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Do You Need Therapy? Signs You Should Consult a Psychologist

People visiting a psychologist in Dubai are those who are experiencing anxiety, mood swings, emotional distress, or stress. All of us go through these at some point in our lives. There are many reasons as to why someone feels a certain way. It could be a financial issue, personal loss, rejection, professional setback, or dealing with a life-threatening disease. 

Although most of us bounce back eventually, some people need extra help in this regard. Some people are just unable to snap out of it. Some are unknowingly practicing negative patterns in their lifestyle and are unable to break the habit. And an alarming thing to note here is that the signs of mental or emotional distress are not always obvious, making it hard for people and their loved ones to seek treatment.

Psychology involves a great deal of talking therapy and counseling. It can help people struggling with emotional difficulties and mental health concerns, helping them improve the symptoms. Research has found that therapy seems to have lasting effects compared to medication.

Need to See a Psychologist

It can be somewhat stigmatizing to tell someone they should go to therapy. Mental health is something that is not talked about much. However, awareness is being created that mental health is as important as physical health and one should seek help and medical help if they are suffering from poor mental health.

One important thing to note is that therapy can help people who have suicidal thoughts, but it is not best suited for people in crisis. If you are in crisis, the best way to get help is by contacting a suicide helpline. Therapy is recommended when an emotional or mental health concern impacts daily life and function. It helps in learning what you are feeling and why. It also teaches you how to cope.

Signs You Need Therapy

If you are going through any of the following feelings or emotions to such an extent that they begin to interfere with your life, seeking therapy could significantly reduce the effects.

Here are the main signs that indicate that you could use psychological help from the best psychologist in Dubai :

  • Apathy

You are losing interest in activities you enjoyed earlier. Also, you lose interest in life, in general, it means you are suffering from anxiety or depression.

  • Anxiousness

It is human to worry about things that matter to you from time to time. However, when worry transforms into fretting and you spend a significant part of your day doing so, it can emerge in the form of physical symptoms.

  • Agoraphobia

When you begin to fear going to places where you may experience panic attacks or feel trapped indicated agoraphobia. This leaves people unable to leave their houses at all.

  • Feeling Anger, Rage, or Resentment

It is natural to feel angry at times. But feeling angry all the time is not good. If the feelings of rage or resentment don’t pass, feel extreme compared to the present situation, or increase chances of violent repercussions, call for professional help.

  • Feeling Overwhelmed

You feel there is too much on your plate and you have to deal with too many things at a time. You may be overwhelmed with everything so much so that you feel like you cannot breathe or stress. Feeling stressed or overwhelmed leads to serious physical health issues.

  • Fatigue

This usually results from or comes along with mental health issues. It points towards depression. Fatigue makes people sleep more than usual and makes it hard for some to get out of bed in the morning.

  • Hopelessness

Having no motivation or feeling as there is no hope left for your future means you are depressed or going through some mental health condition. It is not uncommon to feel hopeless from time to time, particularly after going through something tough. When it persists, it might lead to suicidal thoughts.

  • Social Withdrawal

Having some alone time makes most people feel better. Introverted people need more alone time than others. However, feeling distressed around other people or fearing being with others requires seeing a psychologist so one can understand and cope with these feelings.

All in all, therapy can be difficult for some as it is not easy to talk about trauma or other painful events. They can be painful to remember, let alone to be discussed with someone else. You need to be honest, both with yourself and your therapist so you can have a rewarding experience. However, seeing a trained and professional psychiatrist in Dubai could help you treat your mental health issues and restore quality of life.

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