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Do It Yourself – Installing the Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

The wall mounted bathroom cabinet is a trendy, highly functional, and aesthetically pleasing storage unit. Since the storage needs of the bathroom are increasing, homeowners are increasingly looking for furniture units that can help them declutter their bathrooms. In case you are not going for a full bathroom makeover, the chances are that you would not like to hire a plumber for a single piece. The plumber usually charges minimum call-out charges, and if you don’t have a lot of work, then it may not be a budget-friendly idea. 

There is no doubt that floating storage is stylish and luxurious that can significantly enhance the overall look of your bathroom. However, these units are not simple as floor-standing style that you can just put on the floor anywhere in the bathroom. For anything to fix on a wall, you will need to properly plan their installation. Despite the fact that these units look difficult to install, it’s not that hard to do it yourself. If you have the time and knowledge to operate basic equipment, it’s pretty straightforward to do it yourself. 

Here in this blog, we have discussed step by step process to install these units yourself easily.

The List of Equipment That Will Need.

Before getting any further, the most important step for installing wall mounted bathroom cabinet is looking for required equipment. Here we have provided you a list of everything that you may need for this purpose. 

  • Electric Drill for drilling the holes
  • A Sledge Hammer
  • Marker or Pencil
  • Safety Gear
  • A Bubble Level
  • A Set of Screwdrivers
  • Measurement Tap

All of these items are easily available from any hardware store. If you don’t have these items, buy them from the market as you may need them from time to time for a different purpose. Having them in the home is and will save you from a lot of hassle in fixing things around your home. 

Step by Step Process of Installing Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

So, you have all the tools ready, and your storage unit has also arrived. You must follow the step-by-step process to fix it on the wall.

Remove Packing and Check your wall mounted cabinet

Before you start the installation, you must remove all the packing and inspect your storage unit. It will be a good idea to do it as soon as it arrives. It will prevent you from a problem later as sometimes, anything missing or damaged from packing can delay the installation process. 

Unscrew the doors of wall mounted bathroom cabinet

As you will need to fix it on the wall, the doors can create a problem while handling it. Therefore, it is a good idea to unscrew these doors to make the process easier. If you have someone at home to help you, you can ask them to keep a hand on the doors while fixing the unit on a wall. 

Measure the length from Top to Fixing Brackets

The process starts with measuring the length of your unit. You can start from the top of wall mounted bathroom cabinet and measure till the fixing brackets. It will give you an idea about the space you require to leave on the wall from all sides. 

Mark the Location to Fix Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

The next step is marking the location for the fixing brackets on the wall. You can use a pencil or marker for this purpose. You must ensure that this marking is according to your initial measurement. 

Ensure there are no wires and pipes inside the wall

It is important to ensure that there are no pipes or wires passing through walls. You can use a laser detector for this purpose. 

Start Drilling the Holes for Screws and Fix the Wall Bracket

You can now start drilling the holes as per your marking. You will need to put plastic taps inside the whole and then put screws over it. Take the wall bracket in your hand and fix it on the wall, and screws it tightly. 

Fit the Storage Cabinet on the wall

Once you have fixed the bracket on the wall firmly, the next step is to fit the bathroom cabinet on it. You may take someone’s help if it is heavy. After fixing it with the screws tightly, reattach the doors to their original position. 

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By following the above-discussed process, you can easily install the wall mounted bathroom cabinet by yourself. If you have all the right equipment and know you to use them, it will not take much time to complete this process. 

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