood. Hence, it has no scope of being plagued by termites. This inevitably ensures a longer lifespan than ordinary wood.

  • Fire-retardant:

Fiberboards are highly retardant to fire. This implies, even with prolonged exposure to high heat, the product will not melt easily. This property comes in handy during construction near forests that are prone to forest fires. Additionally, commercial complexes and structures are made from fiberboard in order to meet the safety standards laid by the authorities. In general, constructions with fiberboard help in preventing the spread of fire.

  • Thermal insulation: 

The composition of the fiberboard, along with its porous arrangement, makes it resistant to thermal heat. Thus, houses made through this product have a better ventilation system and are able to keep themselves cool during the summer season.

  • Sustainability and durability: 

The material composition gives the product the ability to withstand numerous weather conditions. The product is sustainable and robust enough to withhold a building structure. It is immune to rotting and warping, making it an excellent choice for construction and other tasks.

  • Roofing and flooring:

The flexible nature of the material makes it ideal for use on roofs. It is beneficial to be used on slowly sloped roofs. Additionally, since it has a smooth surface, unlike wood, it serves as an ideal product to construct the sub-flooring and avoid unevenness.

  • Economical:

Wood is not cheap. This makes it inaccessible to people from low-income backgrounds. However, fiberboard comes as a reliable and much more economical alternative to wood.

  • Ecological:

Fiberboards don’t require cutting of trees since they are made from recycled wood. Hence, they are a greener alternative to other plastic-based alternatives. Moreover, it is a nontoxic, reusable, and recyclable product.

Fiber cement boards are additionally easier to install, and they have low maintenance. Although they might have a few shortcomings, they are of paramount importance in the industry. The composition of fiberboards can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and hence, the quality and intensity of properties. At CenturyPly, one can get quality fiberboards at reasonable prices effortlessly.

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