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What Are the Best Shoes for Wide Feet in 2021-Buyer’s Guide

Best Shoes for Wide Feet in 2021

Best Shoes for Wide Feet , Around 60% of the total populace has some type of foot anomaly – be it level feet, wide feet, or Plantar Fasciitis of the foot.

Growing up, I generally confronted trouble tracking down the best running shoes for wide feet particularly for my jokester like afoot.

As a child, my folks would custom request clinical shoes made to my estimations, yet these shoes didn’t look as trendy and they needed character.

Best Shoes for Wide Feet in 2021

Luckily, it’s very simple these days to track down the best wide running shoes from top producers without leaving the solace of your home, because of this enchanted thing called the “Web”.

Things to realize when purchasing wide running shoes

Various widths: Wide shoes come in various choices for width going from Medium (D) to Extra-Wide (EE) and surprisingly more extensive if necessary. The more letters mean a more extensive shoe.

Legitimate fit: It can now and then be a genuine aggravation to track down the ideal fit. By and large, a shoe with a solid match would not squeeze the sides of your foot and give you about a ¼ inch of leeway for your toes for a solace fit.

Best Shoes for Wide Feet in 2021

Genuinely look at the profundity: Wide shoes don’t mean greater bigness. On the off chance that your wide running shoes feel squeezed, it could be a superior plan to arrange shoes with additional profundity.

Stay away from ties: Shoes with lashes are extraordinary for broadly educating, however less for running shoes. For one, they can choke your development and cause enlarged feet. It’s ideal to get shoes with bands to give you the ideal degree of customizability.

Give them a shot: It can be enticing to take your new shoes out for a twist. Yet, before you do that, make a point to wear them around the house to check whether they fit appropriately. In case you’re not 100% happy with the fit, this would be a fun chance to send them back for trade or discount.

1. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v8

Widths: Narrow, Medium, Wide and Extra Wide Size

The Fresh Foam series from New Balance needs no acquaintance when it accompanies quality running shoes. New Balance has enhanced the “generally heavenly” V7 yet adding new components to the current year’s revived rendition. You will see that the redesigns are totally sensational and it seems like an altogether new shoe as opposed to a revive.

The newly designed cross-section assists with keeping your foot secure and gives preferred breathability over the past adaptation. The upper is additionally very adaptable and stretchy on account of the New Balance Fantom Fit innovation that gives this shoe a no-sew bootie finish. There is a delicate enclosure in the midfoot space of the upper that gives a secured feel without being superfluously close.

A padded collar alongside a TPU heel counter aides hold the heel set up to forestall heel slippage. On the off chance that you have wide feet, you’d be satisfied to take note that the upper gives sufficient leeway to all foot sizes.

Best Shoes for Wide Feet in 2021

The Fresh Foam padded sole is as yet the champion component of this shoe. The padding is very comfortable and trusts me when I say this – it is agreeable! Past shoes in the series had acquired a standing among prepared sprinters for being the best shoes for wide feet, however, this more up to date form has more deceives at its disposal (or rather up its underside).

The padded sole additionally has sunken patterns in the froth to gather and pack on a case by case basis to give you a delicate and graceful ride. You can anticipate predominant degrees of padding regardless sort of sprinter you are.

Another champion component on the New Balance 1080 V8 is the elastic outsole. New Balance has gathered information from many sprinters and made a “drafted outsole” that utilises shading coded hexagon carries on the outsole to give the greatest toughness to regions where it’s generally required.

You can cheerfully clock away those miles without stressing over mileage. Likewise, look at the refreshed flex grooves in the forefoot for upgraded adaptability that comes in every wide size.


+ Midsole is very agreeable and padding

+ Good for long-distance races

+ Flexible and stretchy upper development

+ Various width choices to look over


– Pricey

– Lacks responsiveness

2. Asics Gel Kayano 25

Widths: Medium and Wide Size

The Gel Kayano 25 is a shoe that comes jam-loaded with more tech than you can shake a stick at. As the name proposes, the padded sole is made of double thickness silicone-based gel that has great shock assimilation properties and disseminates the effect power of the floor equally across the foot. The padded sole is responsive and adjusted and makes for smooth progress without feeling excessively delicate or soft.

