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Spruce Up Your Home with Black and White Throw Pillows

In your home, the seasonal themes are the natural points of time. It is through which you can easily change the look of your home. There are holidays and events of interest you can highlight as well. It is to make sure that in autumn for example you will have Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl, and Halloween motifs. Specifically to select from with the seasons themselves. In the same way, can you implement the black and white throw pillows to your home décor?

Many themes can certainly be used throughout the year. Unless the image on a pillow is quite specific like that of a snowman or jack-o-lantern. It can sometimes determine whether it is appropriate for the time of the year. Along with the material from which the handmade cushion is made. Few of the images that are rendering in cozy woolen hooked pillows are generally stored at summer’s approach. After which they are displayed once again when the weather turns cooler for example.

Floral Toss Cushions for Spring

Needle worked floral and foliage with brilliant blossoms, palm trees, and ferns. These all tops the list is the ideal among the popular themes for spring motifs. Some from the outdoor sports such as golf or horseback riding are the other images that people seem to enjoy at this time of the year. They are taken from nature like the pillows with fish or fishing flies in needlepoint.

By bringing the images of favorite warm-weather activities and scenes indoors even when the actual season has not quite yet arrived. It is as though we are trying to celebrate the coming of spring. It is a great example of why something as simple as a decorative pillow can be vital. Especially to our overall mood and outlook and how we view our immediate surroundings.

Summer Pillows

Summertime gives way to a complete celebration of nature and vacation pillows that ranges from a profusion of delicate butterflies to fun and folksy geography pillows and nautical cushions in addition to the spring themes. The best examples of those woolen pillows that are most often displayed in hot weather with the picture trumping the material, in this case, are the hand-hooked images of seashore chairs and seagulls.

Autumn Lodge Cushions

They seem most apropos when the leaves are changing colors and the nights are crisp although the lodge pillows certainly straddle the seasons. To be most at home with a roaring fire somewhere nearby conjuring up the images of camping under the stars and being one with nature again, the hooked and needle worked pictures of moose of fall foliage, canoes or black bears seem to be most at home.

In the masculine spaces like a study, library, or den, although they can just as easily liven up a hunting lodge, family cottage or rec room as these toss pillows work quite well in the masculine spaces.

Winter Needlepoint Pillows

While thinking of the winter themes for your decorative cushions, you are not limited to snow scenes or snowflakes. With bright images of skating, sledding, and skiing embossed on them, there are snow activity pillows that bring energy into space. As everybody loves penguins, cardinals, and reindeers, nature in winter is another popular theme.


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