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Ways to make your Flat looks Spacious

Whether you are a student or a working professional you would always want a bigger place to stay in. You can understand the challenge of making a small room look spacious. From the rooms of your 1 BHK flat in Mohan Garden, hardly large enough to fit a double bed to the living rooms with a dining area, it is definitely not an easy task to place everything into a small space. But with Kamal Associates solutions, you need not worry. We have got a lot of simple options that will make your small space appear more attractive as well as more functional.

Ways to make your Flat looks Spacious

Tiny spaces are comfortable and convenient, but they often feel tight and are difficult to arrange. Fortunately, there are many ways to increase the appearance of your 1 BHK flat in Om Vihar.

Use light colours

In the world of design, light colours are proven to make a space look larger than actually, it is. Light painted walls look bright and it reflects more. Thus it makes the room open and absorbs more natural light. Dark painted walls absorb light, and thus makes the room feel smaller.

Accent room walls are also another way to make a room appear larger. Accent walls add colour to the walls without being too dramatic. Always go with soft colours such as off-white, blues, and greens for an ideal effect, remembering that brighter rooms are bigger and much more comfortable.

Use hidden storage and dual functioning furniture

To make the most of the space in a 1 BHK flat in Om Vihar, bring furniture which can be used for a two-way purpose, for example, a pull-out sofa which can store things in it and also transforms into a bed. Furniture which uses less space is also a great way of making your flat look spacious. Use the space inside your furniture to store things.

You can also try to substitute your wooden dining table for a glass tabletop. This transparent furniture will create an illusion of space and thus making the room appear big.

Hang mirrors

Mirrors can actually expand and widen the look of your 1 BHK flat in Om Vihar. Use the mirrors with large borders to make them look deep. Mirrors reflect artificial as well as natural light to enhance a room throughout the day. Mirrors at walls and washbasins can also give an open feeling to your 1 BHK flat in Mohan Garden.

Categorize your space

One of the great ways of categorizing your space is to mount shelves as it will keep things off the ground and free space for walking and will make your 1 BHK flat in Om Vihar appear spacious. Use it to store reading material, frames or even dresses. Be sure to maintain coordination of shelf colours across the room.

Arrange your room

Choose the size of your furniture that fits your 1 BHK flat in Om Vihar. Arrange the larger furniture near the walls to create an open area and to make the room appear larger. Don’t put anything near the walls as it will block the path and eventually make the room appear small and compact. The room looks tight if furniture and stores block the entrance of a room. The diagonal seems to be the tallest path in any room. Try arranging things in this position.

Additionally, a room with fewer things spilt everywhere can make a room smaller. Just free up the space to increase the space of your 1 BHK flat in Mohan Garden. Try keeping clothes in a drawer, books on shelves, and shoes inside a shoe rack. By arranging things up, your flat can look more spacious than real.

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