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Fragrance Extraction and Fragrance After Extraction

Fragrance Extraction and Fragrance After Extraction

Our basic practice for extraction involves spraying the solvent into a drying solvent. A resin like methyl ketone, which would normally dry out a surface, can add to the solvent and easily extracted after proper drying. Alternatively, we can use a heated paint shop glove. This can be beneficial when you want to take advantage of the rapidly changing environment of the resin. A more gentle solvent may take much longer to dry. Some solvents have higher viscosity values. As solvents become hotter or thinner the amount of solvent that can be extracted is reduced.

Both the solvent and the drying agents are important to determine the best method for fragrance extraction. With more pleasant solutions, you can apply fragrance and quickly achieve a detectable scent that can be used for blending. Therefore, if a mixture has a pure floral note in it, an alcohol extract may be a good choice. Alternatively, if a mixture has the typical green apple aroma, extracting the alcohol and fragrance first will be the best option.

Choosing a Fragrance Extractor

Our review here is limited to solvent and drying agents, but an excellent piece of equipment would be a fragrance exfoliator. This is the ideal system for overall fragrance production. Of course, you would not use it to make it. However, it would be excellent for dispersing the fragrance in oils before mixing in with the other oils in the base mixture.

In our research, we have found excellent values at low and mid-price points. Of course, there are plenty of dedicated exfoliator systems that take care of fragrance extraction themselves. However, these can be expensive.

How Fragrance Fragranced Glass Works

Most materials used in making glass fragrance glass will give you an item that you can choose whether or not to use the fragrance. Of course, some solvents and drying agents will give you a scent that you can use for any purpose. However, when you find fragranced materials, they are by no means one-sided. After many failures in the search for good fragranced materials, we have found that alcohol extracts with high enough yield and effective fragrance can be considered the best.

This simple step greatly enhances the aromatics and offers a very good starting point for production of the best glass. Even if you want to just use the fragrance when doing an initial mix and layer, it is a good idea to first make a selection of the best fragrances that you can. However, fragrance after extraction is typically used only in blends that contain the best elements of the base.

After Extraction

While the fragrances that are added to glass after extraction can change the overall scent, the fragrance in the glass will always be the original one. After the glass is finished, it is still likely to be recognizable and noticeable. It may be a step up from the completely diluted and unusable base.

When you find solid aromatic materials, it is important to evaluate the impact that adding their fragrance will have. You need to understand the similarities and differences between these fragrances. Many of the ingredients that are used in fragrance glasswork are things that exist in the real world. Therefore, they can often be fairly standard. The most commonly used ingredients include citrus peels, tree nuts, animal fur, orange rinds, and other natural ingredients.

Like using a fragrance that has some noticeable but harsh notes, perfume glass can produce both pleasant and unpleasant ones. Sometimes, it is beneficial to soften some of the scent. For example, if you want the base to smell of a certain type of flower and have a fragrance that enhances that, use an alcohol extract that has an overly aggressive nature. This will be useful when you want to enhance a small hint of the original fragrance and be comfortable using it for only a couple of minutes.

Fragranced Glass

For many fragrances, we may never want to make any fragrance glasswork. This is because many fragrances can used interchangeably in many situations. There are, however, certain fragrances that are best left only in fragrance glasswork. Here are some of them.


These materials add a very strong and complex floral note. They may make a glass that is extremely fragrant, but they will not be easily mixed with other fragrances.


Some of the fruits that are rich in flavonoid aromatics can enhance a glass mixture. However, strawberries can only used in conjunction with highly concentrated fragrances. It is best to find the cheapest possible fragrance extract, add strawberries, and combine the solvents with alcohols and drying agents to make a glass.


Some fragrances contain very strong extracts of vanilla. When you use those extracts, the glass will be extremely fragrant. However, you will not be able to take it apart for a decent amount of time. This is because it would never be a good idea to combine a strong, potent extract with volatile materials that have a very short shelf life.

Unlike the delicate fruits, the fragrance oil is not a very common substance. Instead, you will find more common and available ones such as amber, orange peels, etc. Although it may not be a good idea to add them all together, it is still quite useful to use at least one of them in combination with a smell-good base.


Although there is still much work to be done and many recipes to be perfected, you can already start planning your own fragrance glass.

Not only does it offer you the chance to create original fragrances, but also a good starting point to create products that incorporate your favorite fragrances.

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