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What are the benefits of swimming for your body

The most complete physical activity goes by the name: swimming with Lifeguard Training.

Swimming Coach, Piraeus

As if that were not enough, the contraindications for this activity are minimal. Hardly anyone will not be able to fall into the water and swim as only specific problems prevent a person from doing this enjoyable form of exercise that helps maintain a balanced body, burning calories in a pleasant way. lifeguard training

After all, why is swimming (like other water sports activities like water gymnastics) considered the most complete sport activity?  Let’s get to know all the benefits!

Who is swimming suitable for?

Women, men, the elderly, children, people with disabilities can all exercise in the water by swimming! The truth is that there are no restrictions on this physical activity.

Age, for example, is not a problem. From the age of 6 months, the contact with the liquid element is surprisingly interesting for the baby. Especially at about 2 years old, swimming plays a decisive role in the life of children because they learn the limits of water and begin to gain some independence, however at this age the lessons for children should be different and with an emphasis on play, an important factor for their proper development.

And the maximum age?

The good news is that it does not exist! Even the elderly can benefit from exercising in the water as the vibrations in the joints are minimal, while it burns more calories than any activity of reduced vibrations (eg walking) something that can benefit people with extra pounds.

What are the benefits of swimming?

Improves blood circulation
The combined movements of the upper and lower limbs and the chest together with the cardiorespiratory effort during the exercise, help to eliminate the fat around the heart. In this way, it becomes stronger and the blood circulates better.

Strengthens the respiratory system with lifeguard training

During swimming, we learn how to combine breathing with swimming techniques. The moist environment helps to dilate the airways by facilitating the flow of air in the body.

If you are one of them then start exercising in the water! Besides, swimming and exercising in the water help prevent these and other diseases.

Reduces joint pain

Many people think about starting a sport over and over again as they fear joint pain. If there are problems in these areas or they are elderly then the fear grows more. The good news is that in water we do not need to have such fears.

In particular, swimming, because it is practiced in water without contact with the floor or other surface that would create vibrations in the joints and pressure on the spine and the body in general, is a demanding physical activity, which however does not cause pain, making it ideal for people with arthritis and similar diseases with lifeguard training.

Helps to lose weight

Moving in the water requires more effort than walking for example. This is because there is more pressure in the water than in the air, the element we come in contact with when we walk. That’s why swimming burns a lot more calories than running.

To better understand how swimming can help us lose weight, it is possible to burn up to 800 calories per hour while swimming, depending on the swimming style and intensity of the activity. The American College of Sports reports that a healthy person should burn 1000-1500 calories per week through physical activity. So do you want to lose weight? Come to the pool!

Improves strength and muscle line

Perhaps for many and many the most attractive reason to start swimming. If you are one of those people who want to get their body in shape, swimming can help. Because water is 12 times denser than air and the swimmer must overcome water resistance to move, there is a collective activation of the body’s muscles, thus promoting an increase in muscle strength and lineage.

If you want to learn more, take a look at the article we analyzed. Which muscles do you exercise when you swim with lifeguard training?

Reduces the risk of diabetes

This is because the disease develops when the body can not use all the insulin produced by the body.

Aerobic exercise is the most recommended by experts for the treatment of this type of diabetes. An intense swimming workout can burn up to 700 calories, which would reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 10%.

Increases self-confidence and reduces stress

So for someone who starts swimming and loses weight, the feeling of joy raises self-confidence.

Besides, many people who do not know how to swim are ashamed to swim in swimming pools or in the sea with lifeguard training, so for these people to learn to swim means more confidence, freedom and security in the water, the best “sedatives” of the mind.

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