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5 Easy Ways to Use Sliding Doors and Sliding Windows

Windows and doors tend to get less attention from owners. Home design decisions are not restricted to choosing that pretty curtain or those textured tiles for your kitchen wall. The right type of doors and windows can add a sophisticated look to your home while also being more functional for everyday use. Traditional doors are a thing of the past and may make your home seem outdated and old. The latest trend in interior design is the use of sliding windows and doors wherever possible. The versatile design, variety and ease of use make the sliding system preferable in modern homes.

Sliding doors take up very little space in your room. They do not need any space on either side to open or close. For people living in congested metropolitan cities or for students that live in small budget homes, sliding doors can save up very valuable space in your room. The glass panes on your window also reflect sunlight and give your home a more spacious feel. The sleek design also contributes to the overall aesthetic of your house and gives it a very classy and rich appearance. Here are a few easy ways to use sliding doors and windows in your home:


Aluminium doors are amazing for kitchens. Modern designs are integrating the concept of an “open kitchen” in most home plans. However, when the kitchen is not in use it is advisable to keep it separate from the rest of the living quarters. See-through glass sliding doors are a great way to achieve this by giving you an option to keep your kitchen closed without losing the “open kitchen” feel. Apart from this, aluminium sliding windows can also help keep vapours and smoke from reaching your guests.


This is probably one of the most obvious applications for a sliding door. Commonly observed in high-end hotel rooms, a sliding door system in the bathroom adds a very expensive feel. The bath panel can be enclosed in a sliding door system that will keep steam and moisture from coming outside your shower. Wet bathroom floors and cracking wall paint can be avoided by installing a sliding aluminium door in your bathroom. Various frosted glass options can ensure that you do not lose out on privacy.

Walk-In Closets

If you are planning on building a walk-in closet in your bedroom, sliding doors could be a blessing for you. The main issue with walk-in closets is how much space they tend to take up in your bedroom. Sliding doors can solve this problem by keeping your bedroom space untouched while also ensuring that you do not have to compromise on the space in your closet. Having a deeply frosted aluminium glass window or an opaque wooden sliding door in your bedroom will greatly enhance the look of your room while giving you complete privacy in your closet area.


Aluminium doors and sliding windows are widely used in balconies because of their ability to save space and provide a large viewing space. Balconies look better when they provide a good view from inside your home while letting natural light enter at all times. Glass doors and aluminium sliding windows are completely transparent, allowing your balcony to look amazing and keep your home well lit. Toughened glass can be used for outdoor applications, these types of doors are very durable and help keep the elements out of your home. Some people also install nets in their sliding doors to let the air pass through while keeping the dust and insects outside.


Backyards with massive sliding glass windows are ideal for modern homes in the suburbs. Glass in the outdoor structure of your house gives it a very high-end and expensive feel. The aluminium panel is also durable enough to handle everyday usage. Toughened glass options are most preferable for these applications as they do a great job of insulating your house from the weather outside and keeping the indoor area isolated from the outdoor elements. Aluminium doors with glass panels are also great to keep an eye on your kids playing outside or just to enjoy a cup of tea with a stunning view of the sunset.

Sliding glass windows and doors are gaining immense popularity in the market and are even being adapted into the designs of previously made homes. With options to have a two, three or four-part design based on the space you have in your home and thicknesses of the glass panel ranging from 4mm to 22mm, you can easily find the right door or window for your home. Along with these options, you can also opt for an insect shield and a wide range of colours and finishes. Aluminium doors have minimal wear due to their silent design that has very few moving parts. Enjoy the benefits of sliding glass doors in your house today!

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