Tie-Dye and how to implement them into your daily fashion

Tie-dye is a form of resist-dyeing, which involves crumpling, twisting and bunching portions of fabric before tying them off with rubber bands or strings, and them immersing the garment in dye, or by pouring dye on the tied garment through bottles.

This leaves part of the garment either completely or partially unexposed to the dye and ends up creating swirling, circular patterns on the surface of the garment or fabric.

This practice of designing clothes derived its name in the 1960s and gained immense popularity, thanks to American singers-songwriters Janis Joplin and John Sebastian. Quickly, it became an important part of the psychedelic 1960s and 1970s style, and offered an inexpensive way for hippies to customise cheap plain vests, tees and shirts into designer tops, tees and tie-dye skirts and dresses.

Patchwork skirts and dungarees too grew popular.

Though tie-dye got its name in the ‘60s, the method of twisting, tying and dyeing goes back to years before. The earliest examples of tie-dye clothes date back as far as 500 A.D. in Peru, but garments in similar designs and patterns have appeared everywhere from Africa to Asia.

tie dye skirts

How to wear tie-dye

As a vibrant accessory

Let’s get that straight, moving around looking like a magic-eye puzzle is not comfortable for everyone. If you just want to try it without going overboard with it, get yourself a tie-dye accessory without getting full outfits.

You can choose a tie-dyed scarf or stole, socks, cross body bags, caps and so on. Whatever it may be, make sure it has no loud competitors that might grab the attention. Tie-dye is pretty bold, as long you’re not pairing it with another bold garment, it should be okay.

With tailoring

In recent years, the cross pollination of dress codes has opened the doors to a lot of experimentation. The key to look smart and quirky in a tie-dye outfit is to incorporate one piece of garment per outfit.

A way to achieve this look is by wearing a tie-dye shirt, loosely tucked into the suit trousers, without a belt and complete the look with a pair of chunky sneakers.

Or, you can also choose to wear a plain white shirt paired with a tie-dye skirt and a pair or white sneakers.

tie dye clothing UK

To a festival

Festivals are tie-dye’s home-to-be. After all, the Western world got used to this fashion statement back in the days of Rock n’ Roll, Woodstock, psychedelia and all the rest of it.

For a modern take, incorporate patchwork or tie-dye into fashion outfits that are sportswear and streetwear fashion staples. Because you cannot really enjoy unless you are comfortable.

Wear it with a stylish subtlety

Subtlety and tie-dye are not two terms that you will hear together commonly, unless the sentence is “tie-dye is definitely not subtle”.

However, with the re-emergence of tie-dye as a trend, we are being reminded time and again that colours used on garments need not have to be garish and brash always. Neutral and earthy tones are also a fair game and some of the most wearable designs are the designs and features on grey and subdued black.

Key outfits/accessories


When it’s time to incorporate a bit of the bright colours into an outfit, a tee should be your first option. Go for an oversized fit for some added nostalgia of the yesteryears and wear it with staple, simple pieces like slim-fit denim and white, canvas sneakers.


Tie-dye may be a mainstream fashion statement right now, across the world, but it’s nothing really new in the world of streetwear. The hoodie is one of the key pieces and the tie-dye version of a hoodie have been designed by everyone from streetwear fashion stalwarts like Stussy, to classic Japanese labels like Needles.

To pull it off confidently, keep things relaxed and mix with other street-friendly staples like statement sneakers and cargo trousers.

Tie-Dye dresses

Summer dresses in pretty patches and colourful patterns are very casual and happily hippy. They are comfortable and give out a lot of positive vibes.

Tie-dye skirts

Much like the dresses, the skirts too are cheerful and comfortable. When paired with solid-coloured tops or shirts these look amazing. One can choose to wear tops in shades like white, black, light pink, pale yellow, grey, pale green and so on.

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