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How To Take Care Of Your Surfboard with Anns cottage discount code

Surfboards are fragile. They can be scratched, atrophied in the sun, cracked, shredded on deck, keels can break. In general, it is required to transport the board in precarious conditions. Your surfboard is the most desired possession. Buying a surfboard can be expensive. If it doesn’t get proper care, it can be money wasted. Here is some useful information to make your surfboard last longer.

Surfboards are fragile. They can be scratched, atrophied in the sun, cracked, shredded on deck, keels can break. In general, it is required to transport the board in precarious conditions. Your surfboard is the most desired possession. Buying a surfboard can be expensive. If it doesn’t get proper care, it can be money wasted. Here is some useful information to make your surfboard last longer.

At Ann’s Cottage online surfing store, our first recommendation is to get an excellent surfboard cover lined with expanded polyethylene and thermal and ties for different means of transport. Check out the latest collection and accessories at a discount. Use Ann’s Cottage voucher code.

How to take care of your surfboard with Anns cottage discount code:

Our surfboard is our faithful companion every time we enter the sea to surf. With it, we live all kinds of moments and experience unique sensations and feelings, from challenging moments to an ecstasy of happiness in an epic soak. Therefore, this time it will be the protagonist. From Ann’s Cottage, we have prepared a series of tips that will be very useful for preserving your board in optimal conditions and reducing factors that may damage or deteriorate it. The best is the proper use of surfing accessories. Enjoy fantastic discounts on Anns Cottage discount code.

take care of your surfer

We know that a surfboard is fragile due to the materials used in its manufacture, so we must pay attention to its care and if you do not want to be going every two by three to your local shaper to repair it and that with it you have to miss the odd one.

7 tips to take care of your surfboard with Anns Discount Code :

Storing space for the surfboards:

It will seem silly but we assure you that having a large space to store your surfboard will make things much easier. So, it is easy for us to end up with unnecessary blows when we want to access them. Ideally, it would help if you had horizontal shelves on the wall to buy or make yourself store your quiver. In this way, they will be much more stable and accessible. However, if you cannot store them due to lack of space, the option is to leave them supported vertically. Keep the edge of your board resting on the wall and the tail on the floor? Of course, you must put small support that does not let it fall forward or backward and at the same time allows you to separate your different models of boards.

Storing space for the surfboards

We also advise you to put cardboard or a small folded towel to absorb the weight of the board on the ground. When leaving it or keeping it stored for a long time, the lower part of the tail can be damaged and make small indentations in the fiberglass. You can even build both the horizontal shelf and the supports to store it standing up. For tools and accessories, check the catalog. Take advantage of Ann’s Cottage voucher code.

Check your surfboard after surfing with Anns cottage discount code::

Every time you get out of the water, do a check on the board by looking closely at both the deck (the upper surface of the board, on which we rest feet when surfing) and the bottom (bottom part of the board), edges and fins. Since many times, we may have caused a fissure through which water can enter the core.

If so, you should take it to your trusted shaper for repair as soon as possible, or you can use the repair kit. Buy it online with Ann’s Cottage discount code offer.

Avoid prolonged exposure of your surfboard to the sun:

After each soak, try to protect your board from being exposed to the sun’s rays for a long time. With prolonged exposure of your board to the sun, it takes on a yellowish color and accelerates the decomposition process of the material.

prolonged exposure of your surfboard

For this, you should have your cover at hand if you are going to spend long hours on the beach and every time you go out for a break, store it properly so that you avoid direct sunlight, either inside the car with its cover or towels above. For surfboard covers, visit the Ann’s Cottage store. We offer the best price offer on Ann’s Cottage voucher code.

Always carry a surfboard cover:

Here is a little trick for you to save your board. Take a good look at how you leave the upper part of the board when you put it on the cover and always do it the same. Because if you put it on a different side each time, paraffin remains from the board can stick to the board. You and cover (especially if you have stored it in the car for too long at a high temperature) can transfer those remains of paraffin to the bottom is not desirable.

carry a surfboard cover.

The bottom part of our board is the one that will be in direct contact with the water, and we should have it smooth and without dirt or paraffin residues for a better glide. Do not miss Ann’s Cottage discount code gift.

Make sure you wear the leash correctly:

This is important! When you put the leash on your board, you should put it so that the rope in the cap of the invention is not too long. A strong pull in the sea can split the board at the tail. To avoid this, the edge cover of the leash is more comprehensive and is attached to the rope with several folds of Velcro. It is the one that must be in contact with the edge of the board to avoid the knife effect that the string can make.

