Covid and increase in usage of Protective Coveralls

Here first we need to understand what is protective coveralls, and what are there uses during Covid its is actually personal whole body cover which designed to wrapping whole body to protect cloths from out side dirt, liquids and other similar things, it is mostly made up in one piece which cover whole body from head to
foots its mostly body loose in size for easy movement, with attached full sleeves and legging
with proper head cover all in one suit in one piece in short you can say that if you wear it you are
in protection from outer atmospheric changes either in raining, dirt storm.

1. Protection & Coverage

It is made up of plastic material which gives protection covers from all most every
microorganism, Covid, viruses, diseases, and environmental factors. The main reason to use disposable
material in making of coverall is to eliminate cost problem as compare to using non disposable
material which are more relaxing and stronger to avoid damages where need to use it by covering
all body in very rough use on regular basis but if use any other material which out of plastic
category like woven no buddy can bear it because of body heating problem and most of the time
woven bypass tiny particles on regular use with nominal pressure of air. Whereas plastic material
is concern its material ranking and ratings are higher than other in safety with usage in different
kind of environments, for clear undertaking you can understand it by taking one sample which
can used in hazardous areas to cover bodies against acids spills and dangerous chemicals at same
place some coverall which can be easy in breathing is not appropriate in that situations, so world
standard organization categorized it according to usage area, situation and environment to make
sure protection and human safety.

2. Current situation

Nowadays this product demand on its boosting stage or you can say it’s on its peak because of Covid many of top manufacturer working on its variety because different occupations needs are different so it’s
totally depend on customer type, sectors, location, environment, industry because even in
construction industry demanding generating on its peak at other hand in different recycling
industries and waste management firms also using same to make working smoothly and faster
with proper safety and protection from minor and major viruses and diseases, as its high
consumable product so many of industries become competitor and due to competition they are
offering different new things in market like different colors, different breathing shields, different
view screen which could be sun prove and some of product has attached led light for emergency
night vision.

 3. Covid attack and coverall backup

Normally before covid no buddy know about coverall even don’t know how and why to use it,
when covid hits the world initially world don’t know how to handle this virus with the passage of

time on the basis research it has been confirm that covid virus is easily transmittable between
humans so according to world health organization they issued proper standard operating
procedure about how to use it where to use it, because at initial stage when that virus spreading
need proper guideline to handle it with protection and safety.

4. World Health Organization (WHO) guideline

World health organization issue guideline of Covid which includes use of coverall protections, where they
guide from ground for easy understanding of that coverall that consist on two phases, number
one includes take rest over chair first if needed, check size of coverall its in your size or not,
check all relevant accessories are with coverall, check sanitizer available with desire amount of
alcohol in it, read out complete guide line manual how to wear coverall step wise, where as
second stage covers before getting ready take care for well hydration of your body, take some
time and use toilet break, do remove all king of jewelry and other wearing items other than
cloths, be secure your hair with some plastic caps make sure hairs not touches face, don’t carry
mobiles, watches and other gadgets in the isolated areas because its can carry virus, when above
step has been taken first wash your hand with antibacterial liquid or soap, begin coverall from
your foots by sitting on chair, pull over cover on your arms and shoulders, push your cover on
back side to make sure no loop om it, wear mask and cover your head, use plastic glass on your
face, now its time to wear gloves at end and to make sure all that process you’re doing out of
isolated area, when the task has been done or work has been done first take full body anti-
bacterial spray-on coverall after this start to un-wear step by step, first discard face plastic, after
it mask, after it Protective Coveralls and at end discard gloves without touching any single part
of your body as guided by the world health organization.

 5. Steps

By taking that step coverall is very useful in covid and has very outstanding results against virus
at other hand if not follow that procedure to handle covid virus this coverall also has no effective
results even can get infected by it, so as world health organization issue coverall usage guide line
after proper research its demand boosted with very extreme rate because till now no any vaccine
available for this virus only care and protection is the way out for this, at another hand many of
manufacturer doing bad businesses they are only fulfilling the demand of international markets
without focusing on quality and protection which is not clear to normal users even in masks, as
this happening in different areas of the world so it’s hard to check and control every production either
its up to the mark or not so with some good things bad things also take part not all manufacturer
and producers are equal in this war but due to high demand and low supply every production
sold out like it’s the last one and countries are buying it in fear as they have something to protect
which is better than nothing to protect the population.

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