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List Out The Different Tiles Varieties Provided By The Wall Tiles Suppliers Melbourne

Renovating your home with tiles is a wonderful job. There are various types of tiles available with unique patterns and styles. You can get wall tiles that meet your expectations, which enhance the living space. But be sure to choose the reputable Wall Tiles Suppliers Melbourne for your project. Then you will get suggestions, and even the best installation service from the dealers. There are different types of tiles like ceramic, porcelain, stone, and more offered by the tile sellers. You will wonder when you know the unique, and latest tile collections, which will heighten up the aspect of your home. You will fix the wall tiles in such places as a bathroom, kitchen, or wherever you want to highlight the appearance. Here is the list of various tiles provided by the wall tile suppliers for your project.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are one of the most common tiles which you can find in-home as it is suited for various applications. It has high durability which makes it ideal for the wall. This has the features of water resistance, no allergy concerns, harder surface, cold material, heavier weight, and more that is apt to fix on the walls. It is also adding some insulating qualities to your house for the winter. It requires low maintenance that you can clean any kind of stains. This is having great wear and tear-resistant that is the reason why most of the tile suppliers suggest this for installation in your wall.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are another common type that is different from ceramic tiles. This is made of natural stone, which makes it have more durability. It is dirt-resistant and does not retain any dust and residues easily. These have the qualities of stain resistance, slip resistance, color permeance, and hygiene that are the apt choice for installing on your walls. It is also resistant to scratches, harsher cleaning agents, stains, heavy load, and fire.

Glazed Tiles

Glazed tiles are typically used for wall applications; it is usually ceramic or porcelain. It is generally fired at a high temperature to make a dense and it is durable that has moisture resistance. The process of finishing allows for bright colors and can create a glass-like surface. But it is essential to remember the PEI wear ratings that well tell you if the tiles are apt for your walls.

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Glass Tiles Offered By Wall Tiles Suppliers Melbourne

Glass tiles are prepared in a way of pieces of glasses in different colors formed into uniform shapes. It is available in both individual tiles and mosaic collections with a mesh backing. This tile can be used to design a pattern or plain backsplash in the bathroom or kitchen. These kinds of tiles are more durable, solid, and moisture-resistant than various tiles. You would wash this easily as its surface is less porous than the ceramic tiles. It means these types are not prone to extreme absorption of diverse impurities. This is also combined with other finishing materials like granite, wood, plastic, and marble.

Mosaic Tiles

Usually, the mosaic tiles are decorative designs made up of small materials arranged to make a pattern or image. It is definite as an inlay design pattern with tiles smaller than 2*2”. Individual mosaic patterns differ greatly, featuring different materials, tile shapes, and colors. You can get this with various styles and shapes such as penny round, square, arabesque, and chevron. Generally, it is used for walls and backsplashes which is recommended by most of the reputed wall tiles dealers. Surely this will bring an aesthetic look to the place where you install the mosaic tiles.

End Lines

The natural stone, quarry tile, and more types of tiles are suggested by the top Wall Tiles Suppliers Melbourne for your home. We Auzzie tiles & bathroomware offer you high-quality tiles with unique designs and styles. We are one of the leading dealers, where we work with a motive of accomplishing your dream house best with wall tiles.

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