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How To Avoid Procrastination *Practically* & *Permanently*?

You know what I feel sometimes? I feel that laziness is inborn for all of us. But only some of us are able to dump this inborn quality and only these geniuses witness success! But Hey, don’t worry, if you aren’t one of them, you will soon become one of them by knowing How To Avoid Procrastination *Practically* & *Permanently*?

If the question ‘how to avoid procrastination?’ has ‘attracted’ you to put your eyes on this article, then my mate you have already started the journey of avoiding procrastination. Okay two things first,

  1. You have already accepted the fact that you procrastinate (which is big deal).
  2. You wish to learn how to avoid procrastination since you have finally witnessed its negatives effects in your life.

If the above points are true, quickly give yourself a pat mate! Now all you need is some guidance (which you’ll be getting in huge amount, right now, right here) and a little push to bid adieu to procrastination permanently from your life. Oh, imagine the life with no procrastination in it; you would work hard, be diligent and success would be at your feet!

I’m sure you are yearning for this kind of amazing life, aren’t you? So, what are you even waiting for, just quickly dive in and get started!

Procrastination Effects That You Would Never Wish To See!

I always tend to avoid doing things that I am scared of; whether it’s sleeping alone at night with the lights off or feeding a barking dog. But once I started getting scared of procrastination by seeing its horrible effects in my life, I started avoiding procrastination.

How To Avoid Procrastination

So, I anticipate you are getting my point, aren’t you? If you wish to know how to avoid procrastination, first start getting to the negative effects of procrastination; start hating or getting scared of these effects. Once you do that, you would never feel like being lazy ever again.

So, here are few common negatives effects of procrastination you must be aware of ASAP!

1] High stress, frustration & anger, guilt, boosted depression, etc. what are these? – The obvious effects of procrastination you may have already gone through. If you have experienced only some of them then you would probably experience the other effects in future if you keep procrastinating. Do you see how miserable it’s making your life?

2] Delay submissions/ completion of tasks is the most common effect of procrastination. Completing task on time is always in our hands and we even know that it would offer multiple benefits to us but yet, we don’t stop being lazy!

3] Loss of impression due to late submissions, low quality work done at 11th hour, undisciplined behavior is another effect of procrastination. People around you would never like these gloomy qualities of you and consequently they’d start maintain distance from you.

4] One step back from success? Maybe your procrastination is the apt reason! Once you become lazy and start delaying things, you are walking backwards from your goals and targets. They would go further away from you and eventually you won’t be able to reach them. Even if you try, it would be too late!

5] You lose valuable time of your life. Time is such a great asset and the best part is that it’s free. But yet, your procrastination doesn’t value it and often misses taking advantage of it. You eventually never get the time you‘ve lost because time never comes back.

6] Say ‘good-bye’ to great opportunities if you wish to procrastinate. No one is going to sit and wait for you to grab the golden opportunities in your life. Look round, everyone is running in the competition.

7] Getting lower grades and poor performance in your school or workplace is just directly proportional to procrastination.  You would delay submissions, avoid working hard, not be serious about targets and eventually would end up in poor performance.

9] You would lose real satisfaction/happiness of completing target on time. You would lose the feel of success. That is the real happiness of life. It feels as if you are completing all your dreams and are on the right path. But if you keep procrastination, this feeling would never come to your heart.

10] Procrastination ebbs self-belief & self-confidence because you start losing hope. You feel that you can’t achieve anything in life because of this nature of yours. You start hating this version of you and push down your self-confidence.

Well, I’m sure these negative effects would definitely provoke you to learn how to avoid procrastination permanently.

How To Avoid Procrastination: Tips & Tricks

Okay, so now we’ve reached the most essential part, learning how to avoid procrastination. But before knowing how to avoid procrastination, I wish to offer a minor disclaimer – These tips are only valuable if they are implemented diligently everyday.

How To Avoid Procrastination

If you think that you’ll try some of the tips one fine day and then get bored with them or not continue them further, you won’t get the result. In short, if you procrastinate to learn how to avoid procrastination, you would reach nowhere in life.

So, keep calm, comprehend every tip, implement it sincerely everyday and witness the life-changing results!

 # Create A To-Do List

Once you have an intriguing and step by step plan of the day, you would know what your targets are. Once you know exactly what you have do in the day, you would get more focused. Thus, start creating a to-do list everyday, list down all the tasks and cross out the tasks one by one once you complete them.

