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BlueEHR Alternatives for 2021

About BlueEHR

BlueEHR is an EHR software that has been around for quite a while. This software was founded in 2008 and ever since then has been dedicated to providing healthcare workers an affordable option to manage their patient records and their clinic or office. All in all, the software has been doing a decent job in being a go-to option for especially small to medium sized medical practices.


But of course, not every EHR software suits every user. In this piece, we will be talking about BlueEHR software alternatives. If you are either currently using BlueEHR or are thinking of employing this EHR in your practice but want more then we can perhaps help you find the EHR software which will be a right fit for you. In this piece we will be talking about several software which would make for good BlueEHR alternatives. Keep reading if you would like to know what EHR software would work well as an alternative for this one!

Top Alternatives to BlueEHR


The first software in our list which would make for a worthy BlueEHR alternative is AllMeds EHR. This software has an e-prescription feature which makes prescribing medications both more convenient and much safer. With the software you get alerts to any unwanted drug interactions which you need to avoid which helps you keep everything safe for your patients. The claims feature in this software is also incredibly convenient. This feature allows you to make things so much easier for yourself since it populates claims automatically to an extent and hence helps you get claims scrubbed in no time at all which is very convenient and necessary in running a successful EHR practice!

Amazing Charts

Amazing Charts is another great software option which has multiple features which make it a decent choice for you. The charting feature in Amazing Charts as its name suggests is wonderful and helps you chart patient data into your software in no time at all. Thus this feature essentially helps you increase your productivity and efficiency.


The templates feature in this software also allows you to pick from a variety of templates and then further make customizations to these templates if they do not suit your needs. All in all, the software does wonderful for your efficiency and productivity overall!

Optimus EHR

Optimus EHR is not a very popular EHR option but has several features and qualities which make it a great addition to your practice! The first feature in Optimus EHR which we want to mention is the claims management feature which helps you manage all the claims in your practice and helps you file them as well. Because of this feature, you are able to manage claims very easily and have them reimbursed much faster as well.


The staff scheduling feature in this software also helps you make schedules which are perfect and please everyone in your practice. Having a satisfied staff is very important and this feature allows you to do so!


Epic EHR happens to be one of the biggest and best EHR software in the market. And this is exactly why it makes for good competition for BlueEHR software. This software has a great scheduling feature which allows you to schedule as many patients in a day as you possibly can so that you are making the most of your work day and hence optimizing your efficiency. Another feature in Epic EHR that you will appreciate is the patient portal feature which helps you reduce administrative responsibilities. With this feature, your patients are able to communicate with you safely, set their own appointments and much more! All of which helps you manage your practice perfectly.


The final software in our list is another big name. Cerner EHR has a lot of amazing features which make it a worthy competitor for BlueEHR. The patient education resources you and your patients get access to because of Cerner helps you to educate your patients about their condition and treatment process without having to spend one-on-one time with them explaining it yourself. Patients can access these resources themselves.


The billing features in Cerner also help you streamline your billing process considerably. Because of this feature, you are able to make billing much simpler since the software itself does a lot of the work for you!

Which of These EHR Should you Invest in?

Honestly, all of the software we have mentioned above are great. We would advise that you ask the vendors for these software for a demo of them before you fully commit to it and purchase it. Hopefully whichever BlueEHR alternative software you do end up choosing will be the best software for you and your needs!

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