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White Hat SEO Strategy to Rank your Website without Breaking Rules

The term White Hat SEO strategies are the tactics that align with the conditions and rules set by search engines. It is a practice that will assist in improving the SERP ranking of a page. It also helps maintain the integrity of a website.

Here are some examples of these tactics to understand what exactly is White Hat SEO and its requirements.

  • Posting quality content on your website
  • Ensuring the site is mobile-friendly and has a fast loading time.
  • Usage of meta-tags and descriptive keywords.
  • Making the site easy to navigate.

If you fail to ensure that the site meets these SEO tactics, it will cause it to get banned from the search engine. That is why major search engines like Google have set guidelines that any website must follow.

A website getting banned can cause its organic traffic to drop. To avoid any such circumstances from arising. Follow certain White Hate SEO strategies to help your website grow.

What are the White Hat SEO strategies to adopt for the growth of websites?

Implementation of White Hat SEO Strategies will assist in creating an ethical and successful website. It will bring in more traffic and allow the website to move to the top in search ranking.

1.Offer quality Content

Source Marketmuse

One of the main attractions of any website is its content. It presents information on the website, its products, its purpose and its services. Therefore, in any website, quality content is a must. This content includes written text, images, videos, infographics etc.

When developing your content, make sure it isn’t plagiarised and comprises keywords. The content should be well-segregated in sections to make it readable. The abrupt ending of text can reduce dwell time. Therefore, try ensuring that the articles, blogs or company information section consists of quality, well-finished content.

When posting images or infographics, do use alt text to optimize it for the same.

2. Use proper keywords, meta-titles and meta-descriptions

Meta tag

In every search engine, millions of websites come with a short piece of HTML, i.e., the page title and meta description. These act as small summaries of the content present within the website.

These aspects are important when creating websites for generating more organic traffic. Usually, the title of a page is selected by the website creator or professional content writers. This title is visible on a search engine. Therefore ensure to conduct a proper search on the kinds of articles people are looking for. Generate an article with a title similar to what web visitors are searching for.

Also, when writing a meta-decrypt for content, try using keywords in the meta-description. This optimization of meta description will make it more visible on a search engine.

3. Make your site easy to navigate


The entire navigation ordeal through a website can make or break its search engine ranking. The more difficult it is to navigate through a website, the more the dwell time drops, causing the website to have low organic traffic.

Therefore, strong site navigation is important for ensuring the visitors find the required information quickly and it doesn’t frustrate them in the process.

There are different ways of improving website navigation, this includes –

  • Consistency: Avoid constantly changing the settings of your website. The more changes you make, the more difficult it becomes for visitors to find the required information.
  • Divide into categories: Divide the content into multiple sections. This category segregation provides a particular format in which the user can search for information.
  • Clickable links: Clickable internal links increases the dwell time of your website. These links within the content push the visitors to click on it and land on another website with relevant information.
  • Accurate navigation titles: Use proper tiles when developing a web page. The title should be relevant to the content. This is because misleading titles harm website traffic.
  • Clickable images: Do include alt attributes and descriptive text when adding an image. This makes the images visible on web searches.

4. Focus on user experience

Search engines always make it crucial for content writers to focus on user experience. Incorporate UX practices within your webpage to make it more user-friendly. Try ensuring there are zero errors in your web page and ensure adding proper images to make content more appealing.

5. Create a content marketing plan

Developing a proper plan assists professional content writers in the process of content marketing. According to a study, 37% of respondents believe it is an effective content marketing process. Research what it is that people want to read when they visit your website. Plan out how long you want your content and the points it will include. Also, use the right keywords to generate more web traffic.

Therefore, if you follow through with these SEO strategies, establishing a web presence should be easy. Any content writing agency can use these techniques to bring in more traffic to their website.

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