# Make Hard work A Daily Habit

How much ever you try, you would never escape from hard work. No wonder people say hard work is the key to success. Actually, it really is. You ask any successful person around you that did hard work play a major role in his success and I’m quite sure he would say yes. Thus, make hard work a habit.

# Seek For Everlasting Motivation

You need to bring out the fire in you; the fire to chase your goals. And for that you need to probe your motivation. This will drive you towards success and indeed shut off procrastination from your life permanently. Ask yourself what is that one that could bring out the fire in you? Once you get the answer, you more need to learn how to avoid procrastination.

# Become A Little ‘Sensitive’

Start becoming a little sensitive towards failures. Don’t ignore them or underestimate them. Learn from the failure. It is the biggest weapon that would aid you to learn how to avoid procrastination and indeed put you on the right track.

# Get Into The ‘Time Machine’

If you ever feel like procrastinating, get into the time machine. Get into the past and see what all consequences you faced because of procrastinating and then go into the future and see how much success you’ll get if you don’t procrastinate now. This is a very effective way to learn how to avoid procrastination.

How To Avoid Procrastination

# Avoid Every Minute Distraction

Your phone, social media, friends, TV, etc.- what is it that’s holding you back from doing your work? Ask this question to yourself and honestly answer the question. I know it’ll be a little tough to eradicate these distractions from your life since you are addicted to them, but you have avoid them anyway.  Find ways to avoid them.

# Ask And Re-ask Yourself

The minute you feel like procrastinating, stop for a minute and ask yourself:

  • What will happen if I procrastinate?
  • Is it necessary to procrastinate?
  • What is stopping me from doing my work?
  • Can I avoid procrastination now?

Keep asking these questions to yourself until you find the right answers.

# Reward Yourself

Getting a reward for some work is something that drives us to do that particular work. Thus, arrange some tiny rewards for yourself, like your favourite chocolate or 2 episodes of your favourite series or even a tour to your favourite destination! It should be something that would really make you happy and motivated to complete your targets. This way you will learn how to avoid procrastination.

 # Start getting organized

Plan you day, arrange your desk, clean your room, manage time and just start getting organized. This will aid you to erase the ‘lazy’ aura around you. The more you get organized, the better you work. It will increase your efficiency to work.

# Break It Down

The fact that you have a huge target ahead of you might somehow dump your interest to do that particular task. It might seem burdensome and never-ending. Thus, break down that huge target into minor subtasks. Focus on the subtasks one by one and complete them. Eventually, you would end up completing the entire target.

# Embrace Time Management Skills

The more you procrastinate, the more you waste time. So, first of all comprehend the immense significance of time in your life. Then, learn how to manage time efficiently. The time management skill will help you complete your targets on time without procrastination.  It is an indirect way to learn how to avoid procrastination.

# Try Changing Your Working Environment

Working or studying in the same old environment might be boring and dull. Thus, bring a colourful twist in the aura. Try to make some really intriguing changes in your working environment.  It would bring up a good mood and enthusiasm in you and indeed boost your ability to avoid procrastination.

# Take Help Of Someone

A workout partner or group study might sound definitely seem better than to do it all alone. You would find it more intriguing to work when you’ve a great company; any boring task would seem fun! You could also ask someone, like your Mom for example to keep a watch on you. She would point out when you’re being lazy and eventually boost you up when you procrastinate.

Okay, so that was it from my side. I guess the above tips of how to avoid procrastination are more than enough to kick off the ‘lazy’ you from your productive life permanently.  Also, don’t wait for a nice timing to start implementing these tips of how to avoid procrastination in your life; do not procrastinate here too.

Start it right now, right here! Actually this line should be your slogan to avoid procrastination. So say it with me again, ‘Start It Right Now, Right Here!’ and boom I see your success on its way to you. Do you see it too? J

Good luck on your journey to avoid procrastination!

The last thing I wish to say is,

Knowing how to avoid procrastination from your life permanently is never enough; implementing it in your life is significant. The above tips regarding how to avoid procrastination aren’t some rocket science. If you decide from within, you will easily mater these tips and tricks and swipe off procrastination forever. So, believe in yourself and start implementing the tips because I believe in you and it’s time that you must start believing in you too!




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