Red Color Tops Style Ideas: New Look & New Year

Red is a color that gives energy and confidence to all who wear it. This is the reason why Santa Clause wears a red suit every year.

As autumn approaches, you need to start thinking about putting away those sleeveless shirts and saying goodbye to those cotton t-shirts as well as loose-fitting clothing. In the chilly weather, it’s time for button-up shirts and long sleeves. So, we have been looking around for ways to look stylish in red long sleeve tops.

Do you know what the best part about the color red is? It gives that extra spark to your personality. So, next time when you are out shopping for colors – pick up some red from online boutiques & rock it like a boss!

Groundbreaking outfit ideas with Red Color 

Knee Length Cardigan & Slim Fitting Denim Pants

An ideal outfit for casual hangouts is to wear a knee-length cardigan over your red long sleeve top and pair it up with slim-fitting denim pants. It’s an ultimate casual winter look with chic style. It’s also an easy-breezy outfit that can be worn on weekends or during holiday trips. It is also ideal wear for winters.

Add some more glam to your New Year party nights by styling women’s hats and rocking your party look. Of course, you can also carry over this outfit during spring if you want.

Red Sweater & Skinny Jeans

If you are looking for something simple yet stylish, then this is an outfit that can help you achieve it. You can wear your favorite slim-fitting skinny jeans with a loose-fitting round-neck red sweater. This is also an ideal winter outfit idea for college students. If you have some hot heels or shoes in the shoe closet, then go for them. You can pair up your outfit with some nice jewelry as well.

This is also an ideal outfit for New Year parties as this look will make you appear stylish but not overdressed. This is a perfect outfit that will save you from that embarrassing situation of wearing something out of season or looking like you borrowed your mom’s style.

Plaid Jacket, Sweatshirt, and Leggings

This is an ideal outfit for college students. You can carry this look when you are in class or if you want to wear something stylish yet comfortable during winters. You can pair your red long sleeve top with a light plaid shirt along with your favorite loose-fit sweatshirt. Know some of the style tips to wear plaids in fall

Instead of wearing jeans, girls can also choose leggings that will make them appear stylish and comfortable. You can also carry this look during the spring season if you wish. Leggings are a versatile staple item for every girl’s closet. You can style them up or down according to your choice.

Ruffle top with a pencil skirt 

If you are a working woman and want to wear something professional-looking but stylish, this is an outfit idea. You can pair your red long sleeve ruffle women’s top with a black fitted pencil skirt. It will look not only professional but also automatically make you appear powerful. During winter, you can carry this outfit if the skirt’s length is above your knees. 

Another styling trick that will look stylish with long sleeves tops is tucking it in. It’s not only the stylish way to wear your clothes, but also helps you maintain your figure without looking heavy. This combination looks good for both the winter and summer seasons.

Tank top with white denim

If you wish to look stylish in red tops during summer days, then you can experiment with this combination: Wear your favorite white casual pants or denim shorts with a printed loose-fitting red top that hits just above the knee. Then, before going out for a party, add some bling to your outfit by wearing red colored earrings and bracelets. 

You can also carry this casual look during the daytime when you are at the beach or poolside. If you want to make heads turn when you step out of the door, then try this combination.


So, this was all about some classy and stylish outfit ideas which you can pair up with your favorite red tops. If you are bored of wearing the same old outfits or used to flaunt your assets during winters, then try out these winter fashion looks from women’s clothing boutiques and be a head-turner during this festive season.

You can make a style statement with these trendy outfit ideas by wearing red tops. You don’t need to be a fashionista or follow runway trends for making a style statement, just wear what looks good on your body type and makes you feel comfortable.

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