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Top 10 Lists of NFT Stocks

A digital asset that represents real stuff such as art, music, in-game items, and films is known as an NFT Stocks. NFTs have created an ongoing buzz with people buying them for large amounts. Digital illustrations like the Nyan Cat’ flying with a Pop-Tart, which sold for a whopping $590,000and so on.

Holders of NFTs will also receive a digital certificate of authenticity proving ownership. Ownership is more valuable to art collectors than the asset itself. 

Simply put, it adds a whole new level of complexity to the world of rare collectables. As a result, organizations and investors may be keeping an eye on the NFT market right now.


WiseKey a Swiss company, describes itself as a cybersecurity firm that assists in creating digital identity ecosystems while using blockchain technology.

WiSeART is the company’s newest product. It is a decentralized marketplace for authentic paintings and works of art. The market includes NFTs representing physical works for more fluid price discovery, allowing for staking on the physical artwork. WISeKey’s, WISeART technology employs technology to protect valuable works of art. In addition, this digital ID technology can assist customers in securing, authenticating, and proving ownership of their digital assets.

2.Dolphin Entertainment (NASDAQ: DLPN)

Dolphin entertainment announced a new division dedicated to the design, creation and promotion of NFTs recently. This has taken the company to new heights, giving plans to enter into multiple NFT partnerships with major corporations. 

Dolphin Entertainment’s stock started around $3 at the beginning of the year and touched 32$ during March. The stock appears to react quickly to news of new NFT launches, which is a good indicator for investors. As a result, the store is a worthwhile investment among NFT stocks.

3.Shopify Inc(NYSE: SHOP)

Shopify is an online store building and selling platform that allows anyone to create and sell an online store. Through its e-commerce platform of the same name, it caters to businesses of all sizes. Currently, the company allows qualified merchants to sell NFTs through its platform. The NBA’s Chicago Bulls, for example, launched its first-ever NFT through Shopify in late July. One example is the digital artwork of NBA championship rings. It also provides additional revenue streams to its merchants, but it also encourages the continued use of NFTs.


The company, based in Washington, licences and markets lifestyle products. Funko has now also shifted to the NFT world. The company just released its first NFT pack, priced at $9.99, last week. Furthermore, Funko saw green across the board in its most recent fiscal quarter, released the previous week. Notably, the company’s total revenue increased by more than 140 % year on year for the quarter. Furthermore, Funko reported massive year-over-year increases in net income of 230 % and cash on hand of 132 %

5.Nike(NYSE: NKE)

Nike is also considering Snicker Breeding, a category within NFTs, for entry into the NFT market. Customers will have the sole and heel of their shoe customized whenever the plan is carried out. This creates a unique design that can be showcased, bought, and sold. An NFT is assigned to each physical pair. Furthermore, the Blockchain will be able to trace a sneaker’s entire history of breeding. NFT Sneakers are becoming increasingly popular. Many NFT sneakers are available for purchase for more than $10,000.

Nike has chosen the right time to enter the NFT sector, which is witnessing rising demand, to capitalise on changing customer preferences. Nike’s stock is currently trading at $165 per share as a result of this. Nike stock is one of the greatest NFT Stocks to invest in right now, because of its reputation and early introduction into the NFT sector.

6.Liquid Media Group (NASDAQ:YVR)

Liquid Media Group Ltd. provides business solutions. 

Liquid Media has announced the launch of Red Carpet NFTs, its own NFT line, as well as NFTainment, its own NFT platform. 

Fans may purchase, sell, and debate NFTs on, a community and one of the top trading platforms for NFTs. In 2021, the stock of Liquid Media began trading at $1.54. The stock reached $7 in March of this year, representing a roughly four-fold increase in a few months. However, the stock price has fallen and is now trading at around $1.8. The company is expected to establish a strong presence in the NFT marketplace.

7.ZK International Gr Co (NASDAQ: ZKIN)

ZK International is a Chinese steel manufacturer, thus NFT enthusiasts aren’t interested in its principal business. The company’s subsidiary xSigma, a cryptocurrency exchange and stable coin promoter, is the actual treasure. For collectors, xSigma just created an NFT trading platform. It also released xSigma-exclusive NFTs in collaboration with NBA players Dwight Howard and Michael Beasley. The stock has a short interest of 3.88 percent.

8.The Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment Company (NASDAQ: HOFV, HOFVW)

A multibillion-dollar sports, entertainment, and media conglomerate has stepped into the NFT Stocks! The company has announced the release of NFTs starring football great Tim Brown in partnership with Dolphin Entertainment. This news boosted the company’s stock, which increased by more than 100 % in March. The company’s stock began in the year 2021 at $1.54. During March, the stock surpassed $7 due to the announcement of the launch of NFTs this year. The current price of the stock being $3.04.

 9.Cinedigm (NASDAQ: CIDM)

Cinedigm Corp is a New York-based corporation that specialises in film, television, and other short-form entertainment distribution. Fandor Selects has been formed by the corporation. In late April, it will be the first NFT film label committed to publishing limited copies of vintage films. The company was established in 2000 and had a market capitalization of more than $260 million. Investment advisory Alliance Global Partners raised Cinedigm Corp. on August 2. Cinedigm stock’s price target to $3.25 from $3. It also maintained a Buy rating, noting that the company is expected for accelerated growth in the coming months.

  1. Takung Art Co., Ltd. (NYSE: TKAT)

Takung Art is a Hong Kong-based company. It owns and operates a Chinese online trading platform for artists, dealers, and investors. The firm’s stock price rose by almost 900 percent in a matter of weeks in March of this year. 

On July 8, Takung Art Co., Ltd. announced the signing of a deal with an institutional investor.

It raised $5 million in the capital by selling 571,429 common shares at $8.75 per share.

As a result, the Crypton NFT craze has swept the market, with millions of dollars spent on digital assets, and these are some stocks to consider investing in!


We are on a Mission to make NFTs accessible to celebrities, influencers, artists, events, & enterprises. With a clear focus on user experience (UX) & user-friendly features, we are motivated with our mission & innovations around Blockchain to people more connected & engaged with their brands & artists.

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