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Travel Tips For Premium Tea Lovers

Are you a die-hard tea lover who also enjoys time traveling? Many Premium Teat fans out there struggle to cope with new and strange tea flavors. In this post, we feature handy tips to enjoy tea while travelling. Therefore, when everything else is new and strange, you can keep enjoying your favorite brew along with you.

Are you getting ready for an adventure on an RV? Probably you are getting ready for days of road trip with your friends or family.  Teas served on the hotel baskets may not always live up to your expectation. The Puer Compressed tea is suitable for travelers and outdoor persons. How do you ensure the comfort from a cup of tea while on travel does not feel as far as the home itself? In this post, I share important tips to help you achieve the moment of quiet and relaxation with every cup of tea. Thus, whether you are on an overnight business trip or a month long RVing tour, here are important tips to enjoy your favorite cup of tea.

1.     Don’t Forget To Bring Your Own Real Leaf Tea

Carrying your favorite premium tea is the first step to enjoying a refreshing hot drink. You can make your favorite drink at the hotel room to help you cope with the journey stresses as well as aid digestion after a couple of new meals. The important fact is that you will find travel friendly tea, so you do not have to worry about extra weight. The lightweight tea comes in friendly packs so you can carry it in a wallet or load into your travel backpack. That way, you never struggle to cope with the strange tea flavors served at the hotels or the roadside refreshment kiosks.

2.     Understand How To Transport Your Premium Tea

If tea bags are your thing, go for the tea brand that comes in a compostable airtight package. To retain the rich flavor of your favorite tea, protect the tea from moisture. Make sure your bag is safe from moisture or use a nylon cover in case you are hiking on a wet terrain. I prefer packing the tea in a Ziploc bag, to ensure it stays for the period you are traveling.

3.     Don’t Forget A Portable Infuser

Most tea lovers have a sieve in their kitchen. However, you may not want to carry the sieve, especially when traveling in a group. Modern tea lovers use the portable infuser so they can brew the favorite real leaf tea. Using the portable tea infuser, you can steep a single cup of tea or an entire teapot. Besides, the high-quality infuser allows you to control the infusion time and prevent over-extraction of tannins, which can result in a bitter cup. Therefore, you can brew and enjoy the favorite cup of black tea, without worrying about a bit of leaf bumping in your lips or ingesting brewed tea leaves.

4.     Avoid Bottled Mineral Water For Brewing Your Tea

Bottled water is often mineral rich and may leave your tea tasting metallic or harsh. High-quality spring water is the optimal choice when it comes to brewing your tea. Therefore, if you can carry some mountain fresh water or good quality bottled spring water from your home, you get a tastier hot Puerh tea.

5.     Consider Carrying Your Tea in a Good Quality Flask

Whether iced or hot tea, you may want to carry enough for the day. Therefore, you need a high-quality camper flask, to pack your favorite refreshment. The stainless steel flasks keep the tea hot or cold, and are strong enough.

6.    Carry Your Favorite Premium Tea Cup

A tea lover not only needs a perfect Aged Puer tea, but is also particular about the mug tea is served. To ensure the same tea-drinking pleasure, you may prefer packing a sturdy mug or cup from home. Alternatively, you may purchase a travel mug just to make sure the tea does not lose its pleasant taste, like may occur when served in a plastic travel mug.



We have covered some top reasons to consider tea when backpacking for a hike. However, you may be worried about extra weight, especially when backpacking for a hike with friends or family. Fortunately, lightweight brick tea takes off the stress associated with weight.

For a tea lover who is always on the go, carrying your own tea could be the favorite decision you will make. The tips covered above will help you find the best tea for travelers. Check out for ideas.

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