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Fragrances Takes Different Coloration

Fragrances may also take a different coloration, depending on the species and the climate in which the plant is grown. Some, for example, will turn green when exposed to a more frigid or insulating environment. I’ve also read that some fragrances may only flower every 5-6 years. Wholesale prices for quality Fragrance vary wildly depending on their quality. Most fragrances sell for less than $1.00 for a box of assorted in addition to the scent itself.

For example, Cinema Fragrances are available for $1.99 for an 8 oz box of assorted fragrances (which is about $5.00 for the same fragrance when purchased for retail).

Fragrance Quality

Of course, one is not going to get the best fragrance if one purchases a cheap one. Quality is an extremely important factor when considering purchasing a product. Purchasing a quality perfume that is marketed as a “high quality fragrance” is no guarantee that it is any more quality than a cheap one that claims to be quality.

Quality does mean that the fragrant oils used have been added with a high degree of precision. Additionally, the nose of the person using the fragrance has been carefully conditioned by being exposed to the fragrances daily.

The degree of quality that goes into an excellent perfume is far greater than the degree of quality of a cheap one.

Most perfumers who produce “high quality fragrance” or “special” brands are looking to produce something that is different and tastes and smells entirely different from the cheaper fragrances. They also have higher quality ingredients in their fragrances.

So when purchasing quality fragrances for personal use, make sure that you are getting something that is more than a bottled scent. Make sure that the scent is different in quality from the cheaper ones, because it is. In addition to quality, the scent should also be able to last longer than a cheap or generic scent.

A good perfume smells good all day. But if it’s smelly and it doesn’t last or evaporate quickly, it’s going to irritate your nose. One should be careful to select fragrances that are high quality and will evaporate.

Depending on how much is needed, one should also pay attention to the weight of the perfume. For a bottle that is half the size of a bottle, paying the lower price is probably worth it.

For fragrances that weigh a good amount, higher quality might be worth paying the higher price.

The text on the label of an expensive fragrance can be important too. Make sure that the fragrance smells the same or better than the expensive brands. Quality smells, though, should smell slightly better than cheaper smells.

Don’t forget that fragrances can take many different forms. Even if a scent doesn’t smell a certain way, it should smell different than a cheap or generic fragrance. A cheap fragrance may smell like a floral smell or a fruity fragrance, while a quality fragrance is often a combination of two or more of these smells.

Fragrance Quantity

Quantity doesn’t always equal quality. One may be tempted to go with the cheapest fragrances that they can afford. But these fragrances may not smell or taste as good as the higher quality fragrances.

Also, although quantity doesn’t necessarily equate quality, a large amount of perfume should always have a higher price tag.

It’s important to be aware that while the price of a product might be a good deal, it may not be high quality and may not be able to produce enough of the fragrance to fulfill the desire.

Smaller quantities may also be more affordable than large quantities. I’ve seen relatively inexpensive bottles of fragrances that were either very small (maybe 2 ounces) or one small bottle had a larger quantity. The only quantity that was a high price was a large quantity that was more than 5 ounces.


Consistency in fragrances is another good quality to look for. Certain fragrances are meant to be used regularly or at least every couple of days. Fragrances that are meant to be used only when one feels like it can often end up getting too dry or with an unpleasant chemical smell.

Consistency is a large part of the fragrance quality and is one of the first things to look for in a fragrance.

Fragrances that are consistently different and new add texture and depth to the scent. A brand that has been around for a long time may have similar fragrances year after year. These are not good fragrances. A new scent should always be very different from the perfume that was last used.

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