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The Five Elements of a Good Location

Real estate is a boom and bust industry. Homebuyers are constantly purchasing properties just to have them repossessed when the economy takes a turn for the worse. A good location is one of the top factors when buying a house or other real estate. And its value will be determined by its position over time.

Buyers who have chosen the best locales for their new home or investment property in  Port Aransas real estate have a distinct advantage over those who have not. 

Let’s look at why location is so important when it comes to real estate by exploring the factors that impact a property’s value.

Why is real estate location so important?

Location is essential in real estate because the value of any property increases with its desirability. Therefore, properties that are located in deteriorated areas, for example, will sell for significantly less than the same property in an improved, more desirable location.

Two major factors determine a property’s desirability: accessibility and visibility.

Accessibility deals with how easy it is to get to the property. A property with many short-term amenities like restaurants, gas stations, and shops nearby will make it more valuable than a property located the same distance away from all of those amenities but has no easy way to get to them.

The other major factor is visibility. If the property is located on a busy street, it will be more valuable than the same property located on a back street.

Properties that are accessible and visible locations will sell for more money. For this reason, it is essential to buy the best location real estate.

The factors of a good location

A great & suitable location means different things to different people, but objective factors also determine a home’s value.


The neighborhood is one of the most critical factors determining a property’s value. A home in an undesirable neighborhood will sell for less than the same home in a better neighborhood.

A good neighborhood has easy access to public transportation, shopping, entertainment, universities or colleges, parks, and recreation facilities.

Most people want to live in safe neighborhoods with low crime rates where they can feel comfortable raising their children. The more of these features that are close by, the better. The properties listed in Port Aransas property for sale offer you a great neighborhood that has everything for your family.

Location in an area with growth potential

In the real estate market, the term ‘growth potential’ means opportunities for new development nearby. It directly impacts how much you can sell your property for; good growth potential makes it more likely that the area will be desirable to new homebuyers. So, if you can find a property in an area close to other properties or businesses that are actively being developed, you’ll see your investment increase.

Lot location 

The lot’s location is essential because it’s the foundation of any home. For instance, the south side of a home receives more sun than the north, which can be an essential factor to buyers.

The best lot locations are ones that overlook open spaces or bodies of water instead of congested streets. The more natural features in the lot location, the better. You can check north padre island homes for sale in Port Aransas. It depicts the view of large open spaces and water bodies.


Centrality is essential to most homebuyers because it determines how far they have to drive for many of their daily errands. Therefore, homes located close to a city center or with easy access to public transportation will be more valuable than homes outside of those areas. Some home buyers prefer to live in the suburbs to have more space for their money, but others decide to live downtown so they can walk or take public transit to do many of their errands and save money on gas and wear-and-tear.

The house itself 

The house itself is also an essential factor determining a property’s value. Quality construction and efficient design will make the home more valuable than the same house with the same lot location but inferior design. It is an asset for the buyer. Home is the place where people love to live, and it is a place of comfort and security. So invest your money in a home, giving you a better return on investments.


A good location is typically essential to consider while buying real estate in Port Aransas; though it’s not the only factor. When choosing a property, be sure to think whether it’s in an area that is accessible and visible, if the home is built for quality and has lots of features in its lot location, and if it includes amenities within proximity to the house. It is advised to buy the best location real estate to avoid regrets, and realtors in Port Aransas, Tx, will help you. With these 5 factors of a good location, you can make an informed decision on your next real estate purchase.

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