What Are The Applications Of FinTech?

We nowadays experience an enhanced level of comfort in financial services and receive unprecedented benefits on financial products. All thanks to the FinTech i.e. Finance + Technology, that has changed the picture of the finance industry.


The new aged approach of the finance companies towards the customers is quite liberal now. The innovative FinTech approach always gives new surprises with new landmarks that improve the experience of the people. It has made money management easier than ever, and we should know about its varied applications. After all, we all need to manage finances smartly, and FinTech helps fulfil this purpose.

Mobile payments and mobile banking

Financial management was never so handy before, but thanks to the advantages of the new ways of the finance industry that make things easier. Mobile banking and payments have multiple benefits, and we all interact with them in routine life.

  • Make easy, instant payments – During an emergency when you cannot wait even for a minute to receive or send money, mobile payments become a last-minute saviour. You can fulfil the needs in a short while and can feel relieved. This was impossible without the help of mobile payments.
  • Get your bank statements – Send a request to see your bank statements, and within no time, you will get the bank statements. Again. This is the miracle of mobile banking that has made things convenient. For varied purposes, we need to send the bank statements. Previously we had to stand in queues to get the updated entries of transactions in our bank documents. Now the FinTech has taken charge to offer comfort.
  • Automate savings – Every single penny you earn with hard work is precious, and to save regularly, you need to follow self-discipline. In the hectic, stressful life we usually miss saving regularly, you can automate savings with mobile banking.
  • Mobility with security – You can perform banking functions anywhere in the world with the help of your mobile. Wherever the device goes with you, the banking facility walks together. Also, the security standards are stronger now. Suppose someone has snatched your wallet, which had a credit card. You can immediately inform the concerned bank through the mobile banking application. Nowadays, one can even stop the card through an app.

Borrow Money Online

Borrowing funds online has become possible and easier now because of the online FinTech borrowing solutions. The direct lenders can offer funds on instant approval decision, and the money reaches your account without any documentation.

  • No documentation with online verification – Save your time while borrowing funds because the lenders check your financial details online. With such a facility, it has become easier to borrow money online. If you are looking for a cash loan in 1 hour in Ireland, the procedure can be completed online in a few minutes for an urgent need.
  • Same day fund disbursement – You do not need to wait for days to get money through a loan because FinTech believes in immediate support. Apply, get approval and receive funds all happens same day without any compromise in speed. After all, this is why the borrowers consider FinTech as a promising alternative to mainstream lending.
  • No broker, no brokerage – To obtain various financial products such as insurance, loans etc., you do not need to depend on the brokers. Contact directly to the finance company through a website or mobile application, get a customised deal online and you are done with everything. No need to depend on others. Whether you look for private money lenders in Ireland or a car insurance policy, get everything online.

Obligations Seem Mere Formalities

Another application of FinTech is that such a sort of lending has made loan obligations a mere formality. Gone are the days when the credit score or the presence of the guarantor was the criterion for the loan approval.

The concept of FinTech seems more prone to the Flexibility factor. Lenders belong to this market, primarily online loan providers and have not made anything on stricter norms.

  • No Space for Hard Credit Check – Unlike the traditional lending approach, the modern-day lending of FinTech nature has kept away hard credit check. The concerned lenders have adopted a much softer approach to ensure almost guaranteed approval for everyone. Sometimes, they are approving loan application with no credit check too. However, it depends upon the individual circumstances.
  • Minimum Penalties for Late Repayments – Another change that has come into the picture with the FinTech concept that the lenders are not imposing strict norms if someone pays late repayment. If contacted earlier with the lending institution, it can make suitable arrangements for the borrowers. Nevertheless, you should not make late repayment a habit, as this may not be acceptable.
  • No Problem with the Absence of Collateral or Guarantor – When it comes to the flexible lending norms, the most significant advantage that comes to the forefront is no impact on your loan application if you do not have collateral or guarantor. In such a scenario, the approval comes from the way of your repayment capacity. If you can repay the loan under the prescribed schedule, you are on for the funding opportunity.

The Final Talk

The FinTech Market has been supporting the individuals in their finances and sustaining it to be strong enough against all odds. There are two utmost features of this lending: Flexibility and Feasibility.

Everything is done only after analysing your financial situation. The final call on any loan deal is taken according to your current financial capacity and circumstances. Once everything seems satisfactory, lenders make feasible loan deals, which are suitable for everyone’s capacity.

The ball is in your court now because the FinTech market has everything for everyone. As a borrower, you should have the skills and desire to use the funding opportunities in the right way. No one would able to help you if you do not help yourself.

The applications of the FinTech market are enough to show that you do not have to worry about the financial turmoil. Instead, you should face it and live a happy financial life.

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