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Why Epic EMR is Still the Industry Leader

Epic EMR is likely already familiar to you if you are aware of a few top-rated EHR software options. Epic is a cloud-based EHR that has served tens of thousands of clinicians. It was developed in 1979 and utilized in a variety of fields. Epic EHR Demo software is reported to have wowed a large number of medical professionals.

Epic places a major emphasis on patient involvement and remote care.

Interoperability and easy integration with third-party systems are also important to Epic. Customers have attested to Meaningful Use Stage 2 more than any other programs, and information can be transfer with any EHR. Epic EHR is cloud-based, means it can be access from any other device with an internet connection. Apps for the iOS and Android are available.

Now that we know a little bit about Epic EMR, Let’s move forward and talk about the top EHR features you need to look out for when taking an Epic demo. Epic EMR demo will help you understand the software better. Without further ado, let’s move forward and find out Epic EMR features as well as Epic EMR pricing

Features that make Epic EMR the best


  • Telehealth Solutions

Epic EMR software includes a fantastic telehealth service for users to take use of. This tool allows you to communicate with and treat patients from afar. Telehealth services enable you to treat your patients over the internet, most commonly using a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing application. Old patients who were high-risk and couldn’t go out, especially during the Covid-19 outbreak, took full advantage of this feature. This played a major role in keeping the software on top. 

  • Outstanding Analytic Tools

Many articles has written about how manual reports and analytics can be in any practice, let alone a medical practice. Nobody wants to make mistake in their reports, and when reporting is done manually. The chance of making mistakes are very high. If reporting is done manually, it can be an extremely complex and time-consuming operation. Epic EMR has fantastic reporting and analytics capabilities. The likelihood of errors is quite minimal, and accuracy levels are extremely high, thanks to electronic reporting and analytics. These technologies aid in increasing the practice’s efficiency and output. 

  • Interoperability

The program is interoperable, which means that anyone who uses it can exchange information with you. Allowing you to have better access to data and, as a result, diagnose and treat patients more effectively.

The software enables for secure sharing of patient information with any health-related institution. Even if they do not use the software, making Epic EMR one of the most widely used software for sharing patient records. The program aims to make sure you have all the information you need and that the health and treatment of the patient comes first.  

  • Revenue Cycle Management

Because of the benefits, a robust revenue management cycle and billing systems are particularly crucial in medical offices. The number one goal for clinicians in medical professions should be patient care and treatment. A doctor’s ability to work at his best is harm when fees and revenues are on his mind which is why Epic EMR provides this wonderful option. The payments are handled automatically by the Epic EHR software RCM tools, allowing the doctor to focus entirely on the patient’s healthcare.

  • Lab Integration

One feature that is constantly talk about when it comes to Epic EMR features is Lab Integration. The Software integrate easily with the labs which makes management of information so much easier. Because everything that needs to be collect from the labs, can easily be access through online patient portal. The results and all the important information are save and can be view anytime from anywhere. 

If you want to know about other interesting features of Epic EMR or if you want to know about Epic EMR pricing plans, please book an Epic demo on Software Finder. 

Final Thoughts! 

Epic EMR is an outstanding EHR Software. According to Epic EHR reviews, Epic EHR pricing is totally worth the features and the ease it has to offer. If you are thinking of investing in Epic EMR Software, we recommend you schedule an Epic demo to understand the software better and to understand if the software suits your practice or not.

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