Betta fish eggs hatching time

Betta fish lovers or Siamese fighters know that the reproduction of this species is one of the most exciting but at the same time difficult, since it takes a lot of perseverance, time, and resources. You need to know about it what is the betta fish eggs hatching time.

There are different forms of reproduction of bettas, depending on the interest, if you simply want to experiment and expand your knowledge, you only have to have a pair of reproductive bettas.

The younger the betta the better for reproduction. Both, both male and female, have to be the same size, making sure they are breeders and with good genetics, to guarantee good offspring.

Before buying the pair of reproducers, the aquarium must be prepared, at least 40 liters and with a temperature between 26 to 28 ° C and with an appropriate habitat and ecosystem, as well as good filtering but that is not too noisy. where we will have them together but separated by a glass screen, the couple will see each other but will not have physical contact.

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The male betta is attracted to the female


The reproduction(betta fish eggs hatching time) will be ready when the male betta is attracted to the female. We will recognize it because the male will begin to build a nest of bubbles on the surface of the water. The male builds the bubble nest by taking air from the surface and throwing it out through the mouth. Each bubble made by this method is covered by a thin layer of mucus that gives it resistance on the one hand. And some adhesiveness on the other, to keep the eggs in the nest.


We will remove the crystal glass that separates them when the male has built the entire bubble nest. The male will initiate spawning with the female which can last for hours. Once finished we separate the female again. Since the male will be in charge of taking each of the eggs with his mouth. And placing them in the nest of bubbles that he has built.

The male betta will be the one in charge of the incubation. The incubation period for the eggs is 2 to 4 days depending on the temperature. During the incubation period, if an egg falls out of the nest, the male will diligently place it back in it, as many times as necessary. Once the fry is born, the male must be removed to prevent him from eating the young.

o, know if a Betta fish is healthy, it is enough to observe it and pay attention to a few small details. The first thing to know is that these fish if are in good health. And have to be bright and brightly colored. Another sign that our pet is healthy is that it is active and alert, responding well to stimuli, and eats regularly. If you do not meet any of these requirements you should go to your vet.

Betta fish reproduction

The Betta fish is capable of laying between 50 and 200 eggs approximately in each laying. Azureus pet store before putting them together, the female and the male must get to know each other. If they have not lived together, at first they should be separated by a plastic panel.

So that they can be seen. If we put them together directly, the male could consider the female as an intruder and attack her. We must provide the male with some moss so that he can make a suitable nest. And when the female is receptive it will be the perfect time to remove the barrier between them.

Azureus experts describe courtship as striking, as the male appears to embrace the female during intercourse amidst a large number of bubbles. After four to seven days the eggs will hatch and the little hatchlings will begin to swim.

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