How will Google Ads Lead Form Extensions Benefit Your Business?

Lead form extensions in Google Ads (AdWords) are a great way to drive more qualified leads into your business. It is an ad extension that can be placed on top of existing ads, and it will allow you to grab contact information from the users. This data captured by lead forms will automatically populate in your Google Ads account, and you can see the number of new leads you are getting. You can decide if you need to increase or decrease your ad budget with this information.

Lead form extension is compatible with Google Ads auto-tagging feature, enabling tracking the conversion. You can also use this information to remarket the ads to users who have visited your website.   

San Antonio SEO company will find Lead form extensions very useful in managing search engine marketing campaigns. They can add this ad extension to their campaign and ensure that the leads they are getting are from people interested in their products and services. It will be easier for them to finalize the decision-making process with this.

Here are some of the advantages you will get when using lead forms for your Google Ads account. But before that, let’s know what it means.

What are lead form extensions?

Lead Form Extensions are an opportunity to engage website visitors earlier in the conversion process, allowing them to enter information directly into an ad. These extensions display a small contact form that asks for information such as name, email address, phone number, and more to be contacted.

Lead Form Extensions are only available when placing text ads on the Search Network or on the Display Network with Display Ads.

Benefits of Using Lead Form Extension to Your Business

Manage leads better

One of the main advantages of using lead form extension is to have better control over your leads. As you know, a lead can be in different stages at any given time, whether a user has visited a website or submitted contact information. With this result, you will have access to all the data, and you will be able to manage it better. You can easily identify the lead status, and you can immediately follow up to get the response from your leads.

Higher qualified leads

The final goal of running online advertising and marketing is generating more qualified leads for your business. With this ad extension, you will be able to reduce bounce rates. It will also improve the CTR of your ads. As a result, you are reaching out to more qualified leads, making it easier for you to close deals.

Expand your reach

Another advantage of this lead form extension is expanding your ad’s reach. As you know, there are hundreds or thousands of businesses running online advertising. With this extension, you will be able to reach more customers by simply adding it on top of your ads. By doing so, you are expanding your ad’s visibility and, at the same time, improving the chances for your business to generate more leads.

An SEO company in San Antonio will work more efficiently on your website and help to increase leads by using lead form extensions.

Promote products/services

Even though this ad extension’s main purpose is to improve the quality of your leads, you can also promote other products and services. By doing so, you are expanding your business reach and, at the same time, improving the chances that your targeted audience will convert into a lead.

Lead volume

With lead form extensions, you will have the chance to increase the number of leads you are getting. It can be effective in improving your return on investment or ROI. You need to adjust your campaign budget, and you will get more leads this way. It also helps you boost your sales performance, for it can give you more opportunities to convert the leads into customers.

Track conversions

Lead form extension will allow you to track conversions. We are familiar that it takes a long time to
see results with AdWords, so this can help you measure your advertising effectiveness, and it can also improve the accuracy of your campaign results. You need to add this ad extension to all ads related to your business and then review data from Google Analytics later. The information you get is essential to your campaign performance.

Google Ads Lead Forms Requirements

There are specific requirements that you need to have in order to set up Google Ads Lead forms.

  • The website must be mobile responsive
  • You will require a valid SSL certificate for HTTPS
  • Your website should have a static IP address or simple hostname
  • There are certain extensions that are not allowed when you are adding this extension to your ads, such as call extensions and location extensions
  • The minimum character length for this extension is 3 characters
  • Your location targeting cannot be more specific than the one you use for your ad.
  • The destination website must allow third parties to place cookies


Lead form extension is a very powerful ad extension. It can help you generate more qualified leads and reduce the bounce rate of your ads. You need to make sure that you manage all the requirements for this ad extension to work properly. Make sure that you have met all its requirements and integrate them with other ad extensions.

If you want to get more exposure for your business, consider adding lead form extensions on your Google Ads campaigns. In San Antonio, SEO company experts can help you create a marketing plan that will fit your business goals. They will also help you improve your website so that it can meet all the requirements for this ad extension.  

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