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What Should I Keep in Mind When Buying A Chopping Board

If there is one thing that takes a significant amount of your time in the cooking process, it is definitely chopping board to chop veggies. Chopping vegetables, fruits, or meat is a task that daunts everyone as it often gets messy during and after the course.

However, many tools are available in the market to support you in the kitchen and ease your food chopping process. But they may not be appropriate every time, and you might have to take a knife in your hand.

That is why you need a good chopping board that makes your chopping process seamless. Chopping board, or cutting boards as sometimes they are called, has become a staple kitchen tool which can be easily bought from any kitchenware exporter or supermarket.

Investing in a good cutting board eases your chopping job and makes things productive for you. However, finding the perfect one is essential. So, keep reading the article to know critical points to consider when buying a cutting board.

Things you should consider when picking a chopping board


Chopping boards come in various materials like plastic, wooden, silicone, rubber, bamboo, and steel. Choosing yours would depend on your budget, requirements, and preference. For example, plastic, rubber, or silicon is a more economical, robust, and long-lasting material but lacks an eco-friendly factor.

On the other hand, wood is quite good natural and more prevalent cutting board material than plastic but is prone to cracks and quick contamination. Bamboo and steel are also great alternatives, but they are more rigid than wood and may ruin your knife’s sharpness in the longer run.


This is another crucial consideration you must make when buying your chopping board. Cutting boards come in varying sizes and shapes. So, you should ensure that yours can fit on your kitchen counter and not cause discomfort at chopping things.

Measure your counter if you have tape, and assess how much space you would need to place your cutting board on. This gives you an idea about how long you should pick your board.


Nowadays, chopping boards also come with features that help you make your kitchen time minimal and productive. The handle is the common one, which allows you to lift your board quickly and give a better grip. In addition, some cutting boards also have an upwardly curved handle which provides more ease in lifting.

Moreover, contemporary boards also come with skid-free rubber grips or suction cups, making your board stable. However, extra features may add to your budget, so buying it from a kitchenware products exporter rather than retail stores may be a cost-effective option.


The robustness of a chopping board depends on its material. For example, plastic or silicon boards are super sturdy and economical. On the other hand, wooden cutting pads are less sturdy than plastic or silicone ones.

When it comes to sturdiness, metal cutting boards like stainless steel are unmatchable. They last longer than any materials mentioned above and are easy to wash.

Ease of cleaning

Cleaning is another daunting chore that no one likes to do, and when it comes to chopping food items, things often get messy. The chopping board’s cleanliness and hygiene are essential as they are an integral tool when preparing food.

However, cutting boards do not require complicated cleaning. Still, choose a material that is easy to get food residues and stains off. Also, it would be great if your board is dishwasher friendly, making your job much easier. If you are in confusion regarding dish washable features, always ask your retail provider or bulk chopping board supplier rather than assuming.


As they deal with various foods, from fruits to dairy products and meat, chopping boards can be a top contaminator in your kitchen. In addition, bacteria can germinate on your cutting pad and spread around your kitchen, increasing the chances of contaminating your food.

Now there is little you can do to completely halt this infestation beforehand. But there are some precautions that you can take when buying your cutting board. First, if you prefer the aesthetic, ensure your board does not have engravings, as food residue might get in there and germinate bacteria.


Like everything else, your cutting board also needs maintenance and extra care. If you are more inclined toward the aesthetic of your kitchen and choose to invest in bamboo or wooden board, then you might need to coat it with a coating agent to prolong its life and quality.

Plastic chopping boards should be kept away from heat and flames; or otherwise, their shape or quality may get ruined, and they also may become toxic.

Tips For How to clean a chopping board Properly

Cleaning a cutting board does not require much time and effort. However, sometimes food residues stain or leave an odour on your board, which may need a different approach to get rid of them. Here is a guide on cleaning your plastic, wooden, or metal cutting board.

Plastic: Plastic boards are easier to clean. Simple dish soap and scrub can remove hard stains and foul odour.

Wooden: Wooden boards require a little care in cleaning. User lemon juice or mild dish soap to eliminate stains and odour. Also, do not expose your board to water for a prolonged time. And always wipe and leave them under the sun for a few minutes after washing.

Metal: Metal, again, does not require a lot of time. You can put them in a dishwasher or hand wash them with soap and water. For hard-to-remove stains, you would need to use a scrub.


Chopping boards are an essential and useful kitchen tool. And therefore, they need some extra care and consideration when buying them. If you want good-quality chopping boards, try finding them online from bulk chopping board exporters like Vyom Overseas.

We are a global kitchen product supplier boasting premium quality cutting boards at reasonable wholesale prices. Moreover, with our speedy and prompt delivery, you can get your kitchen tool hassle-free from any corner of the world. So, do check out our website and place your order today.

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