Best accounts receivable software

An account receivables software comparison is provided here. Using the information in this study, you can pick the finest software for managing your receivables: best accounts receivable software

However, The net amount of credit that a company will receive from its customers in exchange for the goods and services is known as accounts receivable.

The accounts receivable procedure must be as efficient and rapid to keep customers interested and grow sales.

Accounts Payable Management System

Accounts receivable can be a time-consuming and tedious procedure for a developing firm that wants to better understand its customers’ tastes and preferences and a large business with a large client base.

Therefore, software that can perform the task with ease, accuracy, transparency, speed, and efficiency is required.

Customers’ unpaid invoices can be tracked and collected with accounts receivable software. As a result, these processes can be simplified and automated so that you can get paid faster and better manage your cash flow.

Accounting software for small businesses, such as QuickBooks Online, includes tools for managing accounts receivable. However, dedicated platforms for managing accounts receivable, working in conjunction with accounting software, can provide a higher level of control and automation and, hopefully, save you time and money.

This list Nerd Wallet’s selections for the most acceptable small-business accounts receivable software.

Software for collecting unpaid bills is among our top priorities.

The most powerful: Invoiced.

In terms of combining receivables and payables, Bill.com is best.

Although, The best option for low-cost, limitless usage is this one: Plooto

Melio is the most cost-effective alternative.


The price is negotiable and will be provided upon request.


Syncs data from other systems to the account via an API; integrates with various billing and enterprise resource planning applications.

Incorporates cutting-edge business intelligence analytics, allowing businesses to make better judgments about their cash flow and business strategy.

Utilizes agreements with credit rating agencies to determine a customer’s creditworthiness instantly.

However, Includes a dedicated account manager and a personalized onboarding procedure.


Only quotes are available for pricing information.

There isn’t a risk-free trial available.

The only way to contact customer service is by email.

We enjoy it because YayPay is a cutting-edge platform for managing receivables, complete with robust automation features. The software includes an in-depth business intelligence dashboard with data and analytics, allowing you to keep tabs on your financial situation and make informed decisions in the future.

You can keep track of your communications with consumers in one spot using YayPay’s communication history feature. The credit rating companies YayPay works with can help you set payment terms and manage your cash flow by monitoring your clients’ creditworthiness in real-time.

You may also utilize YayPay’s API to retrieve data from your other products (even if they don’t have direct YayPay integrations). So, that you can manage all of your accounts from a single location.

However, some small firms may find it difficult to use YayPay because it only offers quote pricing.

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When invoiced annually, the cost is $500 each month.


Out-of-the-box functionality.

Collections software that automates the management of customers and tracks payments across channels.

However, Offers internal payment processing and integration with a wide range of payment gateways.

Customer service is available via email, live chat, and phone.

It’s a no-risk trial.



Additional payments are required for NetSuite, Sage Intacct, and Salesforce connectors.

However, You must acquire subscription billing and cash application services (automatically matching payments with invoices).

Invoiced’s platform offers a wide range of capabilities, so we prefer it. Payment plans, advanced tools for collections, customer management, and API access are all included in this program. Although, QuickBooks and Xero and many other business tools can be integrated with Invoiced, which provides comprehensive customer service.

However, With a monthly subscription starting at $500, you may work with the Invoiced sales team to tailor the software to your specific requirements. Prices will vary based on usage volume and the included features in the subscription.

Some small businesses may find this fee prohibitive; however, Invoiced offers an Invoiced Lite edition for $15 per month, including a free trial and a scaled-down version. It’s possible to create and send invoices, add up to 25 customers and two users, manage invoice reminders, and accept credit card and ACH payments using Invoiced Payments in Invoiced Lite. However, Accounting integrations aren’t available, but you have API access and can contact assistance via email.


There is a $39 to $69 for each monthly user. Enterprise-level plans include the option of a custom price.


Optional software for receivables and payables (beginning at $69 per month) is available as part of the plan.

Although, Customers can pay you online with a custom-branded payment site.

It is possible to accept several forms of payment from customers (ACH, credit card, check).


The cheapest plan does not provide accounting integrations.

Accounting software integrations with QuickBooks and Xero are only available with the Enterprise subscription.

Essential reporting tools

Bill.com’s user-friendly platform and affordable price make it a good fit for small firms that don’t require an enterprise-level system. Payroll management is made simple with Bill.com’s invoice tracking, automatic payment reminders, and a secure client payment interface. However, Using Bill.com, you can also contact customers directly through the system, set up auto-charges and auto-payments, and sync received payments directly with your accounting software to eliminate data input errors and simplify reconciliation.

At just $69 per user each month, Bill.com is a terrific alternative for firms who wish to bundle both accounts receivable and accounts payable software.

Bill.com agreed to buy Invoice2Go, an accounts receivable platform that focuses on invoicing and payments for small businesses and freelancers, in July 2021. However, In late 2021, Bill.com announced that it had completed a deal to acquire Intuit accounts receivable management software provider.


The monthly fee is $25. (plus ten free domestic payments each month).


Affordability in terms of monthly payments.

Clients and suppliers have an unlimited number of users and approvers.

Although, Accounting includes both receivables and payables.

This offer includes a 30-day free trial with ten free domestic transactions.

Customer service via email, chat, and phone.


Only QuickBooks and Xero are supported.

Software for creating and sending invoices is not included.

As a low-cost option for small firms that already have invoicing software but want to enhance the collection and payment process, Plooto is ideal. However,  Considering that Plooto includes unlimited users, customers, suppliers, and accounts payable and receivable, it’s more reasonable than some other solutions at $25 per month. However, Plooto has now added the ability for businesses to take client credit card payments, which is a critical function for many entrepreneurs.

Plooto can import invoices and execute automatic reconciliation with your accounting software, like many other accounts receivable solutions (QuickBooks and Xero only). However, You can also set up pre-authorized debits with your clients using Plooto, which handles the process on your behalf. You can make up to ten free domestic bank transfers each month, after which you will charged 50 cents per payment.

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