What is the Best Betting Strategy to Win at Teen Patti Online?

Have you tried playing Teen Patti Online before?

If so, welcome to the tribe!

Teen Patti has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. Aside from being a card game, it has an in-depth connection to India’s culture. 

Teen Patti has acquired an online presence in the last decade. Numerous online casino sites in India provide Teen Patti. It is a game that allows you to bet and make a profit. 

However, it is essential to make rational decisions while engaging with online betting games.

Let’s get a glimpse at how this game works. Here, each player will receive three different cards after placing an ante.

As players, we have two options. We can either opt to play seen or play blind. It is a crucial decision to make while playing this online betting game.

Along with that, we can make bets to gain profit from the game. However, there is a chance that we might lose our money. 

Teen Patti games depend highly on the hands or sequences we receive.

We have to strategically plan our bets to make the best out of what we attain. 

Here, we will delve deeper into the best betting strategies to win at Teen Patti online!

Learn More Before You Start Playing Teen Patti Online 

Before we kick start betting on Teen Patti in online casinos, we must understand how to play it efficiently. It is necessary to learn about the rules and the different ways to engage with online Teen Patti betting games. 

There are several free Teen Patti online games available that can help us practice and achieve experience. Then we can sign into the online casinos and make bets to win real money in Teen Patti games like a pro! Some of the online Casinos also have practice play.

When we start playing online, at the time of depositing money, we should also avail the bonuses offered by the Casino sites. 

Understand the Sequences or Hands While Making a Bet

Winning bets on Teen Patti depend highly upon the hands we receive. It refers to the set of cards we gain while playing the game. When we have a good sequence, our chances of attaining the bet are higher. 

Here are some of the sets that can enhance our probability of making a profit in Teen Patti online. 

  1. If we have a trail where the cards belong to the same set, it is one of the best cards to attain. However, we have a higher value if they are A-A-A cards. Whereas on the other hand, it is lower for 2-2-2 cards. (Here A=Ace)
  2. The next in ranking order for a higher chance of winning bets in Teen Patti is a pure sequence belonging to the same suit. Here, A-2-3, A-K-Q, and K-Q-J are the best hands, and then the value goes lower. (Here A=Ace, K=King, and so on.)
  3. If we get a sequence of cards, but not of the same suit, then our probability of winning a bet is next to the above 2 rankings, but still good. One of the best sets between them is A-2-3.
  4. The next level of order is when we have cards that have the same colour, i.e. all 3 from the same suit, we still have a good hand. But it is better to have the highest cards in the same colour.
  5. If we receive cards out of which two of them have the same rank, we have a better hand at winning the bet. The best among them is a set of A-A-K cards.
  6. Last but nevertheless the least, there are pro players, who also win Teen Patti rounds just with a higher card hand. 

Even though you might receive the best sequences in such online betting games, we may not win a bet every time. We will have to play strategically to avoid chances of predictability.

For instance, placing bets only when we have higher cards and folding when we receive lower cards can make our game highly predictable.

Play Blind to Increase Chances of Winning

As mentioned earlier, we have two different options while playing online Teen Patti betting games. If we decide not to see our cards, it has some benefits. Since the blind bets are of lesser value, so in case we lose the money value will be comparatively lower for that round. So overall, will be a good strategy.

Post a few blind bets, when the cards are seen, if we increase our stakes, our opponents might fold their cards. It is because they might get confused and think that we have better cards. When we employ such a strategy, there is a higher chance that our opponents might fold.

Try Placing Smaller Bets!

Teen Patti online is a game that takes time for us to complete. So, it is better to start by placing smaller bets. Through this, we can reduce the chances of running out of cash. 

It is an excellent trick to confuse our opponents too. When we follow such a pattern, we can increase our bet after studying our opponent’s game. 

Here, our probability of winning a bet is higher. 

Avoid Overspending on Online Betting Games

Whenever we take part in betting games, there is a chance that we will spend a lot more than we initially planned. We can avoid such issues by keeping track of the money we are using for the game. 

We can also maintain a spending limit, which makes it easier for us to avoid overspending. Another factor to keep in mind is that we must never use the money we have placed aside for other requirements. 

Always Keep Track of Our Opponent’s Game

There could be three to seven players in a Teen Patti game. Apart from forming strategies for our moves, we must understand how our opponents are planning to proceed. 

When we have an idea of their games, it is easier for us to implement our plans. We can increase our chances of making a profit.

Fold to Save Our Capital

If we find that our cards are weak, we can always consider folding as an option. Though we will lose our bet, we can keep our capital safe. 

Avoid making bets when we think that our chances of winning are low. It is always best to stay away from emotional and hasty decisions.

By employing these strategies, we can increase our chances of winning a bet on online Teen Patti games. 

Even though luck plays a crucial role, we have to make rational decisions. 

So, are you ready to be a pro at Teen Patti online?

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