Stress Coping Mechanisms for General Practitioners

Being a general practitioner (GP) is a rewarding yet challenging job. You have to deal with different types of patients, adapt to a newer environment every day, and manage tasks beyond your capacity at times. It’s an all-inclusive package that you sign while deciding to study medicine for a GP course.

Talking about stress levels and their stress coping mechanisms, there are several ways to keep yourself away from a stressful situation. In case you feel overwhelmed on a Monday, you can always find breathers like taking a 5-min walk to the garden, meditating, or talking to your colleague about your day.

All these techniques help you adjust to a new job quickly or stay relaxed in your existing one. On a related note, if you’re looking for GP jobs in Hobart or other cities, you should know about the challenging situations and how to keep your cool during stressful times.

Let’s Learn About Stress Coping Mechanisms for General Practitioners at The Workplace in The Capacity of a GP.

Know That You’re Stressed

The most effective solution to a problem is knowing the cause. So, if you’ve been stressed lately and can’t concentrate on your work, you should try to find out the reasons behind it. Is it emotional exhaustion, an argument with a colleague, long working hours, or you’re not feeling well working today? It could be anything, but you should know what’s triggering you in the first place.

If you’re going through emotional exhaustion, you should try to share your feelings with a fellow GP. He/she would better understand your problem. If you are loaded with work, try to reduce or share the load. You can always ask your colleague to take over so that you can be at ease. Remember, your health comes first.

Take a Break

If you’re a final-year student looking for GP jobs in Hobart or other parts of Australia, you must be finding ways to work and study to repay your education loan. It’s understood! However, you should know the challenges attached. It’s excellent if you can manage both. If you start to feel stressed, you can always take a day off or introduce regular intervals in your schedule. This way, you can learn and grow in your career.

If you’re an experienced GP dealing with burnout issues, you should also consider taking a leave for a day or two. You can relax on weekends by staying at home or going by the beaches to have a relaxing time all by yourself.

Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

Sometimes, we are the sole reason for our stress and anxiety. It could be due to lack of sleep, lack of exercising, or lack of healthy habits. Whatever it is, you should take immediate action. How about a meditation session for 15 minutes every day? You can also hit the gym by getting up early. Make some changes to your food habits. Eat more fruits and vegetables than junk food.

If at work, you can find time to do some breathing techniques to relax. It’s a great way to bring calm and peace into your life.

Learn to Say No

As a GP, you have to be reliable. Patients depend on you for the treatment and a better course of action. You may get additional responsibilities. All this is good but not at the cost of your health. That’s why you should learn how to say no politely.

In today’s scenario, GP jobs in Hobart or Warriewood may draw your attention for better remuneration or monetary benefits attached. However, be well prepared to tackle the challenges that come with these perks. If you’re happy and healthy, you will be able to deal with patients effectively.

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