Don’t mess around:

It is prevalent to put a glob of paraffin in some touch of the board to plug it and prevent water from entering. Well, it is proper to prevent water from entering the interior or not getting so much. However, this is a rather sloppy fix to repair it, either by yourself or a shaper. The remains of paraffin remain attached to all parts, and the phase of cleaning the area will turn into a headache and added work. It is vital to clean the one affected first.

Another widely used alternative is to put the aluminum insulating tape, which as an option is better than the previous one. Not recommended either since it also leaves remains in the area to be repaired. However, as the last option or in an emergency, if you are going to get into the water, you should use it then take it with nothing or use ‘paraffin’.

Don't mess around

Finally, there are all kinds of troubles when you are on the beach, and you cannot access your store or shaper to have your board repaired. You can fix it to continue enjoying the surf, but we recommend that you do not delay too long. Take it to a specialist as soon as possible or repair it yourself if you know the materials and know-how to make a quality repair. Here is the latest Anns Cottage discount code offer.

Clean the paraffin from your board with Anns cottage discount code

Don’t forget to clean the paraffin from time to time. Now, how do I know when to clean the paraffin? Very easy, we recommend that you change it every time you see that it is blackened by friction with the neoprene or that you notice that it does not grip when you pass your hand over it and slide.

Clean the paraffin from your board

There is no established rule to change the paraffin of your board for a new one. It will be a bit by eye and using the common sense of each one. However, the change in temperature and season from cold to warm will be vital to renewing it since different densities and compositions of ‘paraffin’ are used depending on the water temperature.

5 Tips to transport the surfboard safely:

  1. When you transport your board on the way to the beach, make sure it is well secured. Any unexpected curves or braking inside the car can cause the board to be seriously damaged, and you will be upset when you arrive.
  2. We recommend that you take your board without the fins on or if you are wearing them. Put a towel around it or something to cushion, especially if you have other boards on top. Since the mark of the fins may remain on the surface of the board that is there.
  3. On the other hand, the idea is to carry it inside the car and well secured, ensuring that it does not wobble, and there is no risk. But if the space or measurements of your board do not fit you to carry it inside the vehicle, carry it up on the roof rack. Put on some safety straps or elastic bands. And, above all, take the board upside down with the fins facing up so that it does not have a sail effect and can break or leave a fortuitous little gift on the road.
  4. When you place the straps, try not to tighten them excessively since if you are made a hulk, you can damage the edges of the board by applying a lot of pressure.
  5. If you do not have a roof rack, put a soft surface underneath so that it does not damage or cover the deck with the rigid sheet of the car. If you go around the net, you will find many fastening systems for boards.

Guide for your best bet on surfboards:

  • The surfboard is usually susceptible to the sun and heat. The board is made of spoil resistance, can become discolored, and can even melt. Do not leave it inside your car if it is scorching. Try to cover it with a towel or umbrella, or leave it under a leafy tree. To store your board for a few months, do it in a cool place and where it does not get sun. For storage options, check Ann’s Cottage website. Save with Ann’s Cottage discount code.
  • Cracks, no matter how small, can have a heavy impact on the board, and a small break can rot the material inside. Therefore, in any breakdown, have it fixed by a specialist and do not invent emergency arrangements. Oddly enough, the board’s internal materials are not waterproof. The accumulation of water makes the board heavy, and it loses its ability to float, which can be very dangerous in the middle of the sea. Therefore, you must make sure to drain all the water that entered. The materials used are resins and not patches.
  • Blizzards often run without warning, as well as waves in sudden tidal rises. So at Ann’s Cottage, we recommend that you pay attention to where you put the board: parking lots, on the sand, near the sea, are usually wrong places to leave the board.
  • The boards tend to have an insufficient balance, especially when they are placed vertically. On holidays, try to lay flat, and if you can, buy special bras or keep them under your bed. Do not support them on trees or walls because the consequences of a fall can be irreversible. More so, if they fall on someone’s head.
  • The paraffin tends to turn dark and collect dirt as the days go by if the board is not scrubbed frequently. At the end of each season, you can use a special brush and a cloth moistened with a suitable strong solvent. Click for the newest surfing accessories online. Do not skip our Ann’s Cottage discount code.
  • For new boards, we recommend waiting two weeks for the laminate material to dry and cure well. If you want to use it immediately, unique chemical compounds, such as accelerators and solar curators, harden the laminated resin in the sun.
  • It is essential to take care of the indicated characteristics. In this way, you can make your surfboard last longer and your sports practice an unforgettable moment.


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