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10 Best Warm, Stylish Winter Coats to Help You Brave the Cold

Winter is about to hit, and it is the best time to invest in the winter fashion to come. But, do you know what will be in trend this season? This article will tell you about stylish winter coats that make you look cool and feel warm. No one wants to look like an unfashionable marshmallow. Although as the temperature drops, it seems attractive to throw style out the window. Well, this year, we help you get fashion and function in the trendy winter coats and warmest winter jackets. Here, we enlist the fashionable styles of the best men’s winter coats for extreme cold and best women’s winter coats for extreme cold. Investing in stylish winter coats for men and women will convert the chilliest season into the chicest season.

1. Pea coat:

If you want some formal yet stylish winter fashion, go for winter pea coats. No matter what you wear underneath, this style can elevate your look with a hint of formality. It comes in double-breasted and single-breasted designs with big-sized collars. The cashmere wool or blended wool material makes it super cozy and warm. You can find Zara ladies winter coats and trendy Columbia winter coats in this category.

2. Trench Coat:

The trench coat is the staple item in the winter wardrobe for men and women. It has a simple and classic design that never goes out of trend. The knee-length, classic collar, double-breasted design, and warm lining make this style thumbs up. Thus, fashionable women dress it down with a western dress and heels or jeans with boots. It comes in various materials, such as vinyl trench, woolen trench, and fleece trench. The best thing about this winter coat for girls and boys is its weatherproof design. The wearer will stay warm without looking bulgy and overdresses. For an extra layer of warmness, you can wear a cozy turtle neck shirt underneath.

3.  Wool Coat:

When it comes to elegance with coziness in winter coats for boys and girls, you will find wool coats on the top of the list. It is versatile in style, so stylish people prefer it to look chic without feeling cold on winter days. The blended woolen coat and cashmere wool coat are two types that will come into trend this season. You can find them in different lengths and sizes to let you pick them as per your interest. Pea coats, trench coats, duffle coats, and parka coats also fall in this category for winter coats in Pakistan.

4.Parka Coat

Parka jackets and coats are the new addition to luxury winter jackets. They have a thigh-down length and loose-fit design. They also come in anoraks style, in which there is a drawstring on the waist. The thick and waterproof material makes it the ultimate pick to wear in the snowfall season. In addition to their relaxed-fit style, they also seem masculine. Thus, men will love it wearing it in extreme winters. The perfect urban look with parka coats will make the wearer look chicer in freezing weather.

5.Cape Coat:

Cape Coat has a feminine style with a touch of extra coziness. Thus, wearing it feels like wearing a cozy blanket. It has a unique arm-less design with a draping cape that covers the shoulders in a bell-shaped silhouette. The classic button-front look with a cape design makes it look exclusive and stylish. This season, it will be a favorite addition to winter clothing by chic women. Women can pair it down with long boots and skinny jeans. The only drawback is that wearer cannot wear shoulder bags when wearing the cape coat.

6.Chesterfield Coat:

Chesterfield Coat is the sister design of trench coat. The only difference between them is the shape. The long and slimming silhouette with blazer-like lapels makes it the perfect pick as winter’s overcoat. It does not matter how many layers you wear underneath, as it will sleek down the layering and make you feel slim. Thus, people who go to northern areas on winter days should invest in this style to keep themselves warm even in freezing weather.

7. Cocoon Coat:

If you like something unique and classic, cocoon coats will be a good investment. It has become the trend-worthy design for its balloon-shaped waist and dropped shoulder style. The oversized fit provides superb comfort, while its unique shape makes it look outstanding. Once you add it to your winter wardrobe, you will never pick any other coat for daily use. Especially women like it for its comfy and warm feel.

8. Puffer Coat:

After puffer jackets trend in the previous year, now puffer coats are gaining popularity. The luxury winter jacket brands bring this design to their collection to introduce comfort with style in winter clothing. The puffy fuss inside the lining isolates the body from cold so the wearer will not feel chills on cold days. They omit the need for layering to keep the body warm in the snowfall season. They also come in a hoodie design to keep the head and ear protected from freezing weather.

9. Wrap and belted coat:

Women who like dressing gowns with belts will love adding wrap and belted coats to their winter wardrobe. It features below-the-knee length, overlapping closure, a thick fabric belt, and a robe-like look. It looks more feminine and polished in winter.

10. Military coat:

Women’s Military coats now come in the trend after the popularity of traditional men’s military coats. The feminine version features a fitted waist and bust that makes its shape hourglass-like. The double button closure with classic metal buttons adds an extra dose of elegance to its style. Thus, it seems somewhat sexy on women. You likely find your favorite coat design for this season from this blog. Best winter jackets brands bring these styles to their collection to let you get premium-quality winter coats in Pakistan. The top brands include the north face, Columbia, Shein, Zara, Burberry, Mackintosh, and more.

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