How to Choose the Right Face Cream for Your Skin Type

How many of you have walked into a departmental store and visited the cosmetic section with utmost hesitation? How many of you have surfed online for cosmetics and have been highly confused by browsing different e-commerce sites? Most of you can relate when we say that buying the right cosmetic product is a difficult task. And, when it comes to skincare, choosing the correct face cream that would suit your skin type is going to be a critical decision. What should you keep in mind when you shop for a face cream the next time? How do you figure out if the cream is going to be suitable for your face? It’s time to find out!

Find the Right Face Cream – Worry Not!

The face cream is not just a random product. It is a cream that can help you to keep your skin soft and healthy. According to dermatologists, these are a few things that you must check before choosing the face cream for your skin type. 

  • The Thickness of the Formula:

    While some of you may like common face cream, others may want a cream separately for the day and another one separately for use during the night. This will decide the thickness of the formula. The day cream should be lighter in weight, and lesser thickness would be preferable than the night cream. Similarly, the thickness needs to be thicker for people with dry skin and thinner for people with oily skin. Once you get this priority right, it will be easier to opt for the right one. 

  • Sun Protection Ability:

    The reason you should buy a different cream for the day and a different one for the night is that the daytime requires you to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. The face cream you choose for your day use should be equipped with SPF 15, at least if your skin is directly exposed to the sun. The SPF level can also be increased based upon your exposure to the sun and the intensity of the rays as per the prevalent weather.

  • Anti-Bacterial Properties:

    If your cream turns out to be greasy and you have oily or combination skin, you will end up enhancing the growth of bacteria that will feed on the excess oil and impurities on your skin. For this, you require a face cream that has anti-bacterial properties. Getting rid of the growth of bacteria will help you to get rid of the spread of acne. You will also get a smoother texture as the pores will be unclogged and clean. 

  • Natural Ingredients:

    Some of you might be suffering from sensitive skin. For those people, getting exposed to a chemically enriched product can cause adverse effects. When you buy face cream, always opt for ingredients that are extracted naturally or organically harvested. Sulfates, parabens, ammonia, etc., are very harmful and should be avoided. It would be best if you also stayed away from artificially induced fragrances and additives. Even synthetic colors should be avoided.  

Ready for the Right Face Cream?

We hope you know what your skin type is. In case you do not know already, do not worry. You can visit a dermatologist or a skin expert at the cosmetic section. Once you get to know the skin type, browse through the options and choose the brand that gives you naturally infused face creams dermatologically tested. For this, we would recommend you take a look at the extensive face cream options from the trusted brand, Mamaearth. These face creams are clinically tested for all skin types and are made with natural ingredients to take extra care of your skin. So, you can be the way you are and embrace your healthy-looking skin in no time. 


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