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Few Common Myths About Bathroom Glass Doors

The Bathroom Glass Doors are an essential part of a shower enclosure. These provide a highly functional entrance to the shower area. Without these doors, your enclosure will look incomplete with a possibility of water flooding out of the area. So, your purpose of installing a cubicle will go in vain. You can also install them to cover the shower area when it’s between two walls or corners. These are available in different styles. Perhaps, almost all the styles in which any other ordinary door is available. So, the major distinction between them is the way these operate. Depending on the way these works, a specific type of door may have a few pros and cons. That’s why a type of glass door may not be suitable for a bathroom due to the shape of the enclosure or layout. 

Different types of glass doors for bathrooms include bifold, pivot, and sliding doors. Although the trend of enclosures is growing so these doors, many homeowners have different myths about these doors. If you are looking to install them, it is worthwhile to clear up these misconceptions so you can make your purchase with a satisfied mind. 

Myth 1 Bathroom Glass Doors are Unsafe. 

Many people wrongfully think that Bathroom Glass Doors can be dangerous due to the glass. However, these are very durable due to the new process used to manufacture them. These are different from ordinary glass and called safety tempered glass. The process adopted during manufacturing includes heating and then quick cooling to turn them into highly durable forms. Even if this glass breaks, it shatters in tiny pieces that are not harmful to anyone. 

Myth 2 Bathroom Glass Doors Very Expensive.

There is another myth among people is that these doors are very expensive. However, it’s not true. The price varies depending on the type of door you are looking for and the way it operates. However, you should keep the budget between £100 to £300 in mind. You will be able to buy any type of door you want within this price range. 

Myth 3 They Leak Occasionally. 

If your shower area and glass doors are set up correctly, then leaking should not be a problem. You must make sure the showerhead is always opposite the door to avoid this problem. In addition to that, pivot doors that open outwards may make your floor wet when you open them. If you are concerned with an issue, try to opt for an alternative door type. 

Do it Yourself – Installing the wall mounted bathroom cabinet

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Myth 4 All Bathroom Glass Doors Look the Same

Different styles of Bathroom Glass Doors entirely different from each other when in operation. So, the different styles are for a reason and can help you achieve the type of look you want to create in the bathroom. You can be more creative with the look of these doors by choosing between a frosted or clear door. There are even more designs available with frosted parts of clear glass. Not only do these provide privacy to the user but also improve their aesthetics. 

Myth 5 Cleaning is unnecessary. 

Tempered safety glass requires the same level of care as any other ordinary glass. There may be build-ups of soaps, and scum over time making it look dirty. The occasional cleaning will not only keep them clean but look nice and new for a long time. You can use any glass cleaner, spray it and simply wipe it off to clean it. 

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In the last sections, we have discussed few myths related to bathroom glass doors. It will be enough to clear up your minds about any similar thoughts. You can use these doors in between two walls to convert you’re your shower area into an enclosure. Or many of these doors come in a package with an enclosure as well. Whether you are installing them as part of an enclosure or between the wall and corners, you can always find the best quality bathroom fixtures at our website. 

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