Style Tips on How to Wear Plaids in Fall 2021

The plaid fabric is generally seen during the fall and winter seasons because it was traditionally made from wool and thus is perfect for colder climates. Even though plaids, crisscrosses, and checks can be seen on many fabric types. 

The rise of punk and preppy styles also contributed to the popularity of plaid – think of Nirvana and Clueless in the ’90s, with plaid playing a crucial role in both. But, in contrast to some trendy items, plaid is a versatile pattern, and most people already have one piece in their closet that they can match with their style. So whatever your style, whether you are a feminine, preppy, punk, young, or old, plaid can be an essential piece in your closet, just like striped shirts or denim jackets. 

And so why not glam up your look this season with a plaid piece you already own? So you can try out some trendy accessories from a women’s clothing boutique and make your look even more refined. Also, for you, we’ve gathered style tips on how to wear plaid and jazz up your look. So let’s get started!

In what way should you wear plaid in 2021?

Another crucial reason plaid is trending is that it can be showcased in multiple ways, including with dainty and neutral plaid prints to oversized, colorful plaid and checkered patterns.

The Lumberjack Style

In the late 19th century, Woolrich Woolen Mills produced the iconic red and black squares associated with Buffalo Plaid, the pattern most associated with the United States. Plaid is often thought of as a go-to style for hipsters and punks, but it can also be dressed up. Although it is typically worn with jeans and boots for a casual Paul Bunyan look, it also goes very well with black pants or skirts for a more professional look. Additionally, it looks fabulous with some chic accessories for an even more festive vibe! 

Taking Prep School Vibes to the Next Level  

Wearing plaid skirts may bring to mind school uniforms for some of us. It is interesting how our schools would use a specific pattern to distinguish themselves from others—just like the Scots would for their area. But, as adults, we can still wear plaid without being mistaken for a schoolgirl by using warm, neutral colors and long lengths. With this trendy women’s top, you can pair your plaid skirt with the perfect fall look. Put on sexy high heels, statement earrings, keep your hair fresh, add some nude makeup to complete your look, and you’re ready to go. You know what else? A style like this is ideal for a dinner date.

Classics that never go out of style

The black and white plaid is one of those plaids perfect for wear during the holiday season. This style is so popular and iconic that almost every girl has a piece in her closet. And for those who don’t, you can purchase from the best online boutique. As a result, this pattern has become universal and can be worn by almost everyone regardless of clan affiliation. This outfit gives you a timeless look for the holidays and can be styled with leggings, a hat, or even a purse. 

Mix and match plaids in your outfit

Consider pairing a plaid top with a plaid bottom or a dress with a plaid coat. If you want your plaids to make sense together, be sure that there is an anchoring commonality, such as the same plaid pattern or similar color palette. Don’t hesitate to mix and match plaids in your outfit. Make your style statement by adding some chic pieces. Complete your look with a long necklace, statement earrings, knee-length boots. 

Complete the look by wearing other chic pieces

Plaid cardigan styles well with a satin slip dress and heels for an elegant date night look or fall wedding guest look. Alternatively, the stylist suggests wearing the pattern with leather or suede leggings and boots, slim-fitting denim with a light wash, or a fitted white top with the pattern. 

Other things to remember while styling plaid?

If you choose your outfit for an occasion, keep the pattern’s colors in mind. For example, a plaid pattern is simply alternating colors interwoven at right angles to each other.

A wedding is not the time to wear red, and a sad gathering is not the time to wear a bright plaid. Fabric and style are equally important – a plaid flannel top would not be appropriate for a black-tie event, and an off-the-shoulder gingham sundress would not be suited to an interview.

Wrap up

Throughout history, paid has meant different things to different people: cultural identity, ancestry, politics, and social opposition. Yet, it is traditional and nonconformist, formal and casual in the same breath. There’s something for everyone in the women’s clothing boutique, whether it’s a timeless plaid design or a modern twist on it. 

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