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11 Modern Coffee Table Designs for Every Home

The invention of the modern coffee table was mere an accident. Stuart Foote, a furniture company owner from Michigan, invented this while helping his wife. He cut the legs of the dining table to serve coffee. To date, coffee tables are designed that way only. Coffee tables are usually short in height to offer the beverages with ease. Though not prevalent earlier, these have now become a modern furnishing element. Also, every living room is incomplete without them. These not just bring functional utility, but their ornamental appeal is aesthetically pleasing. In addition, there are numerous modern coffee table designs available today. Let’s check the 11 most loved types:

Ottoman Coffee Table

Ottomans are originally rectangular or circular furnishing elements used for a footrest. These have become quite popular during the last decade. Despite their different functions, these serve well as a designer coffee table in living room. Ideal for kids or elders, it is multifunctional. Used as a footrest, coffee tables, seating or storage, these are known as ottoman coffee tables.

Marble Coffee Table

One of the best modern coffee table designs comprises marble. Rigorous and sturdy, they last long for years to come. The top of the table shines glittery and illuminate perfectly. Also, these are easy to clean and maintain. Though used for flooring in contemporary homes, marble provides a flexible approach. Easier to maintain, it is a critical part of modern furniture. Coffee tables made of marble are well-suited for gardens or living rooms.

Storage Coffee Tables

Minimalism is the essence of contemporary interior décor. Storage coffee tables are lower in size and usually have many extra units for extra stuff. Serving the same purpose as other coffee tables, these are sturdy and built hard. Also, these types of tables accommodate remote controls, magazines, books and snack boxes without any further mess.

Wood Coffee Table

Wood is the most versatile element when it comes to interior design. Every other piece of furniture in the home is made of wood owing to the extra shine. There are a plethora of modern coffee table designs made of wood. Not just these harmonize the interiors effortlessly but stand a class apart. Also, the varied designs made of wood add charm to the surroundings. An assorted variety of modern coffee table designs on Wallmantra are of wood. Their flexibility and multi-functionality are to be dying for.

Glass Coffee Tables

Glass is a widely used material in contemporary furniture designs. While giving a sophisticated and elegant look, glass coffee tables look indifferent. Mostly adjoined by metal support, these blend into the living area smoothly. The transparent finish of the glass displays the statement quotient and personality of the individual. Also, these are easy to clean with liquid solutions. If kept with care, this type remains intact forever.

Acrylic Coffee Table

Unlike glass, acrylic coffee tables weigh less. Their transparent shine finish is becoming popular as a part of contemporary furniture. The clarity of the acrylic table is unmatchable and defines the style statement in the home. Affordable to buy and easy to carry, these have replaced glass tables. The sleek legs made with intricacy confer individuality in décor.

Rustic Coffee Table

Though rustic, this is the most liked modern coffee table design. Made of wood mostly, these tables provide old school feeling. Matching with almost every furnishing element, it balances the interiors smoothly. Unlike modern coffee table designs, rustic coffee tables are simple and subtle. Graven into rural vibes, a rustic coffee table can be a show stopper in your living room.

Industrial Coffee Table

Industrial style coffee tables serve the functionality well regardless of their simple look. Giving a vibe of factory tools, these tables are usually a combination of metal and wood. Prominent for decades, this style looks classy and modish. Paired well in minimalistic living rooms, these contrast smoothly with softer surroundings. Their rough and sturdy construction gives a unique look to the interiors.

Folding Coffee Table

A dramatic transformation in interiors is observed owing to the rising compact spaces. Folding coffee tables are a blessing for people with smaller homes. Conferring flexibility, these look cool and classy at the same time. Convenient, light-weight, and portable, these maximize space to the fullest. Also, these are sturdy and durable and last longer for years.

Stacking Coffee Table

Furnishings that suit the majority of people gain prominence in no time. Folding coffee tables or stacking coffee tables both serve well in compact spaces. Looking modern and classy, they are stacked one above another. Often coming at low-cost prices, these are of metal or wood. This type often comes in a set of 3 and is multipurpose.

 Coastal Coffee Table

Bohemian style homes look spectacular and have become quite popular. This coastal table in the living room gives an ocean look. Made of wood, these showcase personality, and individuality. With many people owning beach or coastal side homes, this style contrasts faultlessly. Interesting and aesthetically engaging, it attracts people’s gaze instantly.


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