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TheKhatrimaza | The best Super Hero’ s Movies of all time

I just finished watching thor on blue-ray and really enjoyed it. Who would have thought that a thor live movie would ever be made? Especially if you’ve seen thor’s appearance in one of the incredible hulk tv movies years ago. The idea of the green lantern is amazing but I never thought the film would be made. Here is a website thekhatrimaza to download all of these movies in dubbed audio. So while I was waiting for the live-action version of the legion of super-heroes I thought I would reflect on what I believe are the best films in the genre of ever-growing heroic films. I have limited myself to live films although some of the animations are really good. He thinks it would be cheating to mix animated films with live films. It also estimated the number of “best” films to be 10 otherwise I quickly got into the swamp and metal recovery act. So here I go.

10. Rocketer (1991)

Any movie with Jennifer Connelly in it can’t be too bad unless that movie is in the hulk. Rocketeer has captured the look and feel of dave stevens’ comic book. Super-heroes and nazis always got along well, like peanut butter and jelly. This movie is available at khatrimaza com.

9. The incredible hulk (2008)

Not to be confused with the “hulk” mentioned above, this 2008 soft relaunch of the hulk franchise is actually really good. Although it is not a poem that stops the film from going forward without doing anything wrong with the previous film. The film explores bruce banner’s fragile psyche; evokes the best of the bill Bixby tv-series and features amazing fighting scenes (no pun intended) and abomination. Watch this movie only on Khatri maza pro. And the love story with betty ross is kept small. What more could one ask for in a movie of a superhero? The only thing I can think of would be a cameo from wolverine.

8. Blade (1998)

I didn’t know much about blade when I saw this movie. I still don’t know much about blade the character of the comic book but blade the hero of the film is amazing. Martial arts, swords, and vampires. So cool it’s scary.

7. Batman (1966)

It is indeed a camp; sure adam west is a little pudgy; am sure Cesar Romero wouldn’t shave his beard but this movie is just fun. Has there been a better penguin or riddler as played by Burgess Meredith and Frank Gorshin respectively? In that case, lee Meriwether is # 2 on the list of most beautiful women behind Julie Newmar and above Michelle Pfeiffer. In this movie we see the old batmobile but also bat-copter, bat-bike, and bat-boat. We also learn that batman is carrying something that chases a shark in his belt. Visit khatrimaza movies to download this movie in dual audio. The movie will be in the top ten as the scene where batman runs to the scene with a bomb in his hands.

6. Superman ii (1980)

Fifteen minutes of this movie is probably the biggest hero movie ever made. The war with superman competing with general Zod, Ursa, and the non-over metropolis has stalled to this day. If only Richard donner was allowed to finish the film. We would have survived much of the camp (this is a bad camp unlike the good camp in the batman movie) added by Richard Lester. Cellophane “s”; by phone, the Kryptonians in the castle entertainment and “mind-blowing kisses” at the end of the film (as if superman was no longer strong enough for someone who thought they had to add a few) unfortunately forced me to keep this movie for my top five.

5. Spider-man 2 (2004)

Just a good movie. No longer pressured by the need for a source, peter parker can still fight crime like spider-man. The situation with the riders on the monorail defending spider-man chokes me a little inside. “spider-man” probably made this list but no matter how much I loved Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn I didn’t really like it the green goblin costume in that movie.

4. The man of iron (2008)

You are playing a self-injurer who has a problem with substance abuse … Amazing broadcasts. In one movie iron man came from a b-list hero that no one but a comic book artist has ever heard of in a real cultural icon and is featured prominently in all marvel baby toys near spider-man. That is the purpose of all these films (see green lantern above). Iron man not only accomplished it but it is an excellent film on top of it. The only answer behind every movie is the closing scene of the fight between iron man and Obadiah stane. This movie is available in dual audio at khatrimaza 300MB movies. I feel like a hero has to fight for a bigger, worse version of it that was done until his death. The model was made the same year in another marvel film incredible hulk. In the end, I thought the film was more interesting when it focused on tony stark than iron man. Make it a fun movie but I’m not sure if that’s a good thing for a “superhero” movie so iron man reaches # 4 on my list.

3. The dark knight (2008)

The film made a million dollars. Heath ledger was as good as the joker. A wonderful film. It’s too far (2 1/2 hours) and Christian bale shouts throughout the movie. I always thought batman could have a stoic coolness … Like Clint Eastwood. Any complaints I have about this movie, however, are quickly alleviated by batman and robin’s flashback.

2. Captain America (2011)

What did I say earlier about the great heroes and nazis? It is even more true when the great hero wears the American flag. The nazis did not give them a chance. I loved everything about this movie. Chris Evans was as convincing as Captain America and as steve rogers. Even the red skull did not look like cheese. You can visit katrimaza to watch this movie. All of this and the cosmic cube again, I loved this movie. Captain America: first revenge is a good and well-deserved film for my # 2 spot. There is only one film I can beat.

1. Superman (1978)

The grandfather of them all. It may not be the first hero movie but definitely the first movie you think of when you think of a great hero movie. Where Chris Evans was convincing in the role of steve rogers / captain America.

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