Dental Designs: Get Familiar with the New Revolutionised Ones

Due to the advancements in the dental designs method, the technology of dental braces is hell different from which was decades ago. Now, orthodontists have numerous options to carry out the teeth straightening treatment just because they have finest ways to make the braces.

As a result, patients will be happy to know that they have lots of brace’s options to choose from as well. Here, we would like you to know how dental braces technology revolutionised over the years and the new options you have!

Best Dental Braces Technological Advancements

Ranging from dental designs kinds to imaging types used in the treatment, loads of dental options can be available these days. The factors that will lead you to choose a particular type are your requirement and your budget. So, it is extremely important for the patients to be familiarised with leading orthodontic technological advancements. This will let you understand your needs better.

3D Imaging Incorporated by CBCT Scanning.

Old-fashioned X-rays can only offer 2D images of the dental structure of the patients. But if it is accompanied by latest invention- cone beam CT scanners then 3D images will be possible to get. This means the orthodontists can reach out to every corner of the patient’s mouth to evaluate the overall oral condition prior to carry out the treatment. The access will help them get a good idea of the condition of the patients’ mouth.

They can understand the condition of bone structure, skull and jaw and determine the right treatment accordingly. Hence, development of dental designs will be more precise and accurate. CBCT scanning, as the term is coined, offers clear and detailed images from various angles allowing the dentist to understand the dental issue explicitly.

dental design

Custom-made smile designing systems.

You must have heard about 3D imaging system or planning software in orthodontics. It is used for making the customised dental designs for the patients to correct their respective smile. The braces made by using the image captured by this technology fit the patient snugly and it enables them to visualise the different stages and ultimate outcome of the treatments.

Digital impression taken by this technology will be used to develop 3D dental model of the patients. There is nothing more comfortable than custom made braces.

TADs or temporary anchorage devices

This is referred to the mini screws made from titanium to be used during oral surgery. Also, it is in use for controlling teeth movement into the mouth. It develops an anchor into jawbone to hold onto the teeth firmly and alleviate movement.

Self-litigating, invisible and clear braces

It shifts the teeth of the patients into desired or original position. Not only it causes some discomfort but also it is not aesthetically pleasant. Thanks to the technology that makes the today’s dental designs much more discreet. Efficient in straightening the teeth without letting anyone know about it.

While you need dental designs as treatment, consult with the specialist dentist clearly to know about the technological advancements. Better diagnosis can lead to better treatment and improved oral health.

So, discuss about the options with your dentist and you can have the treatment. You need with their latest type of technology they will and the cost. After all, every patient wants the treatment within a budget, but they do not want to compromise the quality with money.

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