The AHAR Plus outsole is twice pretty much as strong as other Asics shoes with the ordinary AHAR sole. The outsole is canvassed in milder DuraSponge elastic in specific regions and goes about as extra padding for your foot. The Asics Gel Kayano 25 is designed to be a solid shoe and consequently, it highlights crash cushions in underneath to limit the impacts of pronation.

Best Shoes for Wide Feet in 2021

The upper is produced using an updated stretchy jacquard network that adjusts to the state of your feet with little exertion. The Gel Kayano 25 uses a Meta Clutch outside heel counter which worked effectively in giving an agreeable fit.

What wasn’t happy however were the shoe’s general weight and the padded collar that didn’t feel directly against my lower legs. Regardless, the Asics Gel Kayano 25 is a flexible running shoe that comes in every wide measure and can get hammered the entire day, quickly.


+ Well-adjusted and solid running shoe

+ Gel padded sole gives amazing shock ingestion

+ Reduces and rectifies pronation

+ Stylish shoe that comes in different shadings


– Heavier than contending shoes

– Cushioned collar feels awkward on the lower legs

3. Nike Pegasus 35

Widths: Narrow, Medium, Wide and Extra Wide Size

Nike is a staple with regard to running shoes. Throughout the long term, I’ve tried many sets of Nike running shoes and viewed that the greater part of them was as excessively limited for my taste. The Nike Pegasus 35 however is a distinct special case. Not exclusively is the most current Pegasus 35 wide enough to oblige my comedian’s feet, however, they additionally feel cosy and comfortable without causing my feet to feel claustrophobic.

Because of the Flywire binding framework and the further developed full-length zoom padded sole, this shoe is worked for execution. The Pegasus 35 finds some kind of harmony among solidness and non-abrasiveness. This makes the shoe very agreeable for long runs to a limited extent because of its brilliant padding and responsiveness that makes for extraordinary equilibrium.

Best Shoes for Wide Feet in 2021

In case you are searching for a couple of wide running shoes with a Nike brand name, the Pegasus 35 is the best wide running shoe for you. It likewise arrives in an assortment of wide estimating.


+ Good equilibrium of padding and solidness

+ The outsole holds well on a wide range of surfaces

+ Fast and smart energy return on each step

+ Highly breathable upper


– Heavier than contending shoes

4. Saucony Cohesion 11

Widths: Medium and Wide Size

Strength is key when you’re picking a running shoe for ordinary use. Running shoes need to not just be set up with the rehashed sway from running yet, in addition, the cruelty of the territory like mud, grime, and landing area. Fortunately, the Saucony Cohesion 11 is reason worked with toughness as its key selling point.

The outsole of the Cohesion 11 uses a solidified elastic compound that keeps going a LONG time as well as shields the gentler padded sole from mileage. Flex grooves on the forefoot assist with making this shoe adaptable and deft with expanded equilibrium.

Best Shoes for Wide Feet in 2021

The padded sole is included a full-length froth that works effectively of engrossing shock and effect, yet I observed it to be more on the firm finish of the padding range. The shoe likewise comprises of a “REACT2U” footbed made of adaptive padding. Less in the event that you have high or low/no curves. I was additionally not an aficionado of this present shoe’s styling alternatives and the colourways simply didn’t appear to coordinate.

The upper uses an open lattice development that works with wind stream, in this manner keeping your foot cool in any event, during long runs. It’s not shocking that this shoe is great for weighty and marathon runners with wide feet that care more about execution than looks.


+ Ideal shoe for substantial sprinters

+ Highly sturdy shoes for a wide range of landscapes

+ Affordable cost

+ Lightweight for ordinary use


– Not exceptionally snappy and shading choices are a blemish

– Not reasonable for individuals with high or low curves

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