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What to Look For in High Quality Artificial Grass

If you want a beautifully green lawn, you should consider high quality artificial grass. This type of grass can last for years and is made of durable polypropylene material. The backing of the artificial grass keeps the yarn in place. The better the sticking power, the better. Here are some factors to consider when buying artificial grass. Read on to get a better idea of what to look for in high quality artificial grass. You will find the right kind of grass for your backyard or play area.


The durability of artificial grass depends on several factors. These include the quality of the materials, the manufacturing process, and the installation methods used. People choose artificial grass for different purposes, so durability should be one of the primary concerns. Luckily, many products on the market are durable and easy to care for, so it is worth your time to find the best option for your home. You can read on to learn more about the factors that affect the longevity of artificial grass.

A high-quality artificial grass can last up to 20 years, which is a long time compared to a natural one. With proper care, a quality lawn can look good for years. It can even pay for itself after about ten years. It’s possible to find a product that lasts for twenty years or more, which is an excellent price to pay. If you’re not sure, read the manufacturer’s warranty and ask if it covers any fading or workmanship issues.

High Quality Artificial Grass

Another factor that affects the durability of an artificial grass is its backing. High-quality artificial grass has a strong bond between its first and second layers, preventing it from breaking down and becoming discoloured in the sun. In case you’re concerned about the durability of your new lawn, you can always ask for samples of the product. You can check the bond between the backing layers with a meter or a ruler. The stronger the bond, the better.

The manufacturing process and construction techniques used in an artificial grass product will determine its durability. Cheap materials are unlikely to last for long. Instead, look for products that use high-quality fabrics and fibers. Look for a company that uses environmentally-friendly processes and incorporates processes that make the finished product stronger. Lastly, talk to current users of artificial grass products. Most landscapers and artificial grass installers will have a client list of homes and commercial property owners who have used the material.


Artificial grass comes in a variety of colors. Most homeowners will not choose bright colors for their lawns, but they can be used around swimming pools, dog runs, and even all-weather sunrooms. These colors allow you to be creative and use them to delineate different areas or showcase your home team’s colors. Below are some examples of colors for artificial grass. You may find that your favorite color does not look good in your lawn or sunroom.

Most people assume that high-quality artificial grass will be solid green. While this is true, high-quality artificial grass will have varying shades of green that make it look more natural. The color of a particular type of grass will not match the color of your home’s walls, for example. Therefore, choosing a shade of green will ensure that your lawn looks more realistic. Colors can be combined to make a unique artificial lawn that will provide you with the comfort and ease you desire.

High Quality Artificial Grass

If you have a pet, you will want to consider using a product that is stain-resistant. Those with pets will appreciate the soft texture of artificial grass and won’t have to worry about their muddy paws ruining the yard. Additionally, it’s not necessary to spend a fortune on lines that aren’t soft enough to cushion the weight of heavy items. By putting an artificial grass floor in your truck bed, you can rest assured that your items will arrive in one piece.

The most common synthetic material used in the manufacture of artificial grass is polypropylene. It feels just like real grass, and is durable and stain-resistant. It also features an additional fiber called thatch. This fiber simulates the dying underlayer of natural grass. It often includes brown fibers that mimic the rotting underlayer. Infill plays an important role in maintaining artificial grass. The backing of the artificial grass plays many different roles, so it is important to use a proper sub-base.

Infill options

Infill options for high-quality artificial grass vary greatly, from pure silica sand to acrylic coated sand. Both are eco-friendly and come with antimicrobial properties to help prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. Envirofill infill is especially pet-friendly, with its ability to resist moisture and absorb odors. Durafill sand is an alternative that’s slightly more expensive than other infill options, but comes with an added skim coat to minimize the overall impact force.

While rubber infill is durable and shock-absorbing, it does have some drawbacks. It can trap heat and create a hot surface, and it also tends to absorb dust from shoes. In addition, it can trap some odors and bacteria. As such, it’s best for areas with low traffic, such as playgrounds and commercial spaces. However, in some cases, it can create a smell when stepped on.

High Quality Artificial Grass

Infill options for high-quality artificial grass vary widely. In many cases, the infill is natural sand or Zeolite granules. While each type is meant to deliver the same benefits, there are some types of infill that are better for certain applications. Find out more about these materials and what they’re best for before deciding which one to use for your next synthetic lawn. If you’re concerned about the environment, copper slag is a good choice.

Depending on the purpose of your new artificial grass, you may decide to add infill to a lawn. Low-pile infill will keep pet droppings on top of the turf, while higher-pile infill will add an extra layer of cushion and comfort underfoot. In addition, you may want to mix different infills if you’re installing your turf in an area with heavy foot traffic.


To avoid paying top dollar for a high-quality artificial lawn, consider purchasing roll ends or offcuts. These materials are often sold at discount prices, but they may not be as high-quality as premium grass. You’ll also need to take into account drainage and weeds. Some materials cost around $4 per square foot, while others can cost as much as $14. Regardless of which option you choose, it will be important to research the quality of the materials before purchasing them.

Installing synthetic grass on a home or business will require a fair amount of work. In most cases, the initial cost of the installation will be around $5 per square foot, but this cost can rise to $7 per square foot if you opt for more elaborate features. Installation labor will also increase the cost, as you will have to remove your existing grass, install a base gravel layer, and make sure that the artificial grass is firmly in place.

High Quality Artificial Grass

Choosing a reputable company will be an important factor in determining the cost of your new lawn. Before you hire a company to install your artificial grass, be sure to check their credentials and past work. Also, make sure to check their insurance. These are necessary to protect you if your yard or home is damaged by a contractor. You want to make sure that you’re getting a top-notch product, but if your installation has been done improperly, you’ll be stuck paying for it.

Another benefit of artificial grass is that it doesn’t require as much upkeep as natural grass does. Many manufacturers offer warranties for their products. Many people enjoy their new grass for up to five years. If you follow instructions carefully, you can expect your turf to last for eight to twenty years. Natural grasses, on the other hand, require less mowing and watering and can be installed in the same area. Moreover, they can save you the money spent on disposal costs, which can run from $150 to $400 per load.


Many brands of artificial grass exist in the market. These products vary in quality and price and are available in hundreds of varieties. Here are some top brands of artificial grass to choose from. Goasis Lawn, XLX Turf, PET GROW, CooZero, and LITA are among the top brands. They are available on the market and have received honest feedback from over 344 consumers, earning an average rating of 4.6.

The material used to make artificial grass for your lawn is usually polypropylene. This material is durable and works well. The backing is what keeps the artificial grass in place. Choose one with more sticking power. In addition to this, make sure to choose a brand that uses UV-resistant yarns. Moreover, look for the best price, as cheaply made grass will fade in the sun. Furthermore, consider the brand’s warranty policies.

High Quality Artificial Grass

Style and texture are also important when choosing an artificial grass. Typically, users are looking for a grass-like product that closely resembles natural grass. Other factors to consider include durability, appearance, pile height, and foot traffic suitability. Additionally, products with drainage are considered superior to those without. Products with multilayered backing are preferred over those without multilayer backing, since live grass is susceptible to urine damage. A quality artificial grass will not die when your dog relieves itself.

Polytan GmbH is another top manufacturer of high quality artificial grass. Located in Germany, this company specializes in manufacturing, installing, and maintaining synthetic grass surfaces. They have installed more than 100 million square meters of artificial grass around the world. And, their products are environmentally-friendly and lead-free. They also offer a ten-year warranty and a 30-day return policy, which is a great feature